I’ve never seen an incredible karate
kick knockout where the people participating army beam I don’t know 15 to 17 years
old well now you will let’s see but cost of speech good our knows that a real move that
legit movie she just lemme looks like it and even if it wasn’t it should be IBC
than a full or front rise: do front roll my brother used the word fight all the time yet I would do try to
let you wouldn’t summer saw your somersault but I did unlike somersault
in and high kick at the same time a Justin
and you can see there’s a real movie but I guess it is I wouldn’t want it done on me and I’ll
Sunday night that and be a better for everybody but yep could you see her opponent Hatter foot in your mouth that that to I would
say it will come yet one more time here too thought when her foot ok it’s
for opponents faces her name by the way is didn’t RA avoid
today 10 to the kite today listen to the fun couple of he full-on all just insisted hussy a right shoes flexi
bright red the a/c new: edification tighten your belt near the hand thirtieth yet you know a good for her to do you care
with a belt like which thank you you know what I figured out to go over this
karate League there been no celebrations after with
that are not under a window finely you know a way can’t do anything now
very good the no fun you know find the way to go wouldn’t I
are you are you in favor of her i doing the Cam Newton Vienna I’m a favor the so yes I like television
I feel I do I don’t understand I mean maybe when I
get order in my father’s the same way they wages act like you’ve been there before I make
I don’t get to be in in the lot so I can I say I bet there will be a two time
this season so let me celebrate the way on salaries
my dad always said why can’t they just a very simple things like that but think
what is like berries personalities is very calm cool like it
does he never has no images expression some people are more enemies everywhere
more emotion from like look alike you gonna tell this guy after he does
avoided no five to six tackles and kept running
around the field in basically jumped in the end zone bag an and then
also you tell this guy you can’t do anything except put the
ball down and walk back to the sideline in off with their heads they like to live.
give a high five like no I’m gonna scream that’s all my life and private all the bars are they can I
might try to even do a dance cuz I today and grab the popcorn right here leader
at the park with Virgin is high-fiber fans maybe went up in there
you know the pompoms you I have had with any red poppy a good pop
over a fan there we’ll get into tio in a little bit yes
say I’m a fan celebrations people love celebrations some people
think it’s you know being cut here to watch it but the older generation it
seems like them to get over yes I mean is times change people we
still are low leather helmets to we don’t do anymore thanks

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