Beograd Kendo Trofej 2018-Moje iskustvo (Belgrade Kendo Trophy 2018-My experience) • Vlog

Good morning everybody… I have to talk quietly, because my grandma is in the other room, sleeping, and i don’t want to wake her up… *sniff* Hopefully i can be heard properly… If i’m not, i’ll edit it a bit. It shouldn’t be too hard. Um… *hears something* It can be done… Well… There won’t be a proper video this week… Because… In Belgrade, in Sports Hall There is an event called Um… Belgrade Cup (Trophy) It’s one of the biggest kendo tournaments in Europe. Now… Not everyone knows what kendo is… Basically, it is… japanese swordfighting art. Samurai swordfighting, to be exact… For it, it is used… Um… Replicas of katana. I mean… Imitations of katana, which are called shinai. Which are made out of 4 bamboo peaces… But, you’ll see it all… Now… Why do i keep saying ”now”?! It’s not your ”now”, it’s only dawn here. Ah. *morning gibberish* It’s really beautiful, but you can’t really see anything on camera because of the Sun. It’s really nice. I have no idea how many foreigners are watching this… And i feel like i should give a disclaimer. There will be subtitles down here (really?) I need to tell the disclaimer, yes. These are NOT highlights from the tournament. This is only my personal experience on the said tournament… … i’ll be recording myself, the things i see that are happening. Perhaps some finals… i dunno. Simply, I just wanted to record this event And myself on the event, because i participate, after all. Who knows? Maybe (hopefully) some of the people watching will gain interest in kendo Let’s go. *hot af* *smacc* Um… so, i’m rollin’ My skirt is super long…there is a sword on my shoulder… I’m in armour. Uhm… i never felt so weird in my life. Oh well, it’s early in the morning, it’s Saturday, hopefully people are still asleep. I’m going there now. I should have been there 20 minutes ago, i’m late as usual… Oh well… Honestly, i have jitters… I mean, i have jitters every time… my chest hurts and stuff like that, especially on big competitions like this one. It’s really unpleasant. *shakey cam compilation* That’s my helmet! This Dimitrije Nedeljkovic(me), some idiot?
-Yeah, just some idiot. THAT’S ME! Say something. *judgemental silence* *kote inspection* I need kote! Kote. Andrejko… Hm? Mhm. *thanks sensei

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