Bentley the boxer saved by pet camera after swallowing broken glass

 Bentley the boxer could have died after snaffling a snack from the fridge – but was saved by a pet camera installed by his owners  The hungry hound managed to open the door and bit into a jar of mayonnaise, cutting his mouth and insides after swallowing the broken glass  Owner Stephie’lea Davidson, 25, rushed Bentley to the vet’s and, because her pet camera recorded the incident, they could gauge how far the glass had travelled  Stephie’lea, from Grimsby, explained: “I came home to what looked like a murder scene with blood all over Bentley’s mouth  “Because the film could pinpoint the exact time, the vet was able to work out where the glass reached  “That camera is the best thing I’ve done. It saved Bentley.”  The vet was able to stem the bleeding and remove glass during surgery Stephie’lea has now taken steps to ensure Bentley can’t open the fridge or cupboard doors – another of his tricks  His escape emerged as experts hailed pet cameras as lifesavers and useful tools for pinpointing behavioural traits  A survey by Blue Cross pet charity found 57 per cent of cat and dog owners worry about leaving pets home alone and a quarter have a monitoring device  One in five pets has been filmed chewing or scratching furniture, almost a third bark for no reason and more than a quarter playfully charge around the house    Some of the behaviours are likely to be separation-related. Ryan Neile, senior animal behaviourist at Blue Cross, said: “Being able to monitor your pet is great for peace of mind, but can also help to understand what your pet is going through  “This can be vital when trying to change a pet’s routine to help them cope better when left alone  “It’s also important not to punish your pets for anything that you may have seen that you don’t like  “Pets are unable to understand that the telling off they receive when you arrive home is in relation to the furniture they chewed earlier, and is likely to increase anxiety and damage your relationship  “Try to remain as neutral as possible when returning home and seek advice from a qualified behaviourist ”  Pet cameras range from around £20 to £200. Some have settings to alert you to the specific sound of a dog barking  More expensive models allow you to talk to your pet – and some even dispense treats   For more tips, visit

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