Benny And Babloo – Hindi Full Movies – Kay Kay Menon – Rajpal Yadav – Riya Sen – Hindi Hit Movie

Hello, sir. -Yes. What can I get for you, sir? What’s on the menu? Chicken Handi, Chicken Pathani.. ..Chicken Lakhanvi, Chicken
Kadai, the chicken dishes. Mutton Kofta,
Mutton Masala, Mutton Mughlai.. ..the mutton dishes. The minced meat dishes include
Pav, Ghotala, fry. Kesar, Falooda, Ras Malai
make up the desserts. And the hot drinks
include normal.. ..special Masala coffee and tea. Tell me.
What can I get for you, sir? Okay. Do this. Get me a half
a glass tea quickly. Mangya. -Yes. -Slap half a glass
of tea on the loser. -Yes. Here’s your biscuit, sir. Here’s your egg. Yes, sir. What can I get for you? Do you have ‘Khichda’? -Yes, sir.
But after 7. Get me a plate of Haleem. You’ll get that as well, sir.
But on Thursday. Then get me Paya Masala. Sir, we had it, but we ran out
of Paya Masala. It’s over. Then, sir, tell me, what should
I have? -‘Misal Pav’, sir? It’s very good. -It’s just that
we don’t have ‘Sev’ and cashews. The rest is superb, sir.
I’ll order it, okay? Hey! -One Misal Pav, please. Sorry. What else can I say? But, Brother Firoz, we have been
working here since years. And now.. -The lease taken for
99 years has now ended. That lousy landlord has
given its contract.. some Burger Hut guy. We’ll get a job at the Burger
Hut, right, sir? What are you saying? College kids work as waiters
at McDonald’s.. ..Pizza hut, Café coffee day and
all these places nowadays. Young and educated.
Which you aren’t. Mr. Jhamshed,
Montu, Babloo and Benny.. you’ll have to
find some new job. This Burger Hut has ruined you.
Now what to do? What to do know? We’ll run after
a job now. What else? Darling,
you appear so parched today. Don’t worry.
I won’t keep you thirsty. My sweetheart,
why do you look so glum? This Babloo of yours quenches
thirst. The rest is nonsense. Babloo.
Babloo. Actually.. Babloo! -What? Babloo! -What? Have some sweets first. One more. Come on. Now ask me what happened. What happened? Welcome to the proud family of
the Mirage Group of Hotels.. ..Mr. Benny.
-This is your appointment letter. We’re delighted to have
you as the bell boy. You’ve got a job in a five
star hotel. Mind blowing. You know uncle Dalmiya,
don’t you? I met him at the Irani
hotel yesterday. -Yes. I buttered him up every day. I requested him to get me a job.
-Okay. -And he recommended me. And this Benny knows English. I know a little bit, right?
A little bit -Yes. A little bit. “How are you? ” and all that. Babloo, I’m on my way. -Yes. Okay, listen. You had been
to find a job, right? What happened? Tell me. Tell me. I’ve also got a job. Ghungroo. Ladies bar. You’ll work as a waiter
here from today. Okay. Come on, go.
Be here on time from tomorrow. Sir, I’ll be here half an
hour before time. -Why? Will you flirt with my bar
girls for half an hour? No. No, sir. Babloo, if you try to get cozy
with a girl here.. -Yes. Then I’ll chop off your legs
first. Then your thighs. And then your..
-What? -Yes. That as well. I did not mean that. -Are you
going to work in a ladies bar? Very indecent place, pal.
-I’ll not get a job anywhere. And I can’t even speak broken
English like you. Your family is there in..
-Darbanga. In Darbanga, your district. If your family comes to know that
you work in a ladies bar.. ..they’ll die of shame. But if I don’t work at all,
they’ll die of hunger. What are you saying! He’s tarnishing his parents’
name. -You mind it. I’m telling you. So do you want me to let my
parents starve to death? “Benny is a bad boy.” Good day, sir. I see. What are you saying, sir? You fool. -Haven’t you ever
seen a mirror before? How long are you going
to behold yourself? Ronnie, I have worn such
nice clothes for.. ..the first time in my life. What nice? It’s the uniform.
It’s a regular thing. Yes, it might be ‘Legular’..
regular for you. -Yes. You are the senior bell boy,
aren’t you? Till now,
I’ve seen a five star hotel.. ..only through a passing by bus. For the first time,
I’ll see a bus go by.. ..standing in a five star hotel. I’m very lucky. I’m so.. I’m.. Are you going to beat me up? Listen. Forget your emotion.
And enjoy your promotion. Let’s go. Come on. What a fitting! Why are you cribbing
about the fitting? Sir, isn’t this a little too
long. -Prakash was also tall. Prakash who? The one whose coat this is. What will Prakash wear
if I wear his coat? A shroud. -What? -He is dead. He had a tumor in his brain. Listen, is there some any.. No. No, you don’t have
a brain to begin with. Here. Pen and.. order slip.
And start work quickly. We can take care of
the fitting later. This coat of a dead man? The banquet hall should be.. Negi. Manager. Hey, you, come here.
Come here. -He’s calling you. Nikhil, why do we need
to pay him extra? I.. Good night to you, sir. -What? Good morning is.. -Shut up. What, sir? -Not to you. Just hold
on for a second. -Who are you? I’m the bell. -Bell? The.. I.. Benny the bell boy. Aren’t you a little too tall? You start, but you never end. Come on, go back to your place.
-Hurry up. Come on. Tukaram, come here. -Yes, sir. Tukaram, go to Nikhil.
-Okay, sir. -Okay? Nikhil, listen to me now. Now come on. Don’t look at my
face. -Move it. Disperse. Come on. Get back to work. Nikhil, listen to me. -Yes, sir. I.. I’m going, sir. Hey! What are you doing,
for God’s sake? What are you doing? -Sir.
Sorry, sir. Sorry, sir. Take this man. He’s at it again. I’ll get him.
I’ll get him. -Sorry, sir. And check the arrangements of
the exhibition. Come on. “Benny..
Benny.. Benny, the bad boy.” “Benny..
Benny.. Benny, the bad boy.” ‘Welcome to hotel Mirage.’ ‘Welcome to hotel Mirage.’ Good evening, sir. Good evening. Good evening,
ma’am. -Good evening. Benny, what are you doing? -Do
you want to break it? -Look. This.. Come on. Come on. Get the bags now. Bell boy.. -Yes, sir. Benny. Benny, what are you doing? Put it down. Put it down. Put it down. What are you doing? Hold on.
Watch. This.. And this. Here. Hold it. Hold it. Come on. Excuse me? -Yes, sir. Good evening, ma’am. Welcome to our hotel. Oh, yes.
Of course. -This way, please. This is ma’am Sheena.
The PRO of this place. Public relations officer. Does Sheena ma’am know
Chinese as well? Very good. -All the people
who work in this hotel.. ..know Chinese,
Japanese, Korean everything. Don’t worry.
You’ll learn it very soon. I.. I can’t even speak
Hindi properly. I get mixed up with the masculine
and feminine gender. Really? Come on.
I’ll teach you Chinese. Come on. Sir, you can’t roam around
in the passage like this. This is a five star, you know.
-I know. I know. What can I do? I came here to keep this tray.
-And this door just shut by itself. What are you doing? -Get a
duplicate key and open this door. Oh, God. -Good evening, sir.
Good evening, ma’am. Oh, God.
-Benny, what are you doing? Come on. This not a tiger.
It’s a door. Come on. She is the head of our
housekeeping. Ria. Who was behind her? -Guest. He must have messed up something. Come, sir. Sir,
over here is your bathroom, sir. And there is a very beautiful
balcony outside.. ..with a very wonderful..
-Oh, my God. Sir,
the house-keeping will come.. ..and give you fresh towel
right now. -Yes, sir. Good day, sir. -Good day. Good day, sir. Thank you, sir. Thank you. Benny, good day, sir. Good day, sir. -Good day.. sir. Good day, sir.
Good day. -Good day. Good day, ma’am. So? Now you learnt Chinese,
didn’t you? Ok, mister, this is the
hospitality industry. This is how it works here. The person before us can
say whatever he wants. We just have to smile. Everyone does the same here. Be it if the person before
us is abusing.. ..our mother in his language. But we just have to
smile and say.. ..”Thank you, thank you, sir.
Shoot me, sir. Thank you, sir”. I.. I can’t believe it, Ronnie. Rs. 100, buddy. I love.. this.. hospital..
-Hospitality industry. -Yes. That guest has ruined my life
by calling me and again. Last night a fool had come.
-Yes, pal. He made me sing the same
song five times. What nonsense!
I went crazy singing. I car believe these idiots
who come here. -Look here. Ladies, this is Babloo. -Hello. He’ll be working in
our bar from today. Welcome. We were.. waiting
for you. -Waiting for you. Hey,
I’ll call you Babloo, the smarty. No.
My name is Babloo Charan Lathi. Really? Hey, you are Babloo? -Yes. What do you want to be when
you grow up? -Babloo. You wretch! You were wooing my man on
the phone, weren’t you? Listen, smart one, don’t vent
out your frustration.. ..on me because he doesn’t
give you attention. Go away. -What? -You wretch, a
loose character of the ladies bar. So are you the bell of a temple?
-And you are characterless. Look, they are fighting so badly.
-This happens here everyday. You don’t get into all this.
-Hello. You look at yourself
in the mirror. Don’t spoil my mood or I’ll
whack you. -Yes, tell me. And I’ll just stand here and
smile? -You talk nonsense.. Come on, get lost. -Shut up.
-Ok, Sisters, calm down. What did you say? -Sister.
Why? What happened? You naive Babloo.
“Witch” “Wretch”, “Insolent” is.. ..the local dialect here. Don’t call us sister.
It seems like an abuse. Witch,
wretch, insolent, keep calm. “Sweetheart,
oh, sweetheart, say.. ” “Oh,
please open your heart to me. ” How was your first day? -Superb.
Fantastic. It is not a hotel. It’s heaven. I was dumbfounded when I went
there for the first time. And you don’t know. The boys and girls there
look like movie stars. They are no less. And ladies.
How they look in the TV soaps? With the dots, lipstick and
stuff. All decked up. Like that. And the work there, Babloo. You just have to carry
the luggage. And you don’t have to carry that
either. -There is a roll.. Roller. -Yes. -You just have to
hold the roller and pull it along. Move it. Keep it in the room.
-Then be it Chinese, Indian. Anyone. You say to him, “Good day, sir”. “Good day, ma’am”. Then.. You get this tip, Babloo. The ‘Pulao’ is getting burnt.
Take it off. Come on. Take it off. Quickly. “Sweetheart,
oh, sweetheart, say something.” It was your first day, right? How was it? You smart elec. Tell me. Tell me what happened. There is nothing dream-like
there. There is only the
reality of life. ‘Benny,
these guys also worship the God.’ ‘The only difference is that
people do it early morning.’ ‘And these guys do it
in the evenings.’ “In this love of two days..” ‘By 930 when the guests start
arriving in the bar..’ “In this love of two days..” Then the girls come onto the
floor from the make up room. “They have started saying to me.” “Ever since I have
lost my heart.. ” “.. I’ve got more than
I bargained for.” “Ever since I have
lost my heart.. ” “.. I’ve got more than
I bargained for.” “He is admirer. His charm.” Richa,
don’t give him attention, okay? Can’t you see? It’s written on
his face that, “I’m a loser”. He’s a guest who’ll only show
the money and not spend it. Find someone else. My request? Go. Request. “The first love..” Roshni,
your man has sent a request. “The heart’s restless.
The spring’s here.” Tell that loser to get
a wad of notes out. Or else others are ready. “Ever since I have
lost my heart.. ” “.. I’ve got more than
I bargained for.” “Ever since I have
lost my heart.. ” “.. I’ve got more than
I bargained for.” What’s your name? -Soni.
-What? -Soni. Soni, no one’s like you. Give me your number. You give me your number.
I’ll give you a call. For sure. -Soni keeps playing the
rapid fire round all the time. One day such a buzzer
will go off.. ..that she’ll left at home
watching Sony TV. What time will you call? After I wake up at 4 “I also got excited and said..” “He started saying in the
first meeting at night.” “Come, let me adorn you
with some jewelry.” “Ever since I have
lost my heart.. ” “.. I’ve got more than
I bargained for.” “Ever since I have
lost my heart.. ” “.. I’ve got more than
I bargained for.” Here comes the fool. Lousy loser. Pathetic idiot. So? Bills of ten? Did you break your
piggy bank today? Give me your number. Why Harry Potter? Are you a part of the
dowry my father gave? No. Well, the thing is that
we’ll meet somewhere. We’ll go to some disco
and the dance as well. I don’t dance with children. With children? Are you pregnant? This fool.. Come on, drink. Come on. Hey, listen. -Yes. Give me the number.
-Sir, I don’t have a mobile. You fool. Not yours. Give me the number of
that girl in purple. “In the first meeting..” I don’t have her number. “He started saying in the
first meeting at night.” “Come, let me adorn you
with some jewelry.” “Ever since I have
lost my heart.. ” “.. I’ve got more than
I bargained for.” Hey! -Sorry. Sir, I’ll replace it. What happened? Well, what do I tell you?
I got nervous and spilt it. Get me another one. You’re such an idiot. -Please. Hey, loser. Come here. “With you I have..
” -What was that fool saying? “Ever since I have
lost my heart.. ” He was asking for your number? You gave him, right? -No.
I don’t have your number. I wouldn’t have given
him even if I had it. So will you give my number
to Shah Rukh Khan? Here you go. Well done, my little friend.
-Yes. You’ve got the number? -Yes. Yes. Rs. 500. Have fun. He gave you a Rs.
500 tip? -Good tip, isn’t it? Very good, Babloo. Wonderful. Well, the result of every
bad deed is good. Bad? Not like that. -Now I’m your
friend. That’s why I’m telling you. The thing is that
you’ve become a.. ..supplier in the
form of a waiter. No. But I didn’t supply any girl.
-Not.. Not a girl. The thing is that you supplied
the number, right? That’s why I said that. Very good.
-Rs. 500 tip. It’s very good. Tell me something. How many girls work in your bar? Must be around 12-15. So many of them? -Yes. So.. if you give 10 or
15 numbers every day.. in supply them..
three years down the line..’ll open your own beer bar. Then people will say, “Hello,
Brother Babloo. How are you? ” I was only doing my duty
sincerely. That’s all. That’s fine.
Sincerity and stuff. That’s okay. What? Oh, you heard that? What were you saying? It’s.. How do I say it in Hindi? It doesn’t work if you spread
out the blanket of honesty.. ..on the bed of dishonesty. This is what Rajnikanth
had said in a movie. That’s why I also just said it.
-Okay. Good night. That Rs. 500 tip. Very good. Mr. Shahnawaaz,
agreed that you live in Surat. But at times,
show us your face as well. Hello. Hello. No. No. Tell me. Have you also bought
off this elevator.. ..along with your customers? You’ve spoilt the environment of
the entire building. -Hey, hello. If you have bought a flat in
Lokhandwala with money.. ..even I haven’t bought
it with iron. Okay? And what I do is my
personal problem. Okay? -Personal? Public property talking
about being personal? Hello. Excuse me. Ria, stop it. Forget it. And, dear, don’t take offence
either. Please. Go.
You’re in a hurry, right? Go. Go. Sorry, dear. -Aunty, please. This is madam’s car. I wonder how many people she must
have ruined to get this car. And this is the managing
committee of this place. They won’t take any step.
-And why would they? Because she must be doing
a complimentary show.. ..for them along with paying
the maintenance. Mom, how does it matter
to these girls.. ..if it’s an old or a young man? Forget it, Ria. Why are you spoiling your mood? Go to work in a good mood. First you waited for the
elevator. How for the bus? You’re getting late, aren’t you?
-You want a ride, baby? Get lost, monkey face. Hey, Sheena. You are still at home?
-Look, what I got here. City club membership form. It’s an amazing scheme. A tour package of
five nights and.. ..four nights every three months. And this is even more amazing. They have recorded all their
locations on this DVD. Let’s watch and book it. Come. Ashu, you show up with some
or the other holiday.. ..scheme every other day. But what happens? You had got one last time
as well, hadn’t you? We work day and night
to pay for.. ..the installments of the same. You work in the day shift,
while I work in the night shift. When one of us returns,
the other prepares to leave. Listen. Look.. Look, sweetheart. You’ll have to make some
adjustments to lead.. ..a lavish life like this. -What
life are you talking about, Ashu? Where is our life? Life is when you stay together.
-By starting a family. We have no family.
We have no life. Can’t you see?
You’ve just returned. And I’m preparing to leave. But listen. At least watch the
DVD before you go. Oh, no. -What is this, ma’am?
Can’t you drive carefully? I’m sorry. -What sorry? I could’ve died. You have brought
about an accident. Are you okay? -I mean are you.. Yes. What “Are you okay”?
-Is this a way to drive? What is this, ma’am? -You have
brought about an accident, right? What if I had died?
-I apologized to you. I’ll take you to the hospital,
right? Brother.. Brother, what happened? Brother, she would’ve ran
me down and killed me. But you are okay, aren’t you?
-Who are you? What it is to you? I’m Benny, the bell boy.
Who are you? -Mind it. Go. Move. Move. You okay? -Yes. Yes, I’m fine. Thank you. Ma’am, you did not recognize me?
-No. Benny,
the bell boy in Mirage Hotel. I see.
Are you a new recruit? -Yes. I was heading to work. -I live
close by. You see this building. In this? No. Behind this. If you go
straight and then straight again.. ..there is a tenement.
I live there. Come, I’ll give you a ride. Thank you, ma’am. Sit in front. Not at the back. I would look like your driver
if you sit at the back. What happened?
Why are you laughing? No, ma’am. Well.. I was
wondering.. I look like a driver.. ..even if I sit in the front. The thing is that people
will feel.. ..that madam has made the
driver sit beside her.. ..and is driving the car herself. Why? Why are you saying so? Just like that, ma’am.
You’re after all. You are like twinkle-twinkle
five star. Ma’am, you should laugh your
heart out like this. You look more beautiful that way. Beautiful? -No. I mean the face
appears brighter, ma’am. Very nice. Really? Then I must be looking
really bad when at home. At home? Why, ma’am? Forget it. Tell me,
how it feels working at Mirage? In Mirage, ma’am. On the first day, I jumped. I was jumping. I’m very lucky, ma’am. I must have earned some sins,
virtues.. I mean virtues in my
previous birth. That’s why I’m working at Mirage. That guy..
that fellow at Mirage.. When I got down from ma’am
Sheena’s car, that Ronnie.. You should’ve seen Ronnie’s face. It was as red as a tomato. He is nice guy.
But he got jealous. Babloo,
the thing is that ma’am Sheena.. ..will be offering me
a ride every day. That’s great. What great? You’ve lost. What the.. “Don’t look at the face.” Don’t sing the song of 1990.
This is 2010. Benny,
this song created quite a storm. What are you saying? What storm would be created
in your ladies bar? All this happens ‘Legularly’.. Regularly? -Yes. Everything
happens there regularly. What are you saying? “Get into my heart and
see for yourself.” What happened in the bar?
-A customer frequents our bar. Ripe oldie. Bokadia. Here’s your hero. “Don’t look at the face.” “Get into my heart and
see for yourself.” “Get into my heart and
see for yourself.” This oldie? “Don’t look at the face.” Your admirer is heading
for your waist. “Get into my heart and
see for yourself.” Isha, go tell him that
this is not the age.. head for someone’s waist.. ..but towards the grave.
-“See for yourself.” “The weather will change
in a flash.” “Even the heart of
stone will melt.” Today the oldie is
all charged up. Today, old is gold. “Just see for yourself how
effective my love is.” Uncle is an absolute lover boy.
-“See for yourself.” Someone please give
Viagra to uncle. Along with the wood for the
funeral. -Lousy guy. “Get into my heart and
see for yourself.” Babloo, don’t ever fall in love. “The weather will change
in a flash.” “Even the heart of
stone will melt.” But if you do,
then don’t ever back off. “Grey hair and unsure gait.
-Grey hair and unsure gait.” “She is now defamed.
She has found an oldie.” “She has found an oldie.” It’s not right to make fun of
someone in out of tune voice. Believe me. I can clearly see love for
you in Mr. Bokadia’s eyes. She will not change. Babloo, you’ve started preaching
a lot these days. Ok at uncle’s true love.
He is almost in the grave. She can say whatever she wants
to. I’m telling the truth. Babloo,
that oldie can’t see anything.. ..properly with his own eyes.
-How did you mange to see love? Because he loves you, madam.
-It is true love. Let that oldie be. Look, Soni, Babloo is right. So what if he is old? He doesn’t just want to sleep
with you like the others. Yes. The rest of the boys just
want to have fun. -Exactly. Isn’t it? Yes. One night stand and all. Are you done with the preaching? Soni,
you’ll come across many admirers. But you won’t find anyone who
absolutely adores you. Yes. She will get someone.
Someone who adores her. Do you know what kind of people? These pickpockets,
thugs, thieves.. These goons.. They’ll get people like them.
-How can they even think that.. ..they can actually get
someone who loves them? How can you say that? Love is blind, isn’t it? Look, I don’t know about
love and stuff. You’re getting blinded by
emotions. I’m dead sure. This place is not right for you,
Babloo. I’ll speak to ma’am Sheena.. ..and get you a job in
our Mirage Hotel. Till then,
pull yourself together. Don’t get yourself into this job
of helping them settle down. Their lives will never change. What about Mr. Mehra’s four sofas
and teakwood wall unit? Yes, sir. They will be delivered
by this evening. “They will be delivered
by this evening”. If I ask you in the evening,
you would say by night. Then by the next morning. Ok, Salem, let me tell
you something clearly. You have been appointed recently. I hate carelessness and slackness
in work. Get that? Okay, sir. -Shetty. -Yes, sir. Put our bean bags and rocking
chairs on display.. ..along with Raju. -Okay, sir. -I
have to teach them everything. Hello? Yes.
Yes. Yes, it will be delivered. He is so perfect in his work. But he is so strict. And he bullies us so much. I guess his wife must not be
allowing him to speak at home. That’s why he vents out
his frustration on us. There is no one at his home. His kids and wife were killed
in an accident years ago. What? -Yes. Such is life. The one who is busy decorating.. ..others’ houses day and night..
Home sweet home. He is all alone at his home. “By signaling through my eyes..” “.. I will steal your heart.” “By signaling through my eyes.” Oh, my, my! Superb. “I’ll steal.. your heart.” “By signaling through my eyes..” “.. I’ll steal your heart.” “By signaling through my eyes..” “.. I’ll steal your heart.” “Why don’t you understand me? ” “Why do you turn away your
face and abuse me? ” “Oh, Dolly.” “I’m Dolly.” “Darling, I am your Dolly.” “I’m Dolly.
I’m Dolly. I’m Dolly. I’m Dolly.” “I’m Dolly. I’m Dolly. I’m Dolly.
I’m Dolly, darling.” “Wow. What a magic! What style! ” “The youthful style
is mesmerizing.” “Wow. What magic! What style! ” “The youthful style
is mesmerizing.” “What a tempting scene! ” “The ambience searches
raising glances.” “Why don’t you understand me? ” “Why do you turn away your
face and abuse me? ” “Oh, Dolly.” “Darling, you are my Dolly.” “Oh, Dolly. My Dolly. Oh, Dolly.” “Wherever I look, all my admirers
give me strange glances.” “Wherever I look, my admirers
give me strange glances.” “Oh,
beauty, listen to me, oh, beauty. Give me your heart by mistake.” “Why don’t you understand me? ” “Why do you turn away your
face and abuse me? ” “Oh, Dolly.” “I’m Dolly.” “Darling, I am your Dolly.” “I’m Dolly.
I’m Dolly. I’m Dolly. I’m Dolly.” Go in, Isha.
Go quickly. -Come on. Come on. Hema, go in. Hurry up! Hurry up!
-Come on, hurry up. Run. Preeti, hurry up. Go quickly.
-Come on, hurry up. Let’s go. “By signaling through my eyes.” Open it. Hurry up.
-Open the door. -Hurry up, Isha. Open it quickly.
-Come on, make it fast. Come on. Come on, open it quickly.
Fast. -Come on, go fast. Quick. Come on, hurry up.
Close it quickly. Mr. Kamble, there is no one here. Shall we go? -Yes. Hello? I’m hiding.
I’ll call you later. “Why do you turn away your
face and abuse me? ” “Dolly. Darling, I’m your Dolly.” Scoundrel,
it’s Sunday morning while.. ..celebrating Saturday night? It’s 130. Do you know that? Sir.. I’m sorry.. Were you still giving customer
service? -Yes, sir. Yes, sir.. How dare you break the law?
-Mr. Kamble, let it be. Chiku, make everyone’s bill.
Come on. Sir, I’ll get it cleared
in two minutes. Hey, Brother.. -Come on, everyone
get up. Get up. Go. Brother, we are just drinking
and not committing any crime. Do you have a permit to
sit and drink in a bar? Why do I need a permit, Brother? Yadav, arrest him.
-Come on. Come on. -Hey! Hey? What are you doing? Let
go of my shirt, Brother. Take him away. Come on, hurry up. Come on, Hema,
Isha, Payal, Kalpana.. Come on, go from here quickly. Hurry up. -Let’s go quickly. Get out of here quickly. Come on, girls, hurry up. Come quickly. Hurry up, Brother.
Four Bungalows, Mahadas road. Hurry up. -You come here. Come on, hurry up. Hurry up. Benny, how will you earn here
without breaking the law? It is not allowed for the girls
to work here after 930pm. How many people enter bars
before 930 in Mumbai? That,
too, only four girls are allowed. Not only these girls,
but many others.. ..earn a livelihood with the
help of this ladies bar. You know, like this waiter.. ..this Chotu,
the watchman standing down.. ..the rickshaw driver,
the tailor, that bangle vendor.. But who will explain it to them? We run a small bar, don’t we? The police has said the bar
has to shut down at 130.. ..and it’s final. But why do these policemen harass
the small bar owners? Because they can’t enter
the five star hotels. ‘You are welcome to Hotel Mirage.
‘ This guy over here.. -Yes, sir. He is one of our biggest clients.
-Okay, sir. -All the seminars.. ..conferences of his company
are held in our hotel. Right, sir. -He is a very
important guest person. -Yes, sir. Good evening, sir.
-Sir, look at this. These are some of the known
actresses of Bollywood. Their names and rates are written
in alphabetical order, sir. You just point out anyone,
I’ll organize it. She’ll be organized, sir. Well.. this one.
-Oh, great choice. Great choice. Her horror film just
released with.. ..her being in the third lead.
-She’ll be organized. Hey, look. A red handkerchief! It means.. -Wow. Take service.
Works for me. What about you? You are lucky.
For me, I’ll check out. She has mind blowing figure,
right? -Yes. For your kind information,
let me tell you.. ..the girl by whom you are
impressed, is.. already married. She is my wife. She is hot, isn’t she? -No..
actually.. No? -Yes, I mean.. Married? -Yes. There she is. I see.
You must be having some business. Yes. We have three showrooms
of electronics in Mumbai. Then you must always be offering
sales and all, right? The exchange offer schemes,
right? Yes, of course. You bring your old TV and you’ll
get Rs. 15000 off.. ..on the MRP of our brand
new plasma TV. I’m not talking about the TV.. Hey, baby. I’m telling you
an excellent story. Just shut up. -Idiot. Hey, sweetheart. Hey, guys, hi.
Hi. -Hello. -Hi. -Hello, sir. Bye. -Good day. Good
day. Good day, sir. Come. Hey, Ronnie. -Yes? Look, that boy who got released..
Look. He is a rich mars brat.
He was bound to get released. He had just committed a small
crime, Benny. -What? He just took some drugs and shot
two persons. That’s it. Is it a small crime? -Yes. Where do you get these drugs? Benny, are you blind? You have not seen or learned
anything as yet. All the drugs are sold
in that disco inside. There is less lights and music
and more drugs here. Drugs are sold in our hotel?
-Yes. Then why don’t you inform
our manager? Do you think the manager
doesn’t know about it? The manager knows about it?
-Of course. Then why doesn’t he
take any action? He should inform the police. I’ll tell you. Look, if no drugs
are supplied here.. -Yes? Then who will come to this disco?
-What? Everything is connected, Benny. They are concerned only with
their profit and nothing else. Why are you so worried? You didn’t eat food either.
I think you have acidity. Here, have this medicine. What is it? -Medicine. Oh, I thought it is sweets.. are distributing them,
right? -Okay. I’ll go to sleep when I feel
like it. -Yes, I know. This is the red oil.
It’s very cool and soothing. Apply it before you go to sleep.. will give a cooling effect. Why are you in my face? Will you let me sleep? Thanks a lot. Please light the mosquito
coil as well. Okay? -Yes, I’ll do that. Oh, God. ‘ ok, the justice of our
country is bizarre.’ ‘The people create havoc if
a man cuts down a tree.’ ‘If you kill a dog or an animal,
people create chaos.’ ‘But no one is bothered if
a man commits a suicide.’ ‘No farmer will commit
a suicide from today.’ ‘And if he does, God, forgive me. ‘I’d feel that I’m failing
in performing my duty.’ Very good, sir. ‘I, Ramesh Thakur, in a
conversation with Rajnath Gaikwad..’ ‘.. The leader fighting for
the rights of the farmers.’ ‘Drugs are no less than a
dangerous spreading virus..’ ‘.. For the youth of
our new generation.’ ‘I will try to stop
it at any cost.’ This madam visits my hotel. Hey, Babloo. That.. -‘This virus
is spreading all around..’ ‘.. And we are unable
to do anything.’ What’s wrong? I’m trying to sleep and
you are snoring? In fact, not even an animal
can sleep here. ‘The social worker
Sunaina Tejwani..’ ‘.. Is running a mission against
this drug scandal.’ ‘Our channel will keep
covering it all.’ I hope I don’t snore again.
-‘Aaj Tak.’ Hey. What? Did you hear my snoring again?
-No, I heard your snoring earlier.. ..but now I burst into laughter. You were sleeping covering
yourself with a scarf. Go to sleep. Go to sleep. Oh, God. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.
I’m late. -Never mind. Actually.. I had been to the
Channa Parlor. -I see. I thought, not only at night,
my face should look.. ..outdated during the day,
too, right? Up-to-date. -Yes, the same. Okay,
tell me, will you have pizza? With four pieces or eight pieces? Slowly. Slowly, Isha.
-Yes, we’ll eat it slowly. I am not in a hurry today.
-No, I mean speak softly. Why? Is the volume of
my voice very loud? Am I shouting? No, no. You are not shouting. Actually you have to shout and
talk due to the loud music.. the bar at night.. -Yes. Do you get that?
-That’s why your tone is such. Nothing else. You are a good boy. You are explaining to me so
lovingly so that I don’t feel bad. You don’t belong to Mumbai,
right? -No, I’m from Delhi. I had a desire to become an actor
since many years. So I.. Call it an itch. An itch. By the way, you look like a hero. By the way, I’ve been offered
a Bhojpuri film. -Yes. One minute.
One minute. Come on, get up. Get up. Shall I get up? -Yes. Hey?
Why have you brought an egg here? So that no one casts
an evil eye on you. I also find it very odd to
bring an egg in my purse. But the aunty next door
has made me promise.. carry an egg in my purse.
-Yes. Softly. Actually destiny has already
cast an evil eye on me. I didn’t want to take another
chance. -Okay. That’s why I spin it around
any dear one I find. Okay. -One minute. -Hey?
Why are you.. spinning.. Just a sec..
The people are watching us. Please. Hey? Is it done? -Done. Shall we have pizza? -Yes. What’s wrong, Benny? Normally, you talk so much that
I’ve to switch off my radio. Why are you so quiet today? No, ma’am, actually I’m mentally
disturbed since two days. Why? What’s wrong? You know, one madam Tejwani
comes to our hotel? Mrs. Tejwani? Yes, I know her. I saw her on TV yesterday. She was speaking strictly
against drugs, ma’am. 33Actually..
ma’am, you don’t know. A big racket of drugs is
going on in our hotel. No, I’m not lying..
-I know, Benny. You know? -Yes, I do. Then, ma’am.. tell madam Tejwani
and stop all this, ma’am. Ma’am, it is a very bad
news for our hotel. You’ll tell her,
won’t you, ma’am? Benny,
they are something else on TV.. ..and something else
in real life. You don’t know anything
about Mrs. Tejwani. Isn’t he good? Look at him. -Yes. Are you a model? -Yes, I am. Where do you stay?
-At Lokhandwala. Lokhandwala? -Yes. You can only afford to buy
clothes from Lokhandwala.. ..but not stay there. But I can afford to stay in
the Maharaja suite here. Would you like to attend
my room tonight? Booking the Maharaja suite,
taking the boys along.. ..that,
too, with different names. In which name is the
room booked today? Mr. And Mrs. Sunny Mittal. Wow. How do you come
up with such names? Thank you so much, ma’am.
Thank you. Okay, bye. -Bye. -Those who use
fake names themselves, how will.. ..they ever support the truth? So, Benny, if you got involved
in these things.. will fall in real trouble. Don’t pay attention to it.
Keep your eyes closed. Munna. -Yes? -Where is my chilly
chicken? -Yes, I’m bringing it. Munna, where is my tea?
-I’ll bring it. I’ll bring it. Munna, bring my tea.
My tea. -I’ll bring it. Munna. -Yes. Don’t yell. Munna, don’t bring anything for
me. -Munna, listen to me. Hi. Hi.
-Hi. -Munna, bring tea for me. Hi.
-Babloo, come here. Come here. I’ve brought a shirt for you.
-Wow. For me? -Yes. -Why have you
brought a shirt for me? Actually I had gone for shopping
with Ranvir. -Wow. I bought a shirt for him,
so I bought one for you, too. How is it?
-The shirt is fantastic. But how did you remember me? Why? Can’t I remember you? -Yes. Do you think I’m Aamir Khan
from ‘Ghajini’? -No, no. Babloo, you are too much.
How can I forget you? You had given me Ranvir’s number.
-That’s true. That’s true. You know,
Ranvir has been offered a film. That, too, with the main lead.
-Wow. -Fantastic. It means he is the future
Shahrukh and you are Gauri Khan. That’s it. -No, no. He has been
offered a Bhojpuri film. So what? -It means he is Ravi
Kishen and you are Mrs. Kishen. Yes. -You talk nonsense. Listen.
-Squander. Squander a lot. What difference does it make me? Here starts the record.
-Hey, Babloo. -Yes? I know such boys..
-Yes. -Very well. They want a girl who is like the
moon. -I see, you mean beautiful. No, my dear, by moon I mean the
girl who comes at night.. ..and goes away in the morning. Hema, what’s your problem? Why are you getting jealous
if I am happy? -Hey? Why would I feel jealous?
Am I his bed partner? And listen, I come to work here. I don’t come to get into
love affairs like you. Anyway,
who will fall in love with you? You have become an old taxi which
runs on CNG. An old taxi! Hey.
What did you say, you wretch? At least I’m running,
but you are flying. Madhubala, you are not a
Mercedes either. -Relax. You also have to go
around and return.. as an old taxi here. Get lost.
-I’ve seen many girls like you. Forget it. Leave it. -Get lost.
You are always jealous. Stop saying such things.
-Forget it. Come here, listen to me.
Listen to me. Hema, forget it. -Hema, leave it. You are too much, Hema. Too much. Get lost, Isha’s sidekick.
-Shut up. Forget it, Verma.
-Leave it, buddy. You all come to your
senses as well. I know the standard of
these boys very well. A few moments of ours are
very precious for them.. ..but our life is very cheap. But they are coming here in five
minutes. -I’ve no time. And he is a VVIP. Hold on. What are Charles and Delvis
doing here? Out. Out. Out. I am in a fix.
I don’t know what to do. Hey, psycho, you will not touch
his luggage. Understand? Stay away. What are the security
guards doing here? Come on, stand at the main
entrance. God. -Move it. Move it. I don’t like your faces.
Come on, go and hide inside. Come on, both of you. Is the minister’s favorite suite
No. 430 ready? -Yes, sir. Are his flowers ready? -Yes, sir. Smile, Venice, please.
-Sorry, sir. Go and double check.
Come on, move it. Yes, Nikhil. Oh, yes, everything
is under control. Of course. Yes. There is
no margin for error. Hey. Nikhil, I swear..
-Sir. Sir. Sir. Sir. I’ll make sure it’s okay..
For God’s sake. What are you doing?
-I’m sorry, sir. Sorry, sir. What are you doing?
-Sir, I was saving you, sir. I would’ve gotten out of there.
Do you have any problem? Sir, it is the X-ray machine,
everything is exposed, sir. I’m really sorry, sir. Oh, yes.
Very intelligent. Nikhil.. ‘Welcome to Hotel Mirage.’ Now come on, welcome them nicely. Sir, your favorite suite
430 has been organized. What are you doing?
What are you doing? -Sorry, sir. What are you doing? Why are you
standing so close to me? Sorry, sir. Sorry, sir.
-What sorry? -Sir, they have.. They what? -They have left, sir. Who has left?
-They have left, sir. Oh, my God.
Now you’re telling me? Welcome, sir. You are welcome
to Mirage, Mr. Gaikwad. Welcome me with a hug
once in a while. Your room No.
430 is absolutely ready. Enjoy the stay. Rogue. Sir.. -What’s this cupcake
carrying there? Hello, baby. -Good evening, sir. Good evening.
And good maintenance also. The way you maintain
this hotel’s rooms.. have maintained your
mind blowing figure, too. Wow. Racal. Well, that guy.. -But.. Sir, I had requested you for
a license.. -Shut up. Sir, the license.. -Why are you
talking about the license? Look, you do my work and
I’ll do yours. Got it? Yes, sir. Right, sir. -Yes.
-Instead of placing a pie in my hand..’re talking about the
license.. -Rogue! -What? Sir, the bar is open.
24 hours a day. 3333What do you mean by the bar
is open? You’re scared.. “I’ll meet Rogers today.
He’ll give me a girl.” “I’ll meet..” Oh, Rogers.
-Welcome. Welcome. Welcome, sir. Yes. God. -But, sir, what’s this? What’s wrong?
-You seem very drained out, sir. Is it that easy to fool farmers? I’m exhausted after
roaming with.. ..these farmers in the
sun since two weeks. So you’ve given so much service.
-What service have I given? Sir, these both will
give service to you. “They are the greenery and I..
-Welcome, sir. “I am the path.” Wow, darling. Great. Two ladies. I love you. And what you do? Wow. Why are you staring
wide-eyed at me? Do you want to sit here?
Come on, sir. Madam, shift aside.
Hey, sir, sit here. No, sir. No. -No? Then why are
looking here? Get lost. Does he think any drama
is going on here? Come on, come here.
You aren’t the bellboy, right? You are my bell and I’m your boy. Darling, I like you.
English correct, right? Rogue. Benny, why are you surprised? Every white collared man does
black business here. You know what is the tragedy
of our country? There is armed Z-security
appointed.. ..for corrupt men from A to Z. But I’ve watched on TV. This.. This Gaikwad has helped
the farmers a lot. He pulls the plough with
the farmers there.. ..and enjoys with the girls here. You know,
the stay, food and everything.. absolutely free for him
here. -Absolutely free of cost. Because all the illegal
businesses of this hotel.. ..are concealed by his
political connections. Ms. Hema, your eyes are very
beautiful. They are large. I’ve got them for free
with my face. What do you want to do? No, it is not so. Actually I’ve given up food and.. ..drinks ever since I saw you. You have stopped drinking, too?
-Yes. If you are so broke,
why do you come to the bar? “Beloved, I’ll die without you.
Come, oh, my life.” “Beloved, I’ll die without you.
Come, oh, my life.” What should I bring, sir?
-Call that Vandana. Hey, Vandana, that guest of yours
with a moustache is here. Come quickly. “I had to come, beloved.
The pain of love is unbearable.” Neither you receive my
calls nor meet me. I’ve squandered thousands
of rupees on you. Do you think I am a donation box? You don’t meet me after arousing
the desire within.. wretch. -Alright. If not
you, then some other girl. Not her, then someone else. Hey, who is the naughtiest
amongst them? What do I know?
Ask them yourself. Hey?
Vandana? -Vandana, what’s wrong? What’s wrong? -Why are you
crying? -Vandana? What’s wrong? Drink water. Have some water.
-What’s wrong? Drink water. Do you know what happened to her?
-Vandana, drink water. What’s wrong with her?
-What happened to her? I don’t know what happened. I am not.. I am not a
characterless woman, Babloo. I’m the daughter of a farmer
of Satara village. 0My father is sick.
He has a hole in his heart. I’ve to collect a lot of
money for his treatment. My neighbor told me that
this is the only way.. ..through which an
illiterate girl.. me can earn some money. I’ve to give 20% of my earnings
to the person.. ..who got me hired here. I spend the rest of
the money in.. ..buying medicines for my father. But still.. still I’ve not done
anything wrong till today. I swear by Sai Baba..
I’m not a characterless woman. We know it. They talk nonsense
after getting drunk. You will have to drink
the poison.. ..if you stay in a
snake’s burrow. It’s okay, baby. I also have
to hear so many taunts.. ..from my relatives and society. Since we work in a bar,
everyone thinks.. ..that we go to bed with
someone everyday.. ..after the hotel shuts down. Wandana, we all know who and
what you are. Forget it. Yes,
Roshni, you are absolutely right. You know how she is now. But only I know how this
profession will affect her tomorrow. Till when will you hide yourself? One day you will be sold at
Nasrullah Khars market. By the way, tell me something. She goes home directly after
the bar shuts down, right? Why are you asking?
-I’ll tell you. Isha, what.. What are you doing?
Keep aside this dagger.. Hema, today you will have to
cut a cake with this dagger. Happy birthday. -Happy birthday.
-Happy birthday, Hema. What are you guys made of? I taunt you on whatever you
say and today you all.. ..have come to cut
my birthday cake? I talk so bitterly with
you all and you.. Hema,
we do have these petty quarrels.. ..but it doesn’t mean
that we are enemies. Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to dear, Hema. Happy birthday to you. Eat less otherwise you’ll
become obese. My real name is Parveen.
I belong to Lucknow. I was the most famous
bar girl of my time. People used to squander
a lot of money on me. My parents, uncle and aunty,
siblings, their children.. ..everyone depended on the
earnings of my dance. One day Akhilesh came there.
He went crazy about me. And one day he announced
in the bar that.. is Hema’s last
night at the bar. Because he was going to marry me. I left everything and
held his hand. I felt as if I’ve found
a true lover.. ..someone who will support
me all my life. I started living like
a respectable wife.. the flat given by him. Then one day I learnt that..
Akhilesh is already married. He had two children. One day his wife came
to my flat.. ..and threw me out like a dog
while I was bare feet. Akhilesh went out of India,
but I was bearing his child. I felt embarrassed and returned
back to my parents.. ..whom I had brought
up for years. But even they were unable to
put up with my infamy.. ..and the news of my
illegitimate child. I had to return to the same bar.. ..from which I had left
with Akhilesh once. I’ve a 12 year-old-child. I’m maintaining the cost
of his boarding.. with great difficulty. I don’t want anyone else
to go through.. ..what I had to. You don’t know,
when a young girl becomes old.. one even gives her a glance. Now my child doesn’t have
anyone except me. No, Hema, you stay the same. Say bitter things to everyone.
-No, Isha, I am.. Hema, how can you say that
you don’t have anyone? That your child doesn’t
have anyone except you? Shall I say something? -Your
child won’t get so many aunties.. any bumper sale as well. Right? -Yes. Yes. And this Soni is also a part
of your family from today. My real name is Aakruti. Yes. And my name is not Isha,
it is Sarita. Vandana.
My real name is Niranjana. And my real name is not Roshni,
but Anjali. Pedora. Real name is Marina. Babloo.
And the real name is also Babloo. “By signaling through my eyes..” “.. I’ll steal your heart.” “By signaling through my eyes..” “.. I’ll steal your heart.” “Why don’t you understand me? ” “Why do you turn away your
face and abuse me? ” “Oh, Dolly.” “I’m Dolly.” “Darling, I am your Dolly.” “I’m Dolly.
I’m Dolly. I’m Dolly. I’m Dolly.” “Why don’t you understand me? ” “Why do you turn away your
face and abuse me? ” “Oh, Dolly.” “Darling, you are my Dolly.” “Oh, Dolly. My Dolly. Oh, Dolly.” We know each other so well now. Why are you shying away then?
I’ll quench your thirst. Oh, God. -What happened? What? What? -Nothing. Nothing? Nothing happened?
-No, nothing happened. Then why did you barge in like
that? -Just like that. Nothing, just like that. But a lot happened at our place. Take this.
Eat this. Eat this. -What’s this? It was Hema’s birthday and we
all celebrated it a lot. Do you know?
Everyone there is illiterate.. ..but everyone has a degree
in giving love. Oh, that’s true. But.. the
degree of love they give.. a problem. Working at a wrong place
doesn’t mean that.. ..they are wrong as well. You used to say,
“See again and again.. Babloo’s ladies bar”.
I did take a look. I watched all the girls closely. I’ve understood their lives
and their circumstances. Benny, I’ve felt that
their acceptance is.. ..their helplessness. You talk too much. No one asks money from anyone
forcibly over there. Everyone gives them
money on their own. Working there is not bad.. but the filth in people’s
mind is bad. Actually, I was just..
You.. you get angry very fast. Let go.. -Come here. Sit here. How can you talk like this? I apologize to you from the
bottom of my heart. Okay? Will you have tea?
-I’ll eat glucose biscuits, too. You ask for a lot more
than what is.. ..offered to you Brother Babloo. Don’t misunderstand them. -Okay. Eat this.. Eat this. “Why don’t you get the
destination of happiness? ” “On every step there is..
” -Hey, Sheena. Look at this. We can own a holiday home in
Kajrat only in 36 installments. “On every step, there’s pain.. -Listen, only 36 installments! “Why is it like this? ” “Why is this city so isolated? ” What’s the matter, ma’am? You
look very sad and sullen today. Nothing. -I am sure there’s
something. -Tell me. Stop it. Who are you to ask me?
-Benny, the.. Sorry, ma’am.. -Benny.. Yes, ma’am. I am sorry. I am really sorry. Actually, these days, I have
so many problems that.. Problems? Ma’am, what problems
can rich people like you have? There’s a major problem
of our class. We never get satisfied.
We have a lot.. ..but in the greed of
getting all these.. ..we end up paying loans
all our lives. We keep giving EMIs. My husband, Abhishek, is a severe
patient of this disease. Benny,
do you know what’s the toughest? In spite of so many problems,
I always have to keep a smile.. ..on my face in my job. Just like a bar girl standing
at a ladies bar. Look, I know that I am
going for 20 days. I’ve an outdoor shooting in Ooty.
-What’s the name of the movie? ‘Bhaujai Ki Saugand,
Tohara Ke Gaad Ke Rakhdaye’. Are you telling me the movie’s
name or its story? You talk so sweetly when angry. Oh, God, I am getting late. The production guy
is waiting for me. Production? -Yes.
Okay, I’ll leave. You ward off the evil eye
with an egg? -Yes. Enough.. Done. Take this. -Hey, why this? Keep it.
It will be of use to you. Look, Veer, if you have money,
people will be around you. Improve your standard.
-But, Isha.. Come on. You are getting late,
aren’t you? Production.. Listen.. don’t say ‘Bye. ‘ And
yes, don’t look back either. The thing is that I can’t
handle emotions. Take care of yourself. Okay? Bye. “Separation..
I hope no one ever separates.” “Separation.. Oh, God, I hope
no one ever separates.” What’s the matter?
Why are you sullen? Separation. Look, Ranvir has gone to Ooty.. rule over the world now.
Call him. -Shall I? Yes.. -But he must be busy.
-Well.. -He’ll get angry on me. He’ll feel happy if you call.
Call him. Open my hands once,
Ganga Thakur.. ..I’ll break your head. I swear on my sister-in-law. ‘Hey, Brother.. answer the call.’ Cut. Cut. -‘I am not giving
you a missed call.’ Whose phone is ringing? -Sir..
Sir, my phone is ringing. ‘Answer the call.
I am calling you. Hey, Brother.’ What kind of a ring tone is this?
-‘Did you get it? ‘ My pressure is going up
after hearing this. ‘Pick up the call, Brother.
‘ -Hello. Sir, press the green
button first. -Okay. Hello? Hello? Talk to him.
-Yes. Hello? “Separation. ” -How are you?
I was missing you a lot. The song “Separation” is
being played.. so.. Hello, Isha, I am on my shoot.
Shall I talk to you later? I told Babloo.. but he.. Hello, Mr. Ranvir..
This is Babloo. How’s the shooting going on? Look,
Babloo, listen to me carefully. The sad songs will go on there
and Isha will keep missing me. If you called again.. I’ll kill
the villain here later.. ..but I’ll kill you first by
coming to Mumbai. Is that clear? Sir, it’s done. -“Oh, beloved.” Why did you disconnect the phone?
What did he say? He threatened to kill me.
-Kill you? No, the villain..
in the shooting. -“Oh, beloved.” Shall I call him again?
I am missing him a lot. No, it’s better if we change
the song instead. Pinky, change the song. Shall I sing,
“I can’t live without you? ” Come on, let’s go inside
and talk. Come here. Good evening, sir.
Is everything fine? Would you like something else?
-I want you. How dare you talk
to me like that! Don’t think of this as
complementary like.. ..your fruits and chocolates. I’ll pay for it. Rs. 1 lakh. -Stop it, sir. By giving Rs. 1 lakh do you
think that I’ll sleep.. Rs. 2 lakhs. My hard
work and your time. I am not that type of a girl. Nothing like that can
happen between us. It can happen between us..
because you’re just as.. ..beautiful as rich I am. This is Rs.
3 lakhs. Before refusing them.. ..think what all you can
do with this money. You can buy a new car,
I- Pods, jewelry, new wardrobe.. can buy your dreams. Hey, hello. Who’s parked this
car in my parking area? It belongs to Ms. Ria living
in room no. 401. She’s ordered a new car from
the showroom today itself. New car or a new adventure? Sir, your luggage?
-‘Beautiful shot.’ Interesting match, sir. ‘Went of his pads.
Just outside. Ramiz Raja..’ Oh, God. Sorry, sir. Sir. What a six, sir! Sir?
-‘A sneak shot, but..’ Remote here, sir. Okay? Sir? ‘Every shot from the Pakistanis..
‘ Sir? Oh, God.. Hey, Benny.. what happened, man? I touched. He fall.. Doctor? -No way. He’s dead. He’s dead? -Yes. I know he’s dead.
Come on, doctor. You know what to do with
the dead body. -Yes. As always,
take him to your nursing home. And declare him dead there.
-Okay. After that we’ll inform
his family. -Okay. Come on, move. Idiot. Neeta.. -Yes, sir. Arrange for a house keeping
trolley. -Right, sir. What’s the room number?
-Sir, 309. Nikhil, what’s the outstanding
of room No. 309? Rs. 70000 sir.. -Rs. 70000?
Are you crazy? No, sir.
-Where are you right now? In the reception, sir. -You just
wait there, I am coming. I am coming right away.
What are you staring at? What? What? -Nothing, sir. -Then move,
Benny. Come on. -Yes, sir. Butt, what, sir? -It is this. This, this is your behind.
Got it? -Yes, sir. -Move. Nikhil,
did he have to die in our hotel? Ronnie, let go.. -How strange! There’s a death in our hotel.
Inform the police. Police? Are you out of your mind? Police means media.
Media means public. Public means our customers. Ok, if they learn that a death
has taken place here.. ..they won’t come here. Then both of us will have to
go look for a job together. You do one thing. Fold his
luggage, I’ll fold him by then. ‘Sir, your favorite suite
309 is ready.’ ‘Your favorite flowers. Your favorite dark chocolates.’ ‘Nikhil, did he have to
die in our hotel? ‘ ‘How strange! ‘ Benny..
Benny, pose for a photograph. Benny, look there.. Look there.
She’s totally changed. Who is it? -It’s Ria. Rs. 3 lakhs, Ria? Wow. That, too, in one hour. -What? It is faster than taking out
money from the ATM. -Right. If you come for the duty..
then people touch.. here and there for free. So why not get paid for it? If I have car today.. -I’ll also
get a boyfriend who owns a car. If you travel in a bus,
you’ll get a boyfriend.. ..who owns a bike at the most. ‘Hi, handsome.’ ‘Do you want to be
friends with me? ‘ ‘Hi, I am Jennifer.’ ‘Welcome to Hotel Mirage.’ You..
-Mumbai police. -Special branch. This has been going on
in your hotel a lot. This prostitution in pretext
of escort service. Tomorrow when it is published
in the newspapers..’ll get to know everything. Sir, these are regular
guests of our hotel. Sir, and then he’s a very
respectable businessman. Sir, what do we know what he
does inside the hotel room? We have no idea, sir. Is it a 5 star hotel or an
inn near the check post? Will you do anything here? Sir, this is the matter of
our hotel’s reputation. Sir, anyway, this is
a very minor issue. We can sort it out..
over.. over a cup of coffee, sir. If you want,
you can have tea as well, sir. The one with less water. Ronnie, what’s so urgent? You come, I’ll show you. Where is the other party? Benny, come with me. Benny, come on.
-They’ve handcuffed school girls. They are not school girls,
they are teachers. The principal is inside. Come on. How are you, sir?
Good evening, sir. Good evening, sir. -What are
they doing in the bathtub? I’ll tell you later, first help
them out. Help them first. Sir, you please come. Come, sir. Sir, it is a police matter.
-What police matter? Come on. Benny,
what’s wrong with you? -Nothing. Tell me, what’s the matter? Will this hotel shut down? -No.
Why? There was a police
raid yesterday. Forget it. This has not happened
for the first time. You come with me. Don’t worry. You see,
there’ll be nothing in the.. ..papers about this
tomorrow either. Ronnie,
it looks like a red light area. So what?
This is a five star hotel. You get permission to do all
this here. -And listen.. ..don’t call it a red light area,
it doesn’t sound good. Call it escort service. If you call these girls..
in Hindi.. -No, I understood. It doesn’t sound good, does it?
Escort service sounds good. If somebody calls you a
boy who rings a bell.. It won’t sound good, will it? Bellboy sounds really good,
doesn’t it? Right? Let’s go. And listen.. this is a five star. The more filth,
the more stars you get here. What happened? Did you like
the joke? -No.. that one.. Which one?
-“The boy who rings a bell”.. Did you like it so much? -Yes.
-Come on. Benny. Benny. -What? What’s written here?
A renowned hotel was raided. Benny, I hope this is not
your hotel? -Five star? Have they published the
name of the hotel? No, there’s no name.
-Your brain is like a ladies bar. How can you accuse like this?
-No, I just asked you. Babloo, this is a five star.
It is not your.. bar. Give that to me.. -Why? I need to clean the mirror.
Give that to me. You’ll clean the mirror
with today’s paper. Is this a mirror? -I had come to
dry this.. five star here.. ..sorry, towel. -Hurry up. It’s
time for Ranvir’s film. Everyone must be waiting. I was trying to see
the show’s timing. What’s the name of the movie? ‘Bhaujai Ki Saugand,
Tohara Ke Gaad Ke Rakhdaye.’ I am not asking the dialogue,
tell me the name. You tell me the movie’s name.
Tell me. ‘Bhaujai Ki Saugand.’ You read the rest on the poster.
Hurry up. Sorry. Sorry. I got late. Hema.. what are you doing? Our hero is here. -What an entry! ‘Thakur, I’ve come back from
the city to retaliate.’ ‘I’ll not spare you now.’ “Till when will you torment
me like this? ” He’s dancing so well. -Sit. “Be sure of that.” ‘I swear on my sister-in-law,
I’ll not spare you.’ Hit him..
-He’s looking so handsome. What a dialogue delivery it was!
Look. He’s come again with
a stick in his hand. He’s looking so handsome.
Just like a hero. Great. Shut up.
This is not your father’s house. Is this your mother’s house?
Mind it. Sit down. ‘Thakur, your time is up today.’ ‘Forgive me.
-Today, I’ll count your sins.’ ‘No, you are like my
sister-in-law. Please forgive me.’ ‘Please, forgive me.’ Yes, I told you.. I am ready.. But.. But I want Rs. 3 lakhs. You have an expensive entry fee. Okay, I’ll give you Rs. 3 lakhs. Okay,
so I’ll come tonight itself. You just tell me when
and where to come. You will give me Rs.
3 lakhs, won’t you? Rs. 3 lakhs for one night? I’ll take you to Lonavvala
for three nights. I’ll give you Rs.
1 lakh after every night. Down payment.
Tell me, do you agree with it? Yes, yes..
I am ready. I’ll be there. I thought you were different
from the others. But I saw as well as
heard you today. You are really different
from the others. You are doing all
this stealthily? Got a call from the village.
Father is in the ICU. If he doesn’t get operated
in one week.. then.. I need Rs. 3 lakhs. Rs. 3 lakhs. I can do anything for
mother and father. “My dreams are so cheap, is there
someone who can buy them? ” “Anyone can buy it.” “The path is lost,
the destination is too far.” “What is my destiny like? ” “Oh, God, who cursed me? ” “Oh,
God, even prayers don’t help. ” “Oh, God, who cursed me? ” “Oh,
God, even prayers don’t help. ” I had kept this Rs. 10000 with
the manager as savings. Use them for your work. And try saving yourself
as much as possible.. ..but don’t choose this way. No, Babloo, I think even
the Lord wants the same. No. Hey, Pedora, what are you doing? Brother, don’t stop me today. I’ve earned a lot for your
Ghungroo ladies bar. Please. If Babloo can help her..
can’t we help her as well? H I, baby. -Just a reminder
for tomorrow. -Of course. How can I forget?
Candle light dinner, fixed. Bye, love, take care. -Bye. Who’s this? -Boyfriend. What? You got a new boyfriend? -Yes. He owns a bike? -No. He owns a car. Yes. I brought you here to show
you the surprise. This is ‘Tera’?
-We are on floor number ‘Tera’. Not the number.
-Then? -Does this belong to you? No, this is our flat.
2 BHK flat. But on rent. Actually I’ve spoken
to my parents. They want me to settle
down at the earliest. So this is my surprise number 2.
Wow. I can’t marry you..
-What? But why? You know why I am working in
this ladies bar, right? No matter what happens
in my life.. ..I want to educate my siblings. I want to bear all
their expenses. Come on, Isha, don’t your
siblings mean anything to me? You don’t get tensed. I’m there.
I’ll manage everything. Every month’s expense is
more than Rs. 50000. You’ll manage in the beginning.. ..but you’ll feel it is
a burden later on. So what do you want?
You want to stay in that muck.. ..that filthy place, in that
dirt, between those bad people.. ..and ruin your whole life? Nowadays, I can see my brother
Dheeraj’s monthly fees.. all those dirty looks. I can see my sister’s
college degree. My little brother and sisters..
Akash, Rinku, and Preeti.. I see their tuition fees. But do you know how
much my parents.. ..are forcing me to get married? You get married then.
You get married. If not me, somebody else will
become Mrs. Ravi Kishen. What rubbish? What are you
saying? -I can’t marry you. But, yes. I want something from you.
Will you give it to me? What do you want? Tell me? -This. What will you do with
this nuptial chain? I’ll see this daily and
show it to others, too. That there was one guy who wanted
to spend not one night.. ..but his whole life with me. You refused Ranvir for marriage? Pedora, you know.. we have
so many responsibilities.. our lives that we can’t
think of ourselves. Our siblings should become
something. That’s it. We don’t want anything else. And anyway..
I like dreaming for others. I am happy that Ranvir’s
dream is coming true. Shall I tell you something?
The first time I came here.. ..I was feeling so ashamed..
that what a place I’m working at! Which kind of girls
am I working with? But after meeting you.. I can
tell you one thing for sure. That the way you are struggling
in your life.. such an environment,
I am proud of you all. “You are not in your senses.
Your youth is intoxicating.” “It’s not.. It’s not your fault.” “You are always intoxicating.” “You are a damsel.
” -Come and dance. Not on the stage. Not on the stage.
Sit here. -Hey, little friend.. You all have a seat.
Calm down. Sit comfortably. The singers are singing here. You just listen to their
songs quietly. They are sitting quietly.
-Make them sit quietly. Otherwise, I’ll teach them a
lesson. -” over is your name.” “Your job is to steal hearts.” “Hold my hands.” “You are defamed here. ”
-Come, sir. Have a seat. Come on. “You are a damsel.” Don’t let go of her hand.
-Let go of me. You shouldn’t touch her.
-You tell me, what do I touch? Sir, dancing isn’t allowed here.
Sit. Why are you messing with me for
these characterless women? Hit him. Hit that rogue. What did you say?
-Characterless women.. How dare you say that?
How dare you? Who did you call as characterless
women? Babloo. You come with me.
-You don’t know us. Take them inside. Come on. Throw them out, come on. Let go of me. Let go. We’ll surely teach you a lesson. Come on, move. -Let go of me. Let go of me.
-Suresh, close the door first. Close the door.
I’ll thrash therm. How dare they bash up our boys? Do they have a license to thrash
anyone who commits a mistake? The people working in some
crummy Ghungroo bar.. ..located on Goregaon link road.. ..bashed up our boys? Beaten them up like dogs! You’ll give a statement
to the police.. ..that you all had
been to the bar.. ..but you didn’t even
touch the bar girls. But even after the 930 deadline.. ..when the bargirls
were getting.. ..physical with the
guests publicly.. you four tried to capture.. ..their illegal activities
on your cell phone camera. That’s it.
They all started beating.. up brutally after that. I haven’t seen you before.
Who are you? I am Alok’s friend. -I’ve
recently shifted here with my parents. Oh, your mother must be worried
hearing all this, right? Ask her to relax. -Okay, ma’am. And also tell her that you won’t
be able to come home tonight. Why are you standing sullen? Jail is a common thing. It has been happening since
the freedom fights era. These days, everything is
‘Legular’.. leg.. -Regular. Yes, it is regular. Even actors
come to jail nowadays. Stop lecturing me now.
-No, I am not lecturing you. I am happy and feeling proud.
I am celebrating. You are actually a ladies
bar waiter now. You’ve completed the
formality of going.. jail after being in a brawl. Babloo, you’ve finished
your graduation now. Babloo has passed. I want to
tell this news to everyone. Sir.. Brother, please come here
for a minute. -What is it? This is Babloo.
He works in the ladies bar. Today he finished graduation..
-So, what do I do? Sir.. this is Babloo. He
works in a ladies bar. There’s a filthy and
third class.. named Ghungroo ladies bar.
-He works in that bar. Today, he landed up in jail
after having a fight. He completed his graduation
today. Shake hands with him.
Shake hands. Mr. Raju is the manager
of Ghungroo ladies bar. Oh, God.. -This is Benny,
isn’t it? Take it easy. Sir.. -Going to jail is
common in our line. This is a daily job for us. You do one thing,
meet me in the evening. I’ll finish the paper work and
return. -Okay, goodbye. You said what I wanted to say.. He said it was ‘Legular’..
-Legu.. -Regular. -It was regular here. Very good. I am very happy.
My mind is at peace now. Our NGO team has known
the inside story.. ..of these ladies bars of Mumbai. The law is being broken. They dance all night
and they find.. ways to attract
the customers. Have some. Please. Till when will we pretend
to be ignorant.. ..though we know everything? They are exposing themselves
in public. Gentlemen, now it is time. We all have to get together
and expose this.. ..dirty network of
the ladies bars. Yes, gentlemen. She’s right. I mean, this vulgarity, this
obscenity, this exposure.. We won’t tolerate it more. You have a high position
in the society. I am sure if you all get
together and protest.. ..people will get awareness..
I am sure.. Thank you, Mr. Negi. Mrs. Tejani, shall I assume that
the party is confirmed? Of course, Mr. Negi. -Yes. Yes, alright.
Enjoy yourself. -Thank you. Nikhil,
the party is confirmed on 15th.. So we have to get together. I want all the ladies bars to
shut down as soon as possible. And give the report to me. If you need any help,
take it from our department. Shut it down as soon as possible. This is not good for our society. You don’t know who I am. If I make one call,
they’ll come and kill you. Rogue. Stop your melodrama. Scoundrel,
I don’t want the ladies bars. Come on. Come on. Don’t push. -Sit there. Move the vehicle. Come on, move. Come on. Come on. Get everyone. Get everyone. Come on. Get everyone.
Go and sit in the car. Don’t act smart.
Come on. -Come on. Hurry up.
Come on. Come on. Come on. Wretch woman was hiding inside.
Come on. What happened, Brother?
-What happened? What happened inside?
-There is nothing to worry about. Everything has been settled. You all will be able to
go home in an hour. Thank you, Brother. -Thank you,
Brother. -Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for what? -Good. I charge you guys 40% protection
money to resolve such issues. Come on, relax now. I will go and settle other
things. -Okay. Fie. Okay. -Thank you. -Thank
you. -Thank you. It’s so..
-It has become a daily thing now. They take money and yet
come to arrest us. Then they make us wait for
5 hours here. -Come in. Come on, sit over here. They said 1 hour.. ..but I wonder how long
they will take. Rogues. Brother.. Why is that girl here? Who, she? I caught her backless
on the backseat.. Lokhandwala back road.
-What are you saying? She was busy with a guy. The guy ran away. I caught her. Hey, hi-fi, what were you
saying the other day? “Public property talking
of being personal”. Now look,
who has become public property. Stop here. How much? Brother. The girl there.. Her.. Anyhow get her out of here.
Please, Brother. I’ll pay whatever it takes
to get her out. Please, Brother. -You guys.. Please.
Please. Please. Please. Please. Okay, I’ll do something.
Come on. -Oh, thank you, Brother. I’ll talk to him.
You go and sit there. Sir.. -Ria. -What I am saying
is.. -Yes, tell me. The girl sitting back there..
-Aunty.. I have called her here. Actually, our ladies bar was
raided today and.. I got caught. And these guys said that they
will leave me only.. ..when I call two people
who can vouch for me. Aunty, I don’t know anyone
other than you two. Why, dear?
Why do you do such a thing? Stop doing it. Look at my daughter Ria. You can also work at a nice
place like she does. Your job is done.
-He is Mr. Raju. Our ladies bar’s manager. He will handle the rest
of the things. You both can leave now. Right? Thanks. Thank you for coming.
-Thank you, Ria, for coming. Okay, listen, is this girl
from another bar? No. She’s from another world. But her state is just like mine.
Same to same. Tell me, Ria. What did you
want to talk to me about? Akash, let’s get married. All of a sudden? But.. we had decided to get
married two years later, right? I want to get married now. Do you have a problem with it? I have no problem with it. I love you a lot. Let something that was supposed.. happen 2 years later,
happen now. Babloo,
have you vowed not to talk today? You are not talking to Gulabo. Do I need to talk to
plants every day? It’s not necessary,
but you don’t need to get angry. Aren’t you going to get up?
-Don’t you have to go to work? I have no work to go to. What do you mean? -Police
cancelled Ghungroo Ladies Bar’s license. What are you saying, Babloo? Mr. Raju says that he will bribe
them and get it started. But there is no guarantee
as to by when. So what will you do now? Let’s see. I’ll look for a
job at a railway canteen.. ..or a roadside restaurant. What else? -What nonsense
you are talking, Babloo? Who am I? A five star is standing
in front of you. I mean a friend working
in a five star hotel.. standing in front of you.
Got it? Talking nonsense. When will you take advantage
of such a friend if not now? I will get you a job.
Get you one. Sir, good man, good boy. -Shut
up. -What are you doing over here? Sir,
madam Sheena recommended Babloo. Just hold on for a second.
-Where is Babloo? Babloo is behind..
Down there, sir. Oh, he is Babloo? Have you worked anywhere
else before? Yes, listen.
-Ghungroo Ladies Bar, sir. Just hold on for a second. What did you say just now? What
‘Ghur? What? -Ghungroo Ladies Bar. Ghungroo Ladies Bar? -Yes. Benny, do you have any brains? He does, sir. Sir, he is
very intelligent. Very.. I am talking about you, not him. Do you have any brains?
-What? Yes, I do, sir. No, you don’t.
You don’t have any brains. If you had any brains,
you wouldn’t.. ..have brought this boy who
works at Ghungroo bar.. in The Mirage. Ok at this. He is a down-market,
third-class guy.. ..who works at Ghungroo
Ladies Bar. And look at us. The elite,
the most sophisticated.. ..the cream of the society.
-Thank you, sir. I mean.. If you bring
him here henceforth.. ..I will hand him over
to the police. Sir, he’s my friend. -Shut up. I.. I.. -And you will lose your
job. -Sir. -Get out. -Sir. Not from there. -Sir. Backdoor. -Okay, sir. -From the
backdoor. -Let’s go. Let’s go. If anyone sees him here.. -Sir. They will say that illicit
activities are going on here. Illicit activities are
going on here. -Sir. Nikhil, I am still on the line. “I’ll get you a job”. Let’s go. -Babloo. Listen.
-You don’t have to say sorry. I am going through a bad phase.
It happens. It’s not that.
The backdoor is on that side. What door? -The backdoor is
on that side. Let’s go. Brother,
look at the state of this bar. If you want,
this bar can start again. I have spoken to the
senior inspector. He can get it started. Actually he is a philanderer. Whenever he gets into the mood,
send girls from here. So that yours as well as
his work gets done. Kamble, I can do illicit
business, but I can’t work as.. ..a pimp like you guys. These girls used to
sell their art at.. ..the dance bar and
make a living. You stopped that and forced
them to sell their body. Now they stand here quietly
and make a living. You guys want to stop
that as well? So that they stand
on the streets? You guys want to make them do
what they don’t want to do. No matter how much you guys
try to stop their work.. ..if God wants them
to make a living.. ..then this orchestra bar
will surely start. What is this, Ria?
You are nervous? Just relax. My mom and dad
are very chilled out. You will be very pleased
to meet them. Please come here. Have a seat. Hi, Mom. Hi, Dad. This is Ria. ‘The moment I saw you, I have
been living the same fantasy.’ Have a seat, dear. Son,
you have got a fantastic choice. Your choice is my choice. ‘I want you. -What? ‘ What will you have, dear? Nothing, thanks. -No, you will
have to take something. ‘Rs. 1 lakh.’ ‘Rs. 2 lakhs.’ Rs. 3 lakhs. Okay, dear, tell me, what are
your plans after marriage? You are going to stay independent
or with us? Well,
I will prefer you stay with us. ‘Ria, my business associates
are Vishal and Sandeep.’ ‘If you don’t mind,
just like me.. ‘ Excuse me. I’ll just go to the
washroom and come back. Madam.. Madam, your car keys. “There are countless desires
in the heart.” “There are countless desires
in the heart.” “Why does..” “Why does desolation
surprise one? ” “Why is the heart troubled? ” That’s Ria, right? -Yes, ma’am. What are you doing, ma’am? -Ria. No. Please. Please.
-Ria, what are you doing? What are you doing, Ria? What
happened? -Ria. Ria, stop it. Ria. What happened? What is it, Ria?
-“Why is this city deserted? ” “Why is this city deserted? ” “Why is everyone..” “Why is everyone upset? ” Let it be, Mr. Kuldeep. It was my mistake. Okay,
will you take me for lunch today? Lunch? You will have to
join me for dinner. And a long drive after that. And if I feel like,
then straight-drive, cover-drive. I will play all the shots. Tell me if you are okay with it.
-Okay. Mr. Champak, do something. I need money desperately. Tell me if you can meet me
at my flat in Dahisar. I will give you the money. Police won’t let the ladies
bar run so easily. What they will do won’t
just make it.. ..impossible for you
to make money.. will also be difficult for.. manage your conveyance. By the way, a lot of girls
are going to Dubai. Tell me if you are interested.
I’ll make arrangements for you. But how can I leave my
kids and go, sir? Go for your kids, Hema. You know you have only 2-3 years
more in this profession. Make as much money as you can. Go there and dance. Please private clients. There is no other
option than that. “You don’t get happiness in
life at your request.” “Who snatched the smile
away from my face? ” “God, who cursed me? ” “God, prayers aren’t working.” “God, who cursed me? ” “God, prayers aren’t working.” “There is no peace of mind
even for a moment.” What is it, dear? What happened? Mom, I was thinking what
circumstances do to people. One storm ruined our life.
26th July. Dad got stuck in the
car all night long. Now he is paralyzed. He is on a wheel chair. Dad stopped walking and our life
came to a standstill, Mom. Mom,
I had to discontinue my studies. I could’ve been something else. I tried so hard.
I didn’t get a job elsewhere. But now.. another storm. Why us, Mom? Don’t worry. -Why me, Mommy? Hello. -Hello, Isha. Any news about when the
bar is reopening? No, Soni. No news. I am facing financial crises. I don’t know. My father asks
for money every day. From where should I get the
money? -Okay. -Okay, fine. Yes. “Why do you look at the face? ” “Try falling in love with me.” “Things will change in no time.” “Stonehearted ones will
also give in.” “Look how powerful my love is.” “Look how powerful it is.” “Why do you look at the face? ” Father.. -“Try falling in love
with me. ” -Go, dear. Go. Go and meet him. There is no harm is seeing him. But keep one thing in mind. Don’t fall in love with him. You can shop and give
him the bill. Dear, you are not destined
for love and marriage. Why do you think about it? Yes? Go. -Father.. ..I was having difficulty
deciding since a long time.. to what is worse,
my destiny or my father. This is The Mirage’s project
file, Mr. Waghmare. If you give clearance, there will
be one Mirage in Goa, too. Sweets for you. Let it be, Negi. These sweets have
made us diabetic. This time we don’t want sweets,
we want cream. What say, Narayan? Yes, I have heard a lot
about your hotel. Yes. -How about if we get
to enjoy some, too? -Yes. This time, to clear the
file, we need a party.. ..where there is good whiskey.
-Yes. And great.. girls. This is very wrong, sir. He’s my friend, sir. How can I tell a friend to
do such a thing, sir? Just hold on for a second.
-Sir, that.. He is your friend, right? -Sir. Can’t one friend do this much
to save his friend’s job? Sir, he’s a dear friend.
I.. Sir.. -I know. I know. My job is.. -At risk. No personal vendetta.
-Ok, I have to please my seniors. Ike in this case you will
have to please me. Your friend will have
to please you. We have to see each other,
you know. It’s.. It’s like give and take,
you know. Listen, if this job is
done, I will give.. ..your friend a nice
job in this hotel. And if not,
then you will lose your job. Yes, Nikhil, tell me. -Yes. Yes. Tell us, Babloo. What is it? Tell us, what is it?
Why aren’t you saying anything? Come on, man. Tell us. Speak up. Hey.. Benny’s seniors are going to
have a party in Lonavala. They need dancers. To sing and dance. They will pay well. Good, isn’t it? -Ok, whatever I.. Forgive me if you have felt bad. Stupid, why are you apologizing? You have brought us a source
to make some money. But I don’t know what kind
of a place it is.. ..and what kind of
people they are. It’s an unknown place.
It’s obvious to get scared. We can’t sit idle either. We have to run our households
as well. Yes, Isha. You are right. Babloo, why worry about us? First destiny made
us work in a bar.. ..and now the government forced
us to the streets. You are right, Soni. Now we are being forced to do
what we didn’t want to do. “I am wearing bangles
and earrings.” “Give me a high-five.
” “Give me a high-five.” “I am beautiful and agile.” “Give me a high-five.
” “Give me a high-five.” “I am wearing bangles
and earrings.” “Give me a high-five.
” “Give me a high-five.” “I am beautiful and agile.” “Give me a high-five.
” “Give me a high-five.” “Don’t stare at me.” “My skirt is colorful.” “I daily pray for your wellbeing.
” “I don’t pray for anything else.” “I should die at your feet.” “I don’t pray for anything else.” “I left my house all decked up.” “People go crazy looking
at my gait.” “I left my house all decked up.” “People go crazy looking
at my gait.” “They go crazy over my hair.” “They go crazy about
the way I move.” “They go crazy over my hair.” “They go crazy about
the way I move.” “Don’t stare at me.” “My skirt is colorful.” Back off, fatso. Babloo. Drink a little. -Babloo. Babloo. -Babloo. Babloo. -No. Babloo. Babloo. Sir. Sir. Please, sir. What are you doing, sir? No, sir. No. Enough. They are scoundrels. Let’s go. -Let’s go. Thank you, Benny. Thank you. Welcome. Welcome.
-Thank you. -Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. -Thank you. We were dancing and they..
-Don’t worry. Don’t worry. What’s going on? Having a party in Lonavala?
-No, sir. -No. Rogues, Lonavala is getting a
bad name because of you guys. No. No, sir.
-No. -No, sir. -They are inside. They are inside, sir.
We are innocent, sir. They are inside? -Yes, they are
inside, sir. -Yes, they are.. Let’s go. Let’s go. -Let’s go.
Let’s go. -Yes, let’s go. Get back. -Don’t move from here
till sir doesn’t return. Come on. -Come on. Come on.
-Where are you taking me? Let go of me, sir.
I haven’t done anything. Solanki. -Sir? You, here? I am on duty. He’s with me. Sir, what are you saying?
-Get in. Come on. Sir. Sir.. -Get in. Come on. Sir.. -Your Honor,
on 8th June, Saturday night.. that farmhouse in Lonavala.. ..Benny Kutty and Babloo
Charan Lathi.. ..supplied these six girls
from the ladies bar. We are innocent, sir. They made them dance. And under the pretext
of a private party.. ..they made them do
a public show. Your Honor,
Goyal Sina, Ashwin Kelkar.. ..Mahesh Sarang and Maheshwari
lyer were present there. No. No. No. Your Honor,
where is that officer? These people are not the same. Babloo Charan Lathi,
you are refusing.. recognize your clients
to hide your crime? Your Honor,
I am telling the truth.. Okay. I would like to call the
police inspector Solanki.. ..who was present there
at the scene. Your Honor, that night, along
with the two of them.. ..I arrested these four men. Your Honor, now tell us, will you
trust Maharashtra’s police.. ..or Babloo Charan
Lathi who works.. a cheap, disgusting ladies
bar named Ghungroo? A place that is not less
than a brothel. What are you saying, sir? Why do you relate all ladies
bar with a brothel? Sir, I have worked there. Girls work there to run
their households. That place is infamous,
but it is not a brothel. And nor are these girls
prostitutes. Your Honor, he is talking
as if he is not working.. a ladies bar,
but a five star hotel. Your Honor, Mr. Benny Kutty
works in a five star hotel. But he didn’t even
spare his friend. He got him involved in
his business as well. And made him a pimp like himself. Who are you calling a pimp? He is my friend.
He is not a pimp. If you want to see a pimp,
then go to that five star hotel. Look, Benny.. -No.. -What are
you saying? -No, Babloo. I had hidden everything
from you till today. There’s a turmoil taking
place inside me. Sir,
the party he is talking about.. ..was organized by my hotel. Mirage, the five star hotel. I don’t know how they got
a five-star certificate. Government gave it a five-star
certificate.. run a posh brothel. All illicit things take
place here, sir. Someone’s husband with
someone else’s wife.. Someone’s wife with someone
else’s husband.. I feel embarrassed
to talk about it. But such things take place there,
sir. Two weeks.. In two weeks.. ..I came to know that people
aren’t respected here. One should at least respect
the dead, sir. Someone died in the hotel room
after having a burger, sir. They kept him alive
for the public. Then they took him to
the nursing home.. ..and they declared
that he died there. Why did they say that, sir? Sir,
the hotel’s reputation will get.. ..hampered as he died
in the hotel. Hotels have great value here,
sir. People don’t have any value. What is over there? Yes, a disco. It is not a disco, sir.
Drugs are sold there. Prostitution takes place
in the disco, sir. And he is calling us pimp. What is your problem? Don’t call us pimp. Mind it. I am Benny.. the.. Benny. I want to apologize to you.
I.. I.. I used to pull your leg because
you worked in a ladies bar. That also increased your height. You now reach till here.
I am sorry. Benny. So this is what happens
in five-stars. Don’t worry.
The culprits will be punished. The court is adjourned for today. Next hearing will be
on the 21st of July. We will.. -Mr. Negi. What is happening? How did Benny and Babloo get
involved in this case? You very well know that
they are innocent. Sheena, calm down. Calm down. I know Benny is innocent. That’s why I have called
Mr. Shinde. He is one of the top most
lawyers of India. And Benny is our staff member.
-He is one of us. We will see to it that
he is out of trouble. But along with Benny.. ..we have to save our hotel’s
reputation as well. I hope you understand. But if..
-Now this case is mine, Mr. Negi. I will handle everything. You don’t need to worry at all. At the next hearing on
the 21st of July.. ..if I don’t get this
case dismissed.. ..then I will leave my practice. Because section 128
and 178 are for.. ..those who send girls there
in front of the witness. And there is no witness
in this case. Therefore this case
is null and void. Just do as I say. Okay, sir. Don’t worry.
You will be free on 21st July. ‘Under section 127
and section 111..’ ‘.. All the girls of the
bar are sentenced..’ ‘ 6 months’ imprisonment.’ ‘6 months’ rigorous imprisonment.
‘ ‘Benny Kutty and Babloo
Charan Lathi..’ ‘.. Forced the bar girls to
take up prostitution.’ ‘Hence under section 128
and section 278..’ ‘.. Are sentenced to one
year’s imprisonment.’ ‘One year rigorous imprisonment.’ “Beloved.” “Don’t..” That way, sir. -Thank you. -Yes. Welcome. -Good evening, sir. Thank you. -That way, ma’am. Welcome, madam. Good evening, sir. That way, sir.
-Thank you. -Thank you. Hello, sir.
-How are you, Mr. Negi? Welcome to Mirage.
-Hello. -Hello, Sister-in-law. Hello.
-Hello. -Mr. Negi. -Hello, sir. You have one week’s complimentary
stay in this hotel.. enjoy yourselves. Sister-in-law,
you must try our spa. We have some great massages.
-Yes? Beauty parlor and lots of stuff,
you know. -Oh, sure. And we have loads of fun with
the children, you know? He’s such a cute kid.
What is your name, Son? Never mind. Take them. Please come. -Come,
this way. -Hurry up, come on. Sir, if you need anything,
anything at all.. ..I am available 24/7. Ok, Ram.. -Yes, sir? Mrs. Saigal has badly
thrashed Mr. Saigal. I want you to prepare the bail
documents right away. And you?
Mahesh, go to Cooper Hospital. Mr. Saigal has gone to Cooper
Hospital for a medical check-up. Make sure that the medical
reports are light.. that we can win this case. Hey, geek. Geek? -Yes, you. Hey, who are you talking to? Cool. I think he knows her.
-Yes, who is she? Saw the way she was
talking to sir? You forgot me, squirt? How can I forget you, Hema? Remember, you used to sit
with one beer bottle.. ..and stare at me for 3
hours in the dance bar? Verma, I also used to give 10
bills of Rs. 10 as well. Yes. How can I forget that? But, friend, you haven’t
changed at all. You have just put on some weight.
-No, I haven’t. You feel so because I am
wearing a coat, Hema. And you are losing hair as well. I got a haircut just yesterday,
Hema. Your geek has become
a very big lawyer. Amit Bhalla, advocate. But what are you doing here? The same old story, my friend. A raid took place. Others got released,
but bar girls.. ..don’t get a fair hearing
or justice. We got sentenced for 6 months. God didn’t give me a chance
to do anything.. ..for you in the last 15 years,
Hema. But now this Bhalla will not
let go of this opportunity. 15 days.
You all will be out in 15 days. Seriously. -Really? -Yes. And listen. -Yes? Call me “Geek” once again. -Geek. Great. “I’ll signal through my eyes.” “And steal your heart.” “I’ll signal through my eyes.” “And steal your heart.” Newbie, listen. Come here.
-“Why don’t you understand me? ” Sir. -What is that girl’s name? Sir.. -“Why do you turn your
face away and abuse me? ” The one on the left or
the one on the right? The one on the left. -The one
on the left is Fedora, sir. What is her number? Here Rs. 500. Sir, 98335.. -After that? 5 numbers for Rs. 500, sir. -I
don’t know the rest. I forgot, sir. You are clever, rogue. That I became, sir.
Long story, sir. Then who will tell me the
rest of the number? I will tell you, sir. Speak up. -Give me the money. Here. 58551. Sir, this is complimentary. Carrot. Good for eyes, sir. ‘Don’t get shocked.’ ‘I left Mirage and
joined Babloo.’ ‘In the end, I am very happy.’ ‘I will give you some information
about the Mirage people.’ ‘Sheena madam left Mirage
and her husband as well.’ ‘Her husband is still
paying the EMI.’ ‘Not for himself,
but for the divorce settlement.’ ‘His house, car, and farmhouse
are now with Sheena madam.’ ‘Look, that’s why she looks so
happy talking on the phone.’ ‘What? Not with me.’ ‘Don’t misunderstand.
‘ ‘She is not talking to me.’ ‘Actually, I don’t know who
she is talking with.’ ‘Ria madam is trying to
find some happiness.’ ‘She has joined the
art of living..’ ‘.. And is doing breathing
exercises..’ ‘..and trying from her end.’ ‘She donated all her
cars and stuff.’ ‘Nowadays she does social work.’ ‘Ronnie. He looks very happy
doesn’t he? ‘ -‘He got promoted.’ ‘From a bellboy,
he became a waiter.’ ‘Not in a hotel, on a cruise.’ ‘A cruise means a ship.’ ‘Sometimes when he calls,
I say, “What’s up, Tom Cruise? ” ‘But he is happy now.
Very happy.’ ‘Now.. Negi.’ ‘He is at the same post and
still on the phone.’ ‘Nothing changed except
for the hotel.’ ‘There is a less famous
hotel in Malad.’ ‘It’s called Dil Khush
Lodging and Boarding.’ ‘As far as the five
stars and the..’ ‘..ladies bars are concerned..’ ‘.. They are doing their business
as usual in our city.’ ‘As they say in our city.. matter what the situation,
life goes on.’ ‘Well, everything else is happy.’ ‘Nice.
I hope you are also happy.’ ‘Thanking you, yours sincerely.’ ‘This is Benny who was once
upon a time a bellboy.’ ‘Thank you.’

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