Benefits of Tai Chi and Levels of Practice

– It is when we practice Taichi, we first, we try to
learn all the physical, all the proper body
alignment and so forth. When we get advanced, we need to learn how to let things go, how to focus intention, we’d be able to use my intention when we need it but we
don’t try to warn much, we don’t try to scatter
the energy all over. So when I need to rest, and I can truly rest, I let everything go, but when I need to focus
then I can really focus and that will be very important for me to utilize my energy more effectively, more efficiently. There is a medical benefit of Taichi and then also the martial
art level of Taichi, people who would like to
get the medical benefit, like improve their energy or manage their pain and so many, many, improve insomnia problems and just a lot of health issue, they can just start doing it but we do need to
practice consistently if, doing Taichi is just like boiling water, as my Shi-Fu always said, if you turn the heat on
and turn the heat off, the water never get boil so you end up, you don’t have very good
health to start with but let’s say you have, just like when we turn on the heat, but the heat’s low, it’s fine, as long as you keep turning on and then the water will
get to the boiling point. So consistency is the key to practice but to go to the martial art level, then the precision, the
integration requirement is much higher so you
probably need to increase the hours you practice and you need to, very focused and then you need to not only to practice
all the physical skill, the techniques, but also very important, you need to understand how the heart, to harmonize with your intention, how the intention, how
to harmonize with your chi and how your chi
harmonizes with your “Jin”, which is the power that you issue, you had to understand more and practice more and
then you will be able to receive that benefit in
the martial art levels.

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