Beginning Wing Tsun Techniques : Wing Tsun Compared to Other Martial Arts

Hi, this Sifu Todd Shawn Tei. I’m giong to
talk a little bit about the similarities between Wing Chun and some other martial arts. If
you look at tiger style in Shaolin kung fu or some other styles of martial arts you have
basically a, a basic stance you have of the hand blocking here, the hand coming across
here. Very similar in Wing Chun to kwan sau. If you look at kwan sau you have the block
here, block here. You look at the tiger, it’s almost the same movement with tiger movements
so you can see where it came from. If you look at crane form from Shaolin kung fu, if
you do a parry and a strike from the crane. That came from, Wing Chun took that with the
fok sau for in the form, so the fok sau movement or the gil sau in the later, the third form
of Wing Chun where they have a shift across the center line was basically, this shift
was the same as doing the shift in the crane. If you look at the snake for instance, Choy
Li Fut has a snake movement in the Ping Yuen form. The snake movement or bilge sau is also
used in Wing Chun. In Wing Chun’s third form you have bilgi sau, also in the first and
second form you have bilgi sau from the snake. So, there’s a lot of movements that are similar.
Pak sau, which is a slap hand block originally was invented by watching tigers or cats fight.
If you ever watch cats fight, they’ll slap their paws away. That’s originally where pak
sau came from. So, you see a lot of movements that are very similar in a lot of martial
arts. You see the snake, you see the crane. The crane’s beak. You see the gaan sau, which
is a wing arm. You see the snake pulling back, which is the jut sau which you in Wing Chun,
right? And the tiger. Panther first which is used in Choy Lee Fut and some other Shaolin
styles, your fingers come back against the palm. That’s also used in Wing Chun once in
a while if you want to hit the throat you can parry, come into a panther fist and strike
in a small area. So, there’s many different uses for different techniques and the techniques
have to be adapted to what type of attack is coming at you at the time.

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  1. I'm not sure why so many people are embarassed. this is absolutely correct. Wing chun is the crucible of all the MA's that found their way to the shaolin temple. and from the temple to our hearts

  2. Interesting . . . but I have found that many of the methods of Wing Chun can be directly compared to the methods of Yong Chun Bai He (Wing Chun White Crane). I believe that origins of Wing Chun lie in Fujian White Crane which was most likely modified (re: footwork) and added to with Shaolin methods. If you look at videos of Yong Chun Bai He and then other branches of Wing Chun (non Yip Man) you will see a progression of techniques which have developed into modern Wing Chun.

  3. you are a fuckwit, i hate you… so much..

    and u said the same technique, "quan sau" camefromthe tiger at the start… and then u said "wing arm" toward the end… unless tigers have wings in ur fairy tale land of fuked up wing chun im assuming your talking about the crane…
    dou your research! then post yourself on EXPERT village..


  4. people make some pretty stupid comment's.If you don't like what you see then don't watch.Sound's like you have some personal issue's and are takeing it out on people you don't even know pretty pathedic and cowardly display on whosever part.You one's out there know who i'm talking about.How LOW! can you get.Please get some help for that. God bless….

  5. From my own studies I've always believed WC was derived from the 5 Animals style. Also the stepping in WC I suspect is from the Dragon style. Very Similar.

  6. whats funny about you saying that is if you came across somwone that knew all that they would wreck you

  7. @ChrisTanz well said and simply said, Newbies always feel the need to posture themselves from an ego stand point… The less said the better…

  8. @dragonmist58 You mean Ng Mui aka Wu Mei. Ng Mui – She may not have studied the 5 animal style but she most likely was familiar with the individual animal styles that comprise the 5 animal style. 5 animal style in a hybrid style that took postures and techniques from the individual animal styles. Just because she didn't do the hybrid 5 animal styles doesn't mean she didn't know the same techniques from the individual animal forms.

  9. @dragonmist58 – Ng Mui in some literature, is credited with creating Crane and the Dragon styles as well as Hung Gar's Iron Wire, and her own Wu Mei style. Also some stores have her down as the creator of wing chun while other stories says she only imparted to Yim Wing Chun some basic theories of her system which wing chun took to formulate her own style other stories say that it was Yim Wing Chuns husband who helped create it.

  10. @dragonmist58 Also Ng Mui being one of the 5 elders most likely exchange ideas and training with the other elders. Chee Sin (Jee Sin Sim See), Bak Mei (White Eyebrow), Fong Do Dak (White Tiger), Miu Hin (5 pattern Fist). If you research these arts they've a lot of similiar movements. some subtle some overt. White Crane has similar stance work to Bak Mei, the 5 pattern fist has some similar hand shapes and fist movements to what is used in Hung Gar influenced by Chee Sin

  11. @dragonmist58 – Also originally I was saying that the Wing Chun footwork was similar to the zizag stepping and shuffling footwork of Dragon. Again Wu Mei is sometimes credited with creating Dragon Style. If that's true then it's not to far fetch that some things from the various animal forms would end up WC. If Ng Mui taught WC and NG Mui knows/created Dragon and Crane then….. Also there are many different types of Dragon styles that look different from one another.

  12. @dragonmist58 – These are the only links to some vids on Dragon. It's all I cold find in 5 minutes since I'm at work. If I can find more I will share. If you look closely you will see some of the same shuffling footwork.

  13. @dragonmist58 – have you seen wu mei? It looks very little like wing chun. There are some principles in WC that are in all the arts associated with Ng Mui. I agree with you that Ng Mui possible drew from a larger source than just the 5 animals. It's been said that before she became a nun she was trained in some northern styles and had some Taoist philosophical and martial training. There have been some speculation by those who believe that the Iron Wire in Hung Gar is from her,

  14. @dragonmist58 that the Iron Wire's internal aspects are from her Taoist training. Bak Mei one of the 5 elders like her was said to have learned and incorporated Taoist teachings in his art. He was also said to be knowledgeable of the Tiger Style and possibly the 5 animals. The monk Gee Sim (chee Sin) was said to be a practitioner of Tiger Style and knew of the 5 animals style. It's be stated elsewhere that his tiger style influenced the creator of Hung Gar

  15. @selinah3 everyone has the right to watch and comments every video in the world if you are ont aggre with that comments ithe problem is your!every one has his own opinion you can NOT tell people what they can or can't wright on youtube

  16. @ChrisTanz There may be no "best" martial art, but there are definitely some skills that are, on average, more critical to effective self-defense than others. For example, grappling skills are extremely important; kicking skills, while a fine thing to have, are less important. A martial art built around grappling is likely to be of more use than one built around kicking.

  17. To quote most liked comment, is truth, that many of styles have pros and cons… yet there are some "styles", which have just cons

  18. The best martial art is you and what you learn and how you put that art into use. The martial art really means that you practice to protect yourself and those people that you love. All martial arts are equal and great.

  19. well to tell you the truth there is difference between tiger claw and kwan sau tiger claw is a straight attack not unlike kwan sau if im not mistaken the founder of wingchun NG MUI studied long boxing before she created wingchun although in CLF and other styles have similar in blocking and footwork like tan sau-yeung kiu,pak sau-wu jang,bong sau-kwan kiu,peet jeung-gan sau,lap sau,nop sau so i guess he is wrong to say that tiger claw is the same as kwan sau but i have no against of what he say

  20. @ehab007bob
    its not about your weight. Everybody can practise that and learn to use it… Its not easy, but it makes lot of fun 😉

  21. @macedmatt you r 100% right about that. i have seen traditional karate practitioners,okinawan style mind you,kick some ass

  22. @tao123chi well yeah dude, but what i don't like is when people think a certain martial arts is better, each has its pros and cons, but its usually it depend on the dedication and training of the fighter

  23. @abacgnu1 only comment if that person is asking for your opinion or suggestion.All i'm saying is that if you don't like what you see then simply don't watch.even if the guy is wrong or is offensive in anyway then he would be the one with the problem.But to comment negatively just makes it seem that there is something wrong with you.Think about it.Take care and God Bless…..

  24. I got here by watching some videos of Ip Man, the only one that used actual Whin Chun. Although, just try to compare Wing Chun with Hung Gar, will you be able to do it? And I'm so sorry to say it, but Hung Gar has no weak point, but it takes years to learn it

  25. will you use tiger fist on a mma fighter? umm no, how about snake moves to an mma fighter? umm no, MMA is the top fighting method there is, cuz its using all of the martial arts together, MMA FTW

  26. @ehab007bob martial arts help you to find your OWN way, so everybody has a chance^^check out expertvillages video series about martial arts philosophy, then youll know. 5 videos, wont takeyou longer than about 20 minutes, but the first and 2nd ones are the most important ones ;-)god bless you

  27. This guy is full of shit. You change your story within a 2 minute video. "Kwan sau" cones from the tiger then its a wing arm?

  28. Why are there so many people talking shit about this guy?! Nobody does Wing Chun.Hung Gar or Mantis the same way.Everybody's lineage is different.If y'all don't like the video and what he's saying then point us to what ever video you got posted on YouTube then.

  29. Sifu Todd.. u rock.. this is a good presentation.. check out our new Youtube Channel for some fun entertainment with Elmo from Sesame street. Let me know if you want us to visit your school one of the episodes this season.. your fellow Wing Chun Sifu, Liam Stone

  30. People give this guy shit because he is shit. Honestly does he even review his videos before he posts them? Inconsistant rambling, no foundations, structure.

  31. very interesting sifu, my son says he likes your uniforms as well and i have to agree i like them too. can you explain the top of the jong in the middle? was wondering about it

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