Beginner Kyokushin Karate Techniques : Learn Kyokushin Body Blows in Kyokushin Karate

On behalf of Expert Village, my name is Tony
Capraro, sensei of Kyokushin Karate, Without Limits, Inc., 1652 Richmond Avenue, Staten
Island, New York. We are here today to present to you basic Kyokushin technique. We’re going
to demonstrate the 2 basic body blows in Kyokushin bare knuckle fighting. Left hook to the liver,
right hand to the spleen. Right from your fighting position, you have to dip forward
a little bit, drop that left shoulder and hook up, elbow close to the body. Come back,
right hand, shoulder dips, hook up. Now, what happens in this case, the person’s ribs are
exposed. You dip down and hook in. Other side, dip down, hook in. You must hit the person
underneath the arm. Remember, they expose themselves. As he throws his jab, underneath.
He throws his right hand, underneath.

10 thoughts on “Beginner Kyokushin Karate Techniques : Learn Kyokushin Body Blows in Kyokushin Karate

  1. i know your good and all and i really want to learn kyokushin, but i have been taking brazilian jujitsu and muay thai for 6 years now and i would like to know how this stacks up against it thank you

  2. @akatsukidouble66 i've never taken kyokushin although i want to also. but from what i've read and seen, its pretty similar to muay thai and kickboxing in terms of being practical. i know they fight bare knuckled in competition. they did a segment on kyokushin on fight quest. if you watch that it should give you more insight. someone posted it on youtube

  3. @akatsukidouble66 Kyokushin has won 16 out of 18official matches against Muay Thai. The technique is more advanced, but the body hardness is about the same. I personally have beat 3 proffessional Muay Thai fighters. MT is tough,and I respect it, but Kyokushin gives me all the tools to defeat a sklled practitioner.

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