Beginner Kyokushin Karate Techniques : How to Throw a Straight Punch in Kyokushin Karate

On behalf of Expert Village, my name is Tony
Capraro, sensei of Kyokushin Karate, Without Limits, Inc., 1652 Richmond Avenue, Staten
Island, New York. We are here today to present to you basic Kyokushin technique. We’re now
going to demonstrate the 2 most fearsome punches in Kyokushin karate, aimed at the kanji mark
on the chest for bare knuckle fighting. Straight left and straight right hand. Right from fighting
position. Straight out, lean in, straight out, lean in. Turning over the shoulder and
turning over the hip. Leaning in, straight in, straight out. Again, one and two. This
is what it looks like when you’re fighting. The punch is going to come in. Now, right

3 thoughts on “Beginner Kyokushin Karate Techniques : How to Throw a Straight Punch in Kyokushin Karate

  1. These are not Kyokushin fighters.

    For one, they know there are no beginner or advanced techniques. If this were beginner then why do black belts still use straight punches? I use the same straight punch as a white belt then I would as a black belt, I just gotten a lot better, that's all!

  2. @Da1RiSiN1sMoKe If you hate these videos so much why are you watching/ commenting them. Dont talk tuff on the internet. Come to a class or 2 and we'll be glad to throw together a sparring session so you can show use how much more effective your techniques are then ours. Shouldn't be any problem right?

  3. @hayjoe123

    I'm already in Kyokushin. If you knew a thing or two about martial arts, you'd know that i'm correct about beginner and advanced techniques. This is not a beginner technique. Andy Hug, Georges St. Pierre, and all the other great knockdown Karate experts use this as well. There are no beginner or advanced stuff.

    So, you don't be "tuff" on the internet; you're the one trying be the "tuff" guy trying to challenge people on the internet. I'm just throwing out my insight.

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