Beginner Boxing Lessons : Left Jab, Straight Right: Boxing Lessons

The next combination we’re going to cover
in our introductory boxing lesson is going to be the old one-two, the standard left-right.
Boom. The way we’re going to start with that is with every combination, we’re going to
start in our boxing stance and I’m going to have the student step forward, turning his
wrist, connecting with the bag, hopefully target plus an inch. We’re not trying to push
the bag with the actual left hand, okay? Then before the left hand comes back to the cheek….as
soon as that left hand leaves the bag, the right hand is going to leave your chin, and
the two are going to meet about halfway there. The left hand comes back to your cheek for
protection. The right hand continues on to the bag. At that point you should be lifting
your right foot up about four inches, turning it out about two, and then crushing the bag
with the right hand. No more target plus an inch when you’re delivering the right hand,
that’s the rest of the power that you have. As you’re retracting from this punch, this
combination, you’re bringing your right hand back at the same time you’re bringing your
left foot back, and then hopefully returning right back to your defensive position again.
Okay? So we’re going to throw the left, right, and then straight back into your position
again. Nick, can you show us that combination please? That’s good. Okay, great, the old

14 thoughts on “Beginner Boxing Lessons : Left Jab, Straight Right: Boxing Lessons

  1. First video of these that aren't filled with comments from smartasses that would probably get their ass kicked by any reasonable boxer, including this guy. Good video.

  2. hey guys im new to boxing. I mean BRAND NEW to boxing and ive always been wandering what is the point of the breathing/blowing when you strike a punch. i'm trying to learn so please reply!

  3. my friend watched this and said it wad easy to do. Now i fear some people not alot but maybe alot might get the impression that all they have to do and not thinking about speed,power and accuracy at which body part you will choose whilst being on gaurd

  4. @ASilentLemon because if u don't, it takes alot out of you, just try it with breathing and w/o breathing and u`ll see the difference, because while u're exerting all of that force, for u not to breathe is almost like holding u're breathe but trying to breather at the same time.(note: i`m in the same situation as u, i`m new to boxing in terms of trying to do it, but i just know from doing it(the breathing) my self that its alot less stressful

  5. @ASilentLemon if u dont u'll lose ur breath and u will be gaspin for breath later in the round, so u breath with the punches

  6. F*ck im practicing this in front of my monitor, 1 – 2, left , right, left !! BOOM PUNCH THROUGH THE TABLE!! F*CK DAMN HURTS!!!

  7. Why would you want to be flat-footed? How are you supposed to incorporate lateral movement when your feet are flat?

  8. Rpaul1231… Might be answering u a bit late, But here goes anyway, u might think ur a southpaw just like i did, because since u write with the right, u feel more comfortable having ur right hand as a jab, cause its got more power and ur left as a straight punch, but u should always have ur power hand behind u, otherwise ull become a one arm fighter in time, try fighting orthodox, it helped me, hope i gave a little insight thx

  9. he just pushes the bag, my grandmother could hit harder :))))


    bag should not fly away ..

    I do not want to offend anyone.
    Just before you teach boxing – you first need to know how to do it 😉

    sorry for my english

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