Beginner Boxing Lessons : How to Stretch for Boxing Training

The first thing we’re going to do in our introductory
boxing lesson, and Nick here’s going to help me out, the first thing we want to do before
we even start any jump roping, before we start any kind of calisthenics at all is to get
some actual stretching in. So what I usually do is have the individuals go through a stretching
routine, and even after our workout we’ll actually do some more stretching on top of
that. But Nick here’s going to do a little bit of stretching just to show us some basic
stretches that he’s going to do to warm up. Good. Okay, now that we’ve got the stretching
out of the way, the first thing we’re going to do is go to the jump roping.

10 thoughts on “Beginner Boxing Lessons : How to Stretch for Boxing Training

  1. jump rope is a cardio exercise and should be done after your sess in the gym you should warm up with 1 working your ankles in circular motion then knees onto your hips then your wrists then elbows then shoulders then you r kneck and repaet twice then you should light bounce on you feet for a minute then actually start your movement in and out ,left and right for at least 2-2 min rounds the shadow box for 3 2 min rounds stretching is bes best kept til last

  2. I always found a couple of rounds of shadow boxing to be the best warm up. If you mix some footwork in there you should be good to go in 5 mins or so, you might even break a sweat. Then, if you wanna stretch, go for it. But stretching hard before or instead of a warm up will make you prone to hyperextension later in the workout.

  3. Your Videos are great! I just got a heavy bag and am new to boxing. I am a personal trainer and I found your beginner steps perfect in length and technical aspects easy to understand!

  4. I hear static stretching before strenuous activity is bad for your body over time. that dynamic stretching is best before workouts or what not, and static should be done after. whats your take on this?

  5. I love awkward silence, don't everyone?
    Thanks for this bro, got my first boxing class tomorrow and I needed to get some basics known.

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