Beginner Boxing Lessons : How to Stop a Swinging Punching Bag

The next clip we’re going to learn how to
stop a swinging heavy bag with a short, chopping left hand. You’re an orthodox fighter and
you’re jabbing with your left hand, what’s going to happen is as you throw the left and
then hit the bag with a powerful right hand, the bag is going to go swinging back and forth.
You pretty much have to wait for it to stop. You shouldn’t hit a bag coming straight at
you, and you shouldn’t hit a bag going directly away, you’re leaning too far. In order to
do that what we’re going to do is as you throw the left and then continue on with a big,
powerful right, we’re going to try to stop the swinging bag with a short, chopping left
jab, and then you can step back and then you can continue on with some more combinations.
Nick’s going to help us out with that move. Nick? Okay. As you can see, when he was hitting
it with a powerful right and he’d come back with that short, choppy left jab, even though
the bag didn’t stop completely, it stopped more than enough for him to continue on with
another combination. Thank you.

44 thoughts on “Beginner Boxing Lessons : How to Stop a Swinging Punching Bag

  1. dude, i dont think he was leaning in on with his right too much, even if he was, he's just demonstrating that for a swinging bag, ya need to jab it. so in order to swing it, for demo purposes, he prob using a little push, a little lean. ease up.

  2. lol the proper way to stop a swinging bag is with a punch where the fuck is this guy from your sposed to hit the bag coming at you and a bag that small i hope your just practicing technique and moving around ….but hes not….this is suck… a big pile of suck

  3. i watched this video 5 times, not because i needed to learn anything, just because he said 'short choppy left jab' strangely

  4. Wow lot of champion fighters here. Good thing there not in the ring. You would change the face of boxing as we know it! Thank you for staying on your computers. You guys are just awesome.

  5. The instructor states that "you should never hit a bag coming at you" I find that strange, your opponent comes at you in the ring. What you practice on the floor and on the bags you end up doing the same in the ring. A boxer must learn to hit targets going in all possible directions. But to each their own.

  6. I am training at the Gym where Earnie Shavers now trains, just outside Liverpool, and the trainer told me that when you punch the bag and it starts swinging as it is coming back, hit it with a 1-2-1 combination, that's a left, right, left if you were wondering. If you do a 1-2-1 as it's coming back at you, you have to work harder because you have to punch it harder in order for it to stop and also it builds on you're speed because you are punching more frequently.

  7. @fightchannel I'm no boxer but I think what he's saying is he wants the force to go into the bag and not go into you wrist cause the bag is pretty damn heavy so it's really just training safety that my GUESS

  8. camon nick keep it hard…. and keep your job as well (from here it looks you'll never make it as a boxer)

  9. @jlutui you want to hit with only your first two knuckles, that is, your pointer and your middle. Also wrap your hands.

  10. This dude did a porn video on You have to look a little closer cos you can't see his face clearly after 40 guys jizzed on his face. He's the one licking his lips like a thirsty lizard. He got sacked from the previous porn shoot cos when the director told him to shove a bottle up his arse he said "there's still beer in it"

  11. this video is stupid firstly its not a heavy bag, secondly this guy who is punching the heavy bag is awful and why would u wanna stop is from swinging this makes you move heavy bag isnt just about hitting the bag its about imagining a opponent in front you

  12. i think its better to follow the bag in my opinion because in a real match the opponent will be moving…but thats just me

  13. @jlutui my knuckles got used to it and now they are rock hard and wont tear (skin) but careful when you do it bare knuckles cause it can "roll" your wrist…not fun

  14. I just chase the bag, it helps on conditioning and footwork since I have to move more plus sometimes when the bag comes to me, I move to the left/right so it really helps a lot having a swinging bag. I find this has helped me a lot more than hitting a stationary bag like I used to 🙂

  15. @Dakotadaman22 If you can afford expensive shoes like Jorands, than you can definitely afford boxing. Some boxing gyms only cost about 50-75 bucks a month depending in your area. Do your research man and get into it with out giving it much further thought. I promise you will reap the rewards.

  16. Hey you noticed he was pushing as well, although it could just be the fighters problem and not the coachs. I also noticed this bag isnt a heavy bag, its for amateurs, if you notice at 1:03 no1 would be able to pull a jab like that off against a heavy bag…. and well the title does say "Boxing lessons" maybe this fighter is just a beginner.

  17. You must be beginning, first you must always wrap your hands and wrists, this will ensure you have the greatest wrist support. Secondly you must not hit the bag when its flying toward you, back away from it like its a fighter, then at the appropriate time, provide the appropriate punch

  18. we all have to start somewhere folks- Nick's left hand/jab looks pretty good.. maybe tuck his head in behind his shoulder a bit more.  His Cross he should sit down on and tuck his head more for defense, in my opinion.  Good simple video.

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