Beginner Boxing Lessons : First Boxing Lesson

In this segment of our boxing basics workout,
we’re going to be covering an introductory boxing lesson. I’m going to show you what
I do from the start with a new student, everything from having them do a little bit of stretching.
Hopefully they already know some stretches. We’ll do some stretching. We’re going to then
go to some jump roping. At that point we’re going to make sure their… after that we’re
going to make sure their hands are wrapped, and I usually wrap the person’s hands the
first couple times until they get used to it. After wrapping the hands, we’ll get some
gloves that fit them good and we’ll start a little bit of light working out and learning
some combinations on the heavy bag. From there we’re going to go to like the speed bag, we’re
going to do some other things in the gym: some foot work; some shadow boxing; I’ll show
them a little bit about how to use the head target mirrors mounted on the wall; also the
stair stepping that we do on our set of stairs that we have – a little bit of everything
to get them a good firsthand, first day knowledge of the general gym itself. Hopefully on the
second day they’ll come in here, they’ll get thirty rounds under their belt in an hour
and a half, and then we’ll learn something new each day after that.

15 thoughts on “Beginner Boxing Lessons : First Boxing Lesson

  1. hey can anyone help me with this problem. im very very new to boxing, and ive been trying to pick it up by myself. but after shadow boxing a while, my shoulder area would hurt from throwing punches. also, im quite afraid that my elbow would get injured if i keep fully extending my arm. anyone got any advice? thanks!

  2. if your shoulder hurts take a break to let it feel better then gradually get backl into it your arm is gonna hurt at first but it will get used to it you have to do that in order to get used to throwing jabs

  3. This is a bullshit lesson i wouldnt want to learn from him, Whatever happen to the STANCE the most important of them all

  4. What exactly does it take to be a boxer..? Lol besides commitment, any specific physical requirements? Looks fun.

  5. Think about it. If that comment before said that you could be 162 pounds and 5 ft 10 inches and that would be good, you're taller and weight less than that by just barely anything. You're fine.

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