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-How y’all doing? -I’m just waiting on my Lyft. I didn’t wanna drink and drive. Should be here any second. The reason of being responsible is because I’m doing beer yoga, which means you do yoga and drink beer at the same time. This is a real thing. It exists. It’s not fake. Me, Chance the Rapper, and some beer yoga. Let’s get it. As soon as my goddamn Lyft
comes up. -How are you?
-Sarah: Good, how are you? -Kevin: I’m Kevin Hart.
-Sarah. -Hey, Sarah. Sarah, I got
a bunch of cameras with me. You mind if I rig your car
with the cameras? -Go ahead. -She said it’s cool. Rig the car. -( upbeat music ) -( tires screeching ) -Here we go right here. Here’s my guy. Hey. What up, man? -Chance: Sup, playa?
-We’re in a Lyft, baby. We’re in a Lyft today.
-Hey, how’s it going? -Yeah, what’s going on? Hey.
-Sarah. -That’s my guy, Chance. He goes by Chance the Rapper. Let’s talk for a second
about fitness, man. Are you–are you
a fitness guy? -I’m not a fitness guy. No, I am– I’m one of those people
that like I’m athletic. -Okay.
-But I’m not–I don’t– I don’t spend any time
in the gym. Every month,
once in a while, I challenge myself
to 20 push-ups and I do 17.
-Oh, shit. -And then I’d go back
to being famous, like, it’s like–yeah.
-Almost? Shit. -It’s, like ( makes sound )
real fast– You get those first eight. -You get up lightheaded.
Your eyes are red. -Yeah.
-And then you’re done. -And then it–and then
it’s–till next month. -( upbeat music ) -Kevin: I love
to put us out
of our element. We’re not going to the gym. We’re not on a treadmill. We’re not taking a jog. Today, we’re doing
beer yoga. -Beer yoga? -You drink beer
while you do the yoga. This is a real thing.
-I don’t think that exists but I’m down
to find out what– -No. Listen, listen, I would not make
this shit up. So, we’re gonna see
what it’s about. I don’t know
what to expect. You don’t know
what to expect. That’s what makes it dope. -( groovy music ) -( indistinct crowd chatter ) -Kevin: Let’s get a drink.
Let’s get it. Let’s pre-game. -( laughter ) -Kevin: How are you, ma’am? I’m about to go do
some beer yoga, so I wanna–I wanna go ahead and get ready for it.
You drink beer, Chance? -Can we just go hard
and do some alcohol? -Look, you wanna shit yourself,
I’mma shit with you. Is that what you wanna do? -Yeah, let’s do some Don Julio.
-Can we do a– and give us
two Coronas, too. So we can get a beer taste -A beer yoga–the beer–
—to follow– to follow
for the beer yoga. -( upbeat music ) -All right.
-Let’s get it. -( indistinct chatter ) -( laughs ) -Goddamn. ( retches ) Shit tastes
like gasoline, man. Shit. Here’s a good game. You got your phone with you?
Please say you got your phone. -I got my phone with me.
-Okay. This is a dope ass game. -Okay.
-Do you feel like you got real celebrity friends? -I got some friends
that are real friends that are celebrities.
-We are about to play the FaceTime Celebrity game. Your real friend
is gonna pickup, no matter what,
no matter what you call, you don’t even got have a
conversation. -Okay.
-Kevin:It’s not aboutwho’s the biggest, it’s not about topping
each other for X, Y, Z. -( laughs ) -It’s about who’s the–
who is your real friend. -Okay.
-My first friend, I’m gonna do Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. -That’s insane. -All right, let’s go. This is it. -( phone ringing ) -Oh, this is gonna hurt.
Oh, my god. Oh, my god,
this is gonna hurt. -I can’t even imagine
what he’s saying about you while he’s looking
at the screen right now. Then he just ended it. Ended it.
-Kevin: Nothing. Unavailable. -Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, you are not Kevin Hart’s friend. -Go.
-I’m gonna call Quavo right now. -Quavo from Migos. -Quavo of the Migos.
-Matter of fact. -Chance: All right, let me see
if there’s (indistinct) -Oh, this is bad. -It’s not looking good now.
-No, this is bad. -Chance: Quavo also sleeps
late into the day. -No, I don’t wanna hear it.
-Okay. No disclaimers. -You cannot do that.
You cannot get disclaimers. -Quavo, what about us? -Kevin: Quavo’s not picking up.
Bye, bye. Bye, Quavo. I’m gonna go Chris Rock. -Chris Rock,
that’s a good one. -( phone ringing ) -Oh, this is gonna hurt. Oh, my god. -( phone ringing ) -All right. -Kevin: Chris. -First of all, listen. I’m with Chance
the Rapper, right? We did a challenge–
-Chris: Chance the Rapper. -Look, we did a challenge.
-Hey, Chris Rock. -Let’s call a celebrity that we consider
good friends and see who actually
picks up the phone. I don’t wanna talk
to you, Chris. All you have to do
is pick up the phone and you did it.
Listen, Chris– -Kevin: He called–
he called Quavo first, he didn’t pick up. ( laughs ) I don’t wanna talk to you
and disturb you. Go. You made me look great. You picked up the phone. That’s all I wanted. -You’re goddamn right.
Look– and he walked out
the theater. -Yeah, this is ridiculous
right now. -And he walked out
the theater for me. -( laughs ) -What is going on
right now? -Kevin: ( laughs ) -You guys are great
at jokes, man. How do you guys even know
how to use FaceTime? -Kevin: No, no,
I’ll be honest with you. He’s got a nice
like activist but I’m not militant but I wanna help the people. -(laughs)
-Yeah. (laughs) All right, love you, boy, out.
-Bye, Chris Rock. -Kevin: What you saw
was Chris Rock answering the phone, why? Because comedians
are the real ones. -(laughs)
-We’re the real people. We’re the ones
that doing a lot business to get to us
and we stay true to who we are
and those relationships that we make
are real relationships. You saw Chris Rock,
you saw myself. You saw The Rock be a dick. -Yeah.
-All right. We’re going upstairs,
beer yoga. -( groovy music ) -Kevin:
Where’s the bathroom? -( laughter ) -( upbeat music ) -They ain’t started yet,
did they? -Woman: Hi.
-Hi. Hi, my name is–
-Kevin. -Woman: Hi, what’s up? Welcome.
-Chance. -Are we late? We’re late.
-Welcome to my studio. This is you. You’re blue. -Kevin: I got the blue,
I got the blue. -I’m just going to confess, we stopped downstairs
and we had some drinks because we were nervous, so we already took
a couple of drinks. -Woman: Well,
you’re in the right spot. Welcome to Beer Yoga. -Kevin: Why the beer?
Why the yoga? -What’s the combination?
-Woman: It makes everyone a lot more relaxed
and especially as you’re sipping beer
along the way making your way
through your postures, the beer is gonna make
its way through your body and loosen up
your muscles.So you’re in a really
good space.
-Got it.
-Woman: So hands up
to the knees. Give me a shoulder roll.
Sit tall. And bring your hands
to the Earth, palms down. -It’s a (bleep) floor. -( laughter ) -Let’s call it a floor, okay?
-Woman:Okay.Now, reach forward
and grab that beer. I know you know how to do that.
-Kevin: Yeah, all right. Yeah, yeah. You wanna wait for the rest
of the class maybe? -Oh. Oh, we don’t drink yet?
-Woman:Okay.-( laughs )
-Kevin: I f ked up? Woman: So think of a mantra, an affirmation,
maybe a word,something that you wanna embodyas you sip this beer
throughout your practice. -My word is Hot Pockets.
-Oh. -You like Hot Pockets?
I like Hot Pockets. -They’re pretty good.
They’re pretty good. -Mika, what’s your word? -Well, I’ll go with laughter.
-Woman:Laughter?-Good word. ( laughs ) -Chance, what’s your word?
-Yoga. Yoga. -What the (bleep)
was that? -Woman: You have an affirmation,
a mantra, something? -Mantra. -She said mantra, man. -( laughter ) -Goddamn it, Chance. You suck at being
on the spot. I’m not trying to be in here
lit with some (bleep) unoriginal yoga
goddamn word-maker. -Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
-Kevin: What’s your– -You’re right. -Namaste. -Hot Pockets. -( laughter ) -Beer up to the sky.Cheers, neighbor.-Cheers to this neighbor.
-Yeah, cheers. -In the outside.
-Bring it down– -Man: There we go.
—have a sip. We’re gonna move
into cat cow so we’re gonna warm up
the spine. Bring the knees together. I bring my hands to one side,
feet to the other, make your way
to a tabletop position. Wrists are gonna be directly
under the shoulders, the knees are directly under–
-Hey, man, don’t be looking at me
inappropriately back there. -( laughter ) -Just let your right hand
find the right beer. We’re moving into
some core work here. So send that right beer
up, up, up, and the beer is gonna be
in line with your shoulders. This is called
the refill pose. -Come on, Kevin Hart.
-Hold on. What? -Woman:
Find that cat pose again.Connect your knee
and your elbow underneath.
-Everybody here
on steroids, huh? -Woman:Exhale, left knee down,right hand to your face,
grab a sip with it. -Ain’t nothing
but a bunch of alcoholics. -( laughs ) Stop. -Woman:
Inhale, reach, get long.
-We got to cheers, yo.
-Inhale, reach, get long. -It’s my–am I the only one
feeling the alcohol? -Inhale, reach. -Kevin: Don’t nobody else
feel this, bro? -Exhale,
right knee down. They will now, bring
the left hand to your face, grab a sip. Uh-hmm. -Kevin: We should have sat
in the back. -Chance:Yeah.-Guess what, guys,
it’s happy hour. Two for one. You
grab both beers.
-What does that mean? -Grab both beers.
-I don’t know how the (bleep) -You got to reach out,
reach out, reach out, reach out. -Woman: Use that core,
use that core. Come on, marathon man.
-Kevin: Shit.
-Chance: Reach out. Yeah. -Yes, beers to heart center,
you got it.Lean up. Stand up.Bring both beers up.Don’t you drop
that alcohol. Exhale, open up
to warrior two.Arms go out to a T.Front leg bent,
back leg straight. Extend your arms out
to a T. You got this. -I’m about to poop.
-No, you’re not. -Please. Please don’t.
-Kevin: I pooted. -I did a yoga poot. -I’m (bleep) killing
this right now. -Bring those beers down,
grab a sip.Put the beer back down
and grab a sip. Nice work.
Cheers me.
-Cheers. -Cheers. You got it. So everyone come to the top
of the mat, you have both beers. -( indistinct ) free-styling.
-What’s up? -I’m a gift. Open me up. Get a cup. Fill me up. Beer? Oh, well, I guess I’m gonna
fill it up. Aw, yoga. Matter of fact, toga, tonight, all night, I’m out of sight,
and I’m all right. now what the (bleep)
you wanna do? Chance, I see you. Rapper,
I think you told me that you’re going
to do the do. Come on, man. Sign me. -Are you guys up
for a little challenge? -Woman:Yeah.
-Woman:Uh-huh.The challenge will be
to balance on one foot– -( burps ) -( laughter ) —without touching
the other foot to the Earth. Real challenge though
is don’t spill that beer. -I heard that.
-Woman: You up for that? -Let’s go. -Somebody moved my mat.
-Woman: Uh-huh. -Okay.
-So bring the feet together. -Goddamn, Chance,
you got some big ass feet. -Bring the right knee up and send both beers
up to the sky,right knee up, balancing
on one foot, you got it.
-I know you’re gonna be able
to balance on that goddamn foot. -Bring that right beer down,
have a sip. -This ain’t nothing
but a goddamn apprehensive application
for alcoholics. -( laughter ) -Bring your feet together,
big toes, ankles, knees touch the top of
your mat, and send those beers
to the sky, left knee up, so the hips are square.
You got this, come on. You’re the closest one
to the ground. -This should be easy.
-I heard that. -( laughs ) -We doing beer yoga, cuz! -I just met him today. -Breath in.
You guys wanna sip? -Woman:Yup, ooh.
-Woman:Perfect.-Kev, Kev, Kev, Kev.
-Woman:And the left hand up. -Woman:Left hand down,
grab it.

-Kevin: Bruh. -Woman: Clean up
in aisle blue. -Hey, we’re doing this. -This is totally
disrespectful to anybody that really does yoga. -( laughter ) -I’mma be honest with you all,
I’ve had too much to drink. Thank you all for letting us
come and be a part of it, we wanted
to experience it. -Cheers, namaste. -Chance: Namaste,
I’m so sorry, guys. I’m so sorry about what
happened here today.
-Hey, I’m gonna tell you this. If you all need any tickets
to a Chance the Rapper– -No, no, no,
no, no, no, no. -Kevin:Kevin Hart here,
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