Beasts of Rage

“Oh yeah?” “You think you can face me here?” *splat* *snickers* Yeah. I think I can face you. Get over here. Get ov- Oh, now look what you did. Now look what you did. “Oh yeah?”
Oh, now look what you did. Now look what you did. Oh, now look what you did. Now look what you did. “Now how are we gonna fight each other?” Jump over there and I’m gonna- *slap* “OH GOD!”
BAH! AAAAAAH! “Get over to this train track!” No! Let go of me! No. “Fuck! Me!”
No! You idiot! Whoa! We can’t get back up! My guy won’t grab up! I can’t climb up! How are you doing that?! How are you doing that?! Wait!! AAH Let go of my mustache, you stupid chicken! Whoooooooooooooa WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOA!! OH! No, get up! Get up! “Here I go. I like this part.” No no no no no!
“Here I go. I like this part.” No! Still in this! I’m still in this! Fucking dick! Aah! “You…go…fucking…” “…down!”
Get- Get up! Get- Get up! Fucking… chicken BITCH! DIE! You go down! You go down!
“No no no no no.” “No no no.” No! Get up! Get up! Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa NAH NAH Not so fast, ya… …fuck! Piece of shit chicken! *laughing* Get ou- Aaand goodbye. “Nononononono.” buh- OH And bye bye. “No no no no no no no”
And goodbye, chicken. “no no no no no no no.”
I’ll see you later. Shit, get up. Get up! Get up! Get up- No! Whoa! WHOA! I did it. I did it- …wouldn’t do that if I were you. I wouldn’t- I’m warning you right now. I wouldn’t do that. I’m warn- ’cause when I get… “Okay!”
to- whoa! Ha ha! *more laughing* “Whoa” Don’t- Don’t you ever try to face me, Sean! [Leah]: “Where did WoA go?” Where is WoA? “Face me in my realm!” [Leah]: “Where the heck are you?” “AAH!” “HAHAHA!” “What the fuck are you do- Are you okay?” What’s the matter, Sean? Never seen karate before? “PFFFT” No no no no. No no no no. Let go. Let go. Let go of me, babe. “Yeah, I’ll let go. I’ll let go.” Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa, WHAT?! *Dunkey getting grinded to death* *Dunkey getting grinded to death while the others laugh* Ow! No, wait! You’ll kill- You’ll kill us both!! WHAT?! WHOA!! That’s it. Nope, you’re done. You’re done, babe. Bye bye. [Leah]: “How are you doing that?!” Whoa! JACKIE CHAN!! HYAH!! [Leah]: “How are you doing that?!” HWAH! MOTHERFUCKER!! Huh! Save me! Huh! Sean! Save me, Sean! “LONG LIVE THE KING” “Oh god.”
Ooh! *chuckling* Remember your training. Think back to what uh… Okay. Let go of my head! Let go- God! …fucking… Argh! Let…go of my head! Stupid ro- AAAHH!!! That’s it. *Dunkey Karate noises* Hah! What’s the matter, Sean? Scared? Ha ha ha ha! Got your beak! Come here! Gimme your…chicken beak! “NO!” Once I get this beak, I’ll have all your powers. And then I… and then I’ll be unstoppable! Shit. Nooooooooooooooooooooooo mychickenbeak! “Nobody can stop my chicken beak!” [Leah]: AAAH! Whoa. Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! WHOA! I’m doing it. I’m doing it. I’m climbing up! I’m gonna win! I’m doing it! *bang* AAAAAAAAAHH AAAAH “Okay.” [Outro]

100 thoughts on “Beasts of Rage

  1. The best part about this is knowing that these characters are fighting exactly how most real fights would turn out. Just a bunch of shoving, holding, wrestling, and pushing, a few slaps, etc.

  2. Many watching will feel the sudden urge to throw their friend off of a broken elevator and infront of a moving train

  3. Seeing Leah watch her Husband brutally grinded up and tossing the both of them into a pit of fire, Laughing the entire time. Is making me concerned for they're safety.

  4. in case someone is interested in the song around 3:12 – "What's the matter, Sean? Scared?" part:
    Dragon Ball Z – Seigi wo aisuru mono!

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