Battlefront Pro #Wrestling The Make-up Queen #Rosalie issues a Challenge#Wrestling Challenge

Battlefront Pro Wrestling The Make-up Queen Rosalie issues a Challenge#Wrestling Challenge Brody Rosie Rosie Rosie Rosie Rosie Rosie Thanks for coming out to have a word with me tonight Rosalie now tonight is your battlefront pro wrestling debut, correct Now is there anything you’d like to say to the fans for the locker room People may be watching at home. We just came out here to introduce myself obvious country bumpkins out In the women’s division here at battle climb, there’s no woman that has the courage to face me and guess what? Dominate Well, perhaps there will be someone now this is the beginning of battle from Pro Wrestling as you know Maybe someone is out there some brave woman would like to pay him a visit It’s like we have a visitor Good evening comes lady. Would you like to introduce yourselves to the fans? By Camilla Can you repeat that for maybe anyone who hasn’t heard Camilla now vanilla, is there anything that you’d like to say to the fans to the locker room or to the makeup Queen? There is competition perhaps there is competition after all Rosalie whatever sit Honey, look at you and then look at me. Trust me when I say there is no Competition. I don’t know. Maybe you should go back to preschool and That’s very touching very touching oh my god Gonna be something better than just a smack in the face. Do you understand? She’s not playing she’s not playing No don’t know Oh my god, Rosie no no Rosie That was very brave of you to stand up to the makeup cleaning herself, I’m nasty customer I need you ever. Let me say to the fans Bitch

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