BASIC3 How to use Crouch stance in Kung Fu.

BASIC 3 /crouch stance /부퇴식 Today, I will explain the crouch stance. For the training of basic. one, two, three, four In here, make this shape. At this time, make the hook hands. The gaze looks at the hand that goes backward. And, the front hand becomes this shape. so… Hold this stance for about 25 seconds. Change the posture. …, …, three, four This is the traditional basic training. If this crouch stance operation within the “Kwon Bob”, “Kwon Bob” : Simply, it’s the way to use the fist.
But in my training style, it is a long-form of movement
that linked each of the deadly attack moves. There are several ways to use depending on the meaning. This crouch stance is shown from Sohoyeon Kwonbob. It has an attack meaning. And secondly, The crouch stance by this way … It’s a similar meaning to the tackle in football. Third is … Like this, This crouch stance stands up the foot, Part of the enemy’s body is caught below the sole of my foot, It’s an attack’s meaning of pushing and scraping. Then, the fourth crouch stance … This move’s meaning is that a stable landing and low posture are the goals. This crouch stance also means the attack movement. And finally… And finally…Fifth Crouch stance. Make the stance with a path of like sweep kick. This method has not yet found out a clear usage. On the surface, this crouch stance makes the low body stance, It looks like an avoid action to the opponent’s attack. But not that meaning.
These five movements are all meaning of fatal attacks.

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