Basic Self Defense Moves : How to Escape From a Kung Fu Side Head Lock

Hi my name is Dan Schmidt from the Chinese
Martial Arts Center and for In this clip we are going to be showing you
self defense against the side head lock. So in many different instances people like to
grab from the sock like this. This first thing that you want to do is grab there hand just
the way of control this helps you hold your balance and help them from moving you around
to much. If you notice I take a wide step out like this you want to bend you knees into
a comfortable position. Take your rear arm, wrap it around this way, you could either
go to the throat which is the safes or straight to the chest. So lets go straight to the throat
and from here you are going to lean back with all of your weight and you are going to take
the rear foot and scoop it straight out. So you go here and knee as they fall backwards.
So when you do that part. So just be still so as you do this you don’t want to try and
kick the leg that doesn’t work you have to actually lean back to make them go back. So
lets do it once again start here. So I grab the hand, step out just a little bit, wrap
the rear arm over there shoulder and straight up to the throat, press and lean back and
sweep. Just like that. So one more time. So….block go down hold there hand firmly, and step out,
wrap the hand around to the throat and lean all the way back and that is self defense
against the side head lock.

100 thoughts on “Basic Self Defense Moves : How to Escape From a Kung Fu Side Head Lock

  1. ok this is very affective but i didnt do this im only 11 and 4,10 so it wasnt my strength he had me in a head lock and i tipped back then foward and put my hand on his legs picked him up then when foward and trip him and got him in a headlock try it it works trust me

    you go back then go foward pick him up drop him and then put your foot in front of his leg and tripp him go by his back and headlock that simple instead of all this but still great vid

  2. If the attacker is 7 foot tall and ur just 4 foot tall ur fucked! cause u have no chance of reaching his throat or is chest. Unless u jump but u won't able to push down a 7 foot tall person.

  3. Now I know why we got all these smart asses on here .We actually got 11 year olds on here telling us on how to body slam people ! What the hell is he doing in here anyway!,where is his parents,they probably don't even know he is online.

  4. then you would move your feet behind theirs wouldnt you, a SIDE headlock so their feet r inline rougly with urs, not too hard to get your foot behind them

  5. Its useful… being from the hood MMA works…thats well if you have a cage,clock,ref,gloves,padded mat,etc…..
    MMA is a sport" Rules"
    Hood "No rules" You use whatever you got.

  6. who the hell does a side headlock with their feet behind the one they are doing it on? try to do it, then you'll see it wont work, and then you wont need this move…

  7. Some people say MMA fighters would destroy an avg person in a street fight. for anyone that's been in a real street fight knows most real street fights attacks deal with weapons like a knife or any other deadly weapon. If you don't have real weapon defense skills to combat against that you are fucked. Most martial arts arent' pratical against attacks of this nature, because most martial arts are geared more towards sport now of days then anything else. Krav Mega though specializes in this.

  8. This is actually a pretty good technique, quite similar to what is taught in my school. If I may, I would suggest a preliminary strike just before the take down. What strike you ask…take your pick. If you look, there are multiple options.
    Keep up the good work and God bless! Peace

  9. wat i do is do everything he said but before the sweep try to with ur hand get him in the neck some how or when u try to sweep him try kicking him lol. or kill dat dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Stuff that throwing on the floor shit, take your left hand and jam both your fingers into there eye sockets, kick them to the ground using the nuts as the kicking target, then pour ammonia over there whole body to remove any of your DNA to avoid prosecution. Consider cutting there tongue out to be on the safe side, this method will not require spending years going to crappy martial arts lesson. All you need is about 1/2 litre of ammonia per person. Job done.

  11. You protect your self in two ways with this method no prosecution and no evidence. Plus anyone attacking deserves to get smashed up properly not just thrown to the floor where he/her can get right back up, so first rule of street fighting, should be always smash em up if they attacked you, especially if they think they are some martial arts expert, tear there eyes out, and cut there tongues you know the drill just don't forget the ammonia.

  12. to also add on to what dragon 1859 said: a lot of times if they have their chin tucked in or you cant seem to execute this technique, simply, instead putting your hand on the chest or throat, use your straight fingers to drive up above the moustache area hitting the bottom of the nose hitting the pressure point. Drive up and it will naturally force them to ease off.

  13. what if the guy that has your neck just doesn't let go? then you would be on the floor with him round your neck

  14. Seriously, who the fuck steps in FRONT of the guys legs when putting them in a headlock?

    And who keeps their arms so open?

    Jesus these people are TRYING to 'attack' like retards to make it look easy to defend against. Bloody useless.

  15. This move works, when put in a headlock or grabed in such a way, you need to drop your wieght, thats the first thing to do, then the rest is up to you and what you prefer to do. keep an open mind about this.

  16. yea and just look at how loose that headlock is, if that was a street fight i just stick my finger through the guys eyeball

  17. wow this is the most useless video on the net i say just kick on the groin or insert fingers in his eye
    nice way of putting it lol

  18. @coosokoo true but you cant always have it on you. MOST people even when they are proficient with firearms rarely have the weapon on them, like when they take their woman to the movies or what have you.

    Unarmed combat is a must , firearms is a must.

  19. who is the silent amputee standing in the back ground?

    this is a much better method than ive seen before, as its more agressive and doesnt need to be super accurate. hopefully this means that even weak/small people are able to do it.

  20. lol i wish i new this last night.. i was bro scrapping this guy while i was wasted and he was sober.

    i tackled him and he headlocked me on the floor. now i have a bump on my head

  21. Ok, good way to get out of it….but one problem with that. The guy making the headlock will have a hell of a lot tighter grip than the guy in the video, and may be stronger than you yourself. So how would that work if he has all his strength in his grip? His hands would be hell to bust apart. He would just take you down with him, and from there who knows what could happen. There are flaws, and there are good points in this, but please. How would you get out if the grip was tight as hell?

  22. @Toyomata True, but I have met ppl (guys especially) with realy strong neck muscles. The chances that they will not flex those muscles when you try to choke them out is slim. Anyone who is getting choked(or almost anyone) would flex the neck muscles to push the hand away from the throat. So, It all depends really on what happens in the instance you do this that they show on the video. Like I said. A few good points, and a few flaws. It is a good technique, but with many variables.

  23. @Toyomata Well, I am not saying this technique is a failure. It does work, if the variables work to your advantage. There are always those out there that have a very strong grip, and you yourself must be stronger to break it. Someone might flex the muscles, some wont. They may have a steady balance and throw you into something instead of falling. When you go for the leg they could use that leg to flip you over. Alot of variables is all Im saying. This technique is good. Im not disputing that.

  24. @Toyomata Yeah, there is also the fact that I know ppl sometimes grab that way, their legs infront of you, but I have met ppl who do the same move, except that their right/left (depending on which direction he grabbed you in) leg is behind the one recieving a choke. So the leg thing would not quite work. Anyways, heavier ppl, they are tougher, but they do fall harder XD Lol.

  25. @Toyomata Yeah, usually the bigger they are the better they are standing. When they get on the ground they can be easier.

  26. To anyone who thinks this move is good I want you to think about the most important part about SELF DEFENSE, where are the punches? The attacker in this never tried to hit the guy. Any move is easy when there is no punching. You need to stop the punches first then worry about the head lock. Not to mention if he is big guy and he has a good hold on you. Your going for a ride over his leg in front of you and ending on your back with him on top of you. Which could pop your shoulder while doing this

  27. i take krav maga and instead of that you reach around and with your fingers press up on the base of their nose as hard as possible….it really hurts nad its human instinct to just let go

  28. @101tenkan funny, i had this done to me, and i teach it too. hurt like HELL and i couldnt get away fast enough. really good street move..never saw it coming and it only has to work once

  29. TERRIBLE! This move relies on the guy LETTING YOU posture up. A TRUE headlock in this position the guy wants to keep you down if he puts his weight down there is no way you can posture it is physically impossible unless he loosens his hold. When broken down like this, you have two options, one you can grab the waist with the left handmake a T with the guy and push on his left knee with your right hand and spin towards the groundfrm there you can mount. OR…

  30. you can grab the waist as before put your left leg between theirs and hit driving them to the side. This guy says LEAN back, HOW? Again, a good headlockk requires tyou keep the guy broken down with force, you just can't stand up if you want. You can here, it's a dumb instruction.

  31. it doesn't work…! i fight a big fat guy and i can't escape from him is too hard push his leg and his neck back….it doesn't work at any type of enemy!!>:(

  32. @NikiasGR I feel so sorry for you my lost child……with all the beasty blubba rubbing into your face dying of pure suffocation, its no wonder when it got to the leg part of the exercise, his anus was probably pointing into your direction and it just made breathing for you tremendously worse because your out of breath by the time you want to do the leg part on him!.Only slim and medium type enemies should be allowed for this!. I hope you didn't ask him for his telephone no though…

  33. during headlock your hands are free then use them. just punch on goin and he will loose his grip but punch should be harder

  34. not quite of a realistic demonstration,i have to say. your training partner is holding you too lightly and too far away from his body,also. you can just pop your head out of the lock at will. if he put some real force on that hold , tried to maintain his position and control you as well as hold you closer to him, now that would be a realistic situation,which i think couldnt be dealt with by no means with what escape tactic you demonstrated on this vid.

  35. @simos901 it would still have the same effect, its about leverage, if he was held tighter and closer to the body the method would work the same but it would also hurt his assistant a lot more

  36. This teaches me a lot's u guys should make a carrier with making matrial arts videos and teaching people with that.

  37. @FirebloodAnimations LOL Sometimes you just gotta "speak their language"…it's the only REAL way to deal with a bully. Good for you.

  38. Don't expect this to work without some muscle. You're going to need a decent amount of strength to push him off balance with one arm.

  39. i get head locked all the time and i normally go and rap my arms around there neck but i realized that that makes it worse but i don't think it will work because he didn't squeeze hard so what if someone has you tight?

  40. I agree. Plus, if he doesn't let go as he falls, you'll fall with him. It'd probably be more effective to try to step around him with your right foot and reposition your left one as you HIT him in the throat/face (repeatedly) and push him. Even if you don't get the take down, he'd probably let go after being hit a few times.


  42. i have tried that once and i have braked many type of bode lock all that matter is your endurance against pain and quick thinking and there are other ways too that i have learned in Indian wrestling.

  43. Theres a technique where you just grab his leg after putting your foot behind him and just flipping him over

  44. There isn't a 100% chance he'll let go with the sucker punch, doing this will 100% make them let go, so you could do this technique, then he'll let go, and since you want to punch people in the knackers so badly do it when they are on the floor? think man, quit watching wrestling 😛

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