Basic Self Defense Moves : How to Escape From a Kung Fu Rear Shirt Grab

Hi my name is Dan Schmidt from the Chinese
Martial Arts Center and for In this clip we are going to be showing you
self defense against the rear shirt grab. So in any instance when you are walking or
perhaps standing in line somewhere if someone grabs shirt from the rear it is actually very
simple just step out in one leg and take a fist, swing the fist straight across. Some
target areas would be right at the check bone which is actually paper thin or actually your
right to the jugular right here. Just swing hard like that okay if they are still hanging
on just wrap the arm around the elbow like this leaning back slightly. See this bend
the arm in you could very easily twist and snap the arm. From here just take your opposite
hand and step behind with the opposite foot, press against the throat, and lean in, toss
them backwards. Now for filming purposes I let go of his arm but, for instance so stick
your arm out if we are in a real situation his arm is bent this way. You wouldn’t let
go as we speak you would just twist back and the arm would snap very easily. So once again
he grabs from the rear just take the fist, just turn naturally, strike, wrap the arm
around, lean back slightly, step behind, take the hand press, and toss. Okay you want to
do this action very fast because if you do it to slow even though I did strike him he
could block. Even though he does block that is okay he could block and he could still
go around he hits himself. But, let say even if I strike this way and I’m still slow he
could come over with the other hand. In that case you have to employ blocking but, if you
train enough, so you do it fast, just strike step around and hand here, sweep. That is
self defense against the rear shirt grab.

86 thoughts on “Basic Self Defense Moves : How to Escape From a Kung Fu Rear Shirt Grab

  1. Hey killer. Stop it. Bring back hanging for the shirt grabbers, that's what I say. Once my mate was grabbed by the shirt and he got a really nasty crease in it, it was crumpled and everything. I mean for fucks sake man he had to iron it again. Maybe you want to think about that next time you dis manouvres against these shirt grabbing muthas.

  2. wtf?? that's pure rubbish. u can't generalize self-defense movements like this. actually no one will attack u like this on street. either they come close to u and scream "you're mother can't cook!", or they punch u immediatelly into the face or stomache.

  3. Many youtubers seam to broad brush an idea with there comments. This is a technique for a particular situation. " No one will grab you like that on the street.?" I have been grabbed several times by a brawler from the back. They try to pull you off balance into there punch. There is no actually effort on the part of the attacker hear so I disagree with that part of this video. However I used a similar strike and it worked against a big guy. Have the commenters here even had to defend themself?

  4. tempai u r right that is the carotid artery not the jugular, and the jugular is on the inside, but alot of ppl use the jugular as an expressiong for throat, but yes he is aiming for the artery!

  5. This is incorrect lmao. If any tries to choke u or grab ur T shirt u rise one of ur arms and rotate thats all. Rise an arm, and rotate, straight upp in the air and rotate.

  6. Thats true. But the technique can be usefull, its good to learn it. I give an example: Someone puches your face, you turn around to run away, but he grabs you, and has a bottle on the hand.

    Im thinking that if you learn this technique you should learn it from both sides, not just against a right hand grab. Couse probably if someone grabs you he will use the left to pull and he right to punch, or use a weapon.

  7. The only thing that I would change is putting most of my leg behind the attackers leg instead of just a foot but besides that great technique.

  8. and to add on. I think if they are your friend then they would know that you are a martial artist and would not come up behind you to grab you like you killed their mom. so yea hellimjosh is right they have common sense. this is just for you to see what you can do encase they want to kick your ass.

  9. hey, it shouldnt work : coz when u hit a guy like that he release ur t-shirt, doesnt wait for u taking his arm down 😛

  10. not necessarily, if you give them a quick punch the shock often makes them stand there dumbfounded for a few seconds, did to an old mate who happened to be annoying me. valic point though

  11. i agree about these lame internet fucks that have never been in a real street fight, but jiujitsu is pretty helpfull in a fight against multiple enemies

    but usually in a fight that isnt organized or taken by surprise u dont really think about this all ur thinking is go for any weak spot but try not to do too much damage

  12. i wouldnt do this at all, considering the fact that you might snap his arm you are in for hell even if you get away from the encounter, the best kind of self defense if you ask me is where both parts get away unharmed, but the attacker incapacitated. I would only be willing to snap someones arm if they were using a weapon like a gun or a knife!

  13. proportionality…
    grab shirt vs dislocated shoulder and possible jaw fracture.

    just run if you're scared, or better yet give the person the shirt and then you can go around flexing to look cool instead of injuring the poor sap.

  14. So, what happens if the guy uses HIS free left hand? He could still punch you in the face if you're not fast enough.

  15. after you hit him the first time he will let go and then you cant go for that ellbowlock.
    so hit him the firsttime and hit him direct the second with a good hook

  16. @beargrylls3 hey man all im sayin is if ur mate threatens u like that, he aint really ur mate, so treat him like he's just another guy

  17. @azda09 then just try miss out step one and go to the part where your lock the arm, but obviously don't put on too much pressure.

  18. @BrittanyGillisVEVO I really hope your not a girl.. cuz thats my fear, having a daughter that can't defend herself especially in todays hard times. you really think loosing your shirt and running is gonna work? You really need to learn some fighting techniques..

  19. Unless you have another indication of intent from the person grabbing you, this would in all likelihood be considered an excessive use of force in a criminal court. As an assistant law enforcement control tactics instructor I would get fired for teaching this approach. If you modify it though it could still be effective: leave out the strike, do the arm control & takedown with shoulder push, rather than throat strike, don't break the arm, but use the arm bar to restrain him until police arrive.

  20. So wait someone touches your shirt and then you smake them in the throat, break their arm and then throw them on the ground? How does this make sence lol

  21. Just thist them til there screaming like girls I say. Hay there is rather alot of sister experiments going on and seeing that I'm a girl I'm going to try on my brother

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