Basic Self Defense Moves : How to Escape From a Kung Fu Front Shirt Grab

Hi my name is Dan Schmidt from the Chinese
Martial Arts Center and for In this clip we are going to be showing you
self defense against the lapel grab. So if someone ever comes up and just grab your lapel.
All you have to do is take your opposite hand, go straight over and hold there hand firmly
in place. Now what you want to do when I grab this is just take the thumb and the middle
finger and grab on either side right here. See this naturally breaks the grip when you
push in on each side of the hand between the thumb and the index finger and on the other
side. So place it firmly and grab. Now what you want to do from me is just take a very
slight step back it doesn’t have to be anything drastic. Put your other hand on top of your
own hand. Use your whole body and twist so he is side ways this way. Now from here right
where the wrist bone is where it meets the palm use the pressure from the pinkie finger
and your other pinkie right here and you press in and down as you step in. so this causes
a break in the wrist and sometimes in the forearm. So once again it is here. Just grab
across, step back, grab, place the other hand over, use your whole body, twist, press in,
and down. It seems complicated but, it is actually very fast action. So once again so
he is here grab, twist, straight down. That is self defense against the lapel grab.

88 thoughts on “Basic Self Defense Moves : How to Escape From a Kung Fu Front Shirt Grab

  1. Very good technique. I've done a slight variation of the technique where you first grab the attackers hand just as you do in the video but, with the second hand, you push on the attackers elbo whilst stepping back with the foot that corresponds to the hand that you initially use to grab the attackers hand with and rotate your body. The end result is that you spin your opponent uber fast into a nearby object, or onto the ground. I think mine is a sort of aikido defense. Great video!

  2. Same method I was taught, but we learn to pull away. therfore laying your attacker flat on the ground, where you or I can escape. Great teaching

  3. too complicated!

    kung fu instructor my my my,,,,

    that's more akido to me than simple kung fu.

    Try grabing the hand, sinking you weight (forget the twist move), then thrash him quickly!

  4. well when you do this move and have them below you, they will try to punch you, and they will probably aim low, thats when you start blocking with your knees

  5. If someone is assaulting you to the degree that you belief your life is in danger, you have the right to legally execute deadly force on that person, period.

  6. Why so much explanation ? When the guy holds you like 0:37 all you have to do is grab his hand with your right hand, turn a little bit to the right and give a nice forearm hit on his elbow and he won't be able to fight anymore. Just a nice punch in it and it's done. Most efficient combats are always the shortest.

  7. Or another technique is just hit in the balls… Big guy or not, they'll cry and you get the time to run or to destroy him completely…

  8. Could be, but they're really rare lol. But still, there are much more painfull hits, you just have to use everything around you.

  9. And don't forget the adrenaline. Because of that, you'll most likely lose a lot of abilities except if you're trained for that. Once you lose everything, the first thing you'll do is hit his face or dodge/block an incoming attack. But, IF you're trained, it's a complete other story. Trust me on that…

  10. Could agree more. Any martial art athlete would`ve most likely lost his head and gone sucker punches all the way.

  11. I practiced this same defense at my martial arts place. There are a few other things to add that he doesn't show. One is a step back to get out of range. Once the lock is applied a knee is not going to be effective.

  12. stewie if you do this correct this is much better than one ounch in the face you have control of him and you can do many punches when you have him in that final position

  13. Why do that when you could destroy his wrist, knee him in the face, and then elbow lock (ude gatame) all before the guy realizes you are fighting back. You just punch a guy, what if you miss, dont knock him out, he can really take a punch etc. Using proper jujitsu you can completely destroy the guy with a wrist lock/strike combination in the same time it takes you to throw two punches. Only you dont have control of the situation, you are just fighting.

  14. because it is more efficient to just palm him in the face–Bruce Lee even advocated this simple defense. THEN you can move to control the joint.Soften/shock–then control.

  15. All these variations that many of you are referring to can be used. This video is just one POSSIBILITY. Of course he could hit his face first, scissor his arm and lock or break his elbow, hold his hand to his chest and step back and lean forward etc. etc. etc. Some you sound like idiots "Well why didn't he just…" Because this is one example that has several variant properties. you're beating a dead dog.

  16. this wud never happen in real time unless you are really really fast. such grab is usually followed by a punch in the face so ud have no time?

  17. It would depend.. If the dude was trying to act tough.. he would do that.. Especially if he thinks he's bigger and stronger than you are. Usually people who don't know how to fight do that.. hahah

  18. Absolutely correct. Once someone learns the basics of this technique the next step would be in the context of a fight. Pretty sure this video is just step one.

  19. Wow did someone punch your lights out while you were attempting this move?
    Joint locks do work plain and simple. Being able to apply them in a fight is where it gets complicated.

  20. Don't get me wrong I understand your argument, but put into a real fighting context(including you striking, avoiding, and any other option) joint locks work. It just depends on if during the fight you chose to/can utilize them. I am not claiming joint locks is the ideal route to go in a fight, just they can be used effectively. The problem with most martial arts is they don't teach how to apply them towards a modern attacker.(They say they do, but most don't)

  21. Alright I believe you. I know wrist locks are wrist locks but I know there are many approaches to them. I have just been exposed to ways to make them work albeit difficult. I definitely respect your opinion since it seems based on your own conclusions from personal experience.

  22. Yeah I've seen some TKD schools involving Hapkido instructors to "cross train" their students in joint locks. Still not convinced tma's have any other kind of what?

  23. None at all. I agree. One of the instructors I have trained with the most mixed up our "traditional" stuff with sparring with gloves and BJJ, most likely because he knew on some level "traditional" training wasn't optimum.

  24. Yeah last time i checked, if someone grabs your shirt they deck you in the face, not stand there while you tickle thier hand

  25. aikae20: You lost the fight because you didn't know the follow through. Use your left foot or left fist to strike the back of the elbow. Anyone who stands up after that really shouldn't be messed with, lol

  26. Dude, you need a robotic accuracy for that tickling the hand. That too a robot with Dual Xeon processor with 4GB free ram and Linux installed on it for faster and accurate results. Damn!

  27. i'd argue as a martial atist is that that grip isnt kung fu – if anything the lapel grip is judo (i'd know because its the firts martial art i did. the move he's doing is kung fu, looks shaolin in origin – although they'd be more likley just to smash the arm at the elbow

  28. @fuckliao its unlikely unless your quite small that they'd hold you at arms length anyway, as you'd generaly want to follow thorugh with a throw from this position. with big peoplethey often do this with both hands and lift you off the floor. the incorret responce to either is to grab the arm(s) – acheives nothing at all. there are a few, but i do wing chung which is quite direct, so i'd attack the ears and eyes to disorient and distract, then give a few blows to the throat sternum and temples.

  29. @cornerkiller9
    nah, they usually wait and threaten.
    also, push their thumb nail down hard, it hurts, alot.
    then you have them moaning about their thumb, they become an easy target to an offensive attack.

  30. @cornerkiller9 fair argument but i have seen vicous fights were it starts with a minor short grab, plus even pulling a simple move like that can severly dishearten your opponent.

  31. Why not just rotate your body clockwise in a twisting 360 motion and do a spinning backfist or elbow to his face? Sounds much more fun.

  32. @cornerkiller9 not necessarily. sometimes they grab and yell and thrash n shit. then this technique can be done.

  33. This technique works against an opponent that is not signifantly stronger than you are in brute strength. If my opponent were more massive and more powerfully built, I would instead opt for an eyeball gouge or hard slap to the very exposed ear before he could get in a good punch. Still, this is a good technique against an average sized man.

  34. my dad showed me this today it hurt like a ***** when ur wrist bends like that hes 4th degree black belt in Hawaiian Lua 5th dan in aikido been in Jiu-Jitsu wing chun and more hes been in marital arts for 40 years now and has been in the military for over 20 years

  35. @SuperGtafan123 The only problem with that is if you are in fact facing a guy, he will probably be expecting a move like that, so he'll be guarding his groin with extra care. If you do see an oppurtunity, though, definitely go for it. 🙂

  36. As soon as he grabs ur shirt, smash him in the face and don't stop till he lets go!!! Don't make it complicated!!

  37. If he only has one arm this is fantastic stuff. But a two armed man? What would the two armed man be doing with his other hand while all this is taking place? What if he is pulling or pushing? Tough to make that turn if he is pulling or pushing and moving you around. And you're turning your shoulder INTO his extended arm, I think not. This technique is for a very specific attack of grabing with one hand and standing there.

  38. Things become easier once you understand the principles for this technique, and obviously through practice it'll be easier to execute. This guy didn't do anyone much justice with the demo, then again it is expertvillage (aka village idiot) 😛

  39. ( T ) Ориентируясь на сегоднешнее время, когда к тебе подходят и хватают за одежду надо упасть и кричать что он тебя по лицу ударил, а потом в суд Обратится за компинсацией! И так к любому Кто это сделает,и слюбым! Создавать максимальный ущерб своему телу,а потом выбивая его через суд! А прав он или нет неимеет значение главное чтоб его суд заприсовал!

  40. Won't work if the attacking grabber has his fist turned out with palm up… and since you won't easily be able to tell that until you try the move it won't work.. and even if you saw his hand was palm down and so vulnerable in theory to this move by the time you grab his hand he can easily have twisted palm up. FAIL!
    The solution: hit him with a cross [left tigerclaw vs left grab] while securing his grab and then continue over his arm to twist him up or takedown.. like this /watch?v=qvkmlKjfXuA

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