Basic Self Defense Moves : How to Escape From a Kung Fu Front Head Lock

Hi my name is Dan Schmidt from the Chinese
Martial Arts Center and for In this clip we are going to be showing you
self defense against the front head lock. So if somebody ever grabs you front wise and
twist your head down. Like this. The first thing you want to do is use the hand closes
to them, punch straight to the groan. In some cases they would let go but if not you want
to grab with your opposite hand right were there hands are just to keep you stable. Hit
to the groan. You try to move in close if they are not in close enough as it begins.
Right from here as they loosen there grip from the punch you want to grab around there
knee like this and then take the other hand around the waist like you are giving them
a hug. You are going to use the shoulder, lean it, and you are going to do a pressing
lifting action so they fall on there back. So as I press in with my left shoulder and
lift they go straight down. It is very important when you do that that you don’t want to feel
your self off balance. If you do feel off balance as suggest hitting again or try to
loosen up cause eventually they would let go but, if you get the chance that you are
very stable so they grab okay you punch, you grab, you are stable you just lean in with
the shoulder and pull up and straight on there back the go. So once again they grab just
hit straight to the groan, grab around, lean in with shoulder, and lift up. It doesn’t
matter how big and strong they are it is all a momentum from the lifting and pressing action.
That is self defense against the front headlock.

97 thoughts on “Basic Self Defense Moves : How to Escape From a Kung Fu Front Head Lock

  1. i think when the rfid is implimented and all hell breaks lose…the matrix will use this program…so the outlaws can download this… say "i know kung fu"….because then doing kung fu will be prohibited and you will be asked to have a license for practicing it……

  2. this is fucking stupid. what if he doesn't let go? you go fucking down with him and smack ur head.
    useless escape.

  3. They should have a class for kung fu…"How to fight like a man." Aiming at the groin is not the way a man should fight, even if it's life threatening. You want to be known whether you die or not that you fight with honor, not like a wussy who aims at the groin. Really, have anyone really seen real kung fu fighters rather movie or not aim below the belt at the groin. NO. I wouldn't follow this advice and would find another way to escape a headlock.

  4. useless, if you use this escape on someone who knows what their doing, their going to keep the choke pull guard and guillotine you.

  5. lol…yea girls can really take a beating there 😉

    seriously though, i think a girl would get hurt bad too if you hit her there

  6. lmao, this is total crap if i had that dude in the ront headlock id tighten it to a guilatine while he "was punching me in the balls" drop to my back wrap the legs around, and nighty night, dude who watched to many kung fu movies as a kid..

  7. i agree with some of the previous comments. What if the guy on the right doesnt let go when pushed to the ground… In this video, that situation is not shown.

  8. Yeah I agree. If you attempt to double leg someone from a front headlock you have to assume you'll be guillotined. So you have to bunnyhop your legs to the opposite side of the choking arm making sure you clear his legs.

  9. Yeah good luck using this method ona man much bigger then you are and unlike the video it does matter. Your not just going to be able to take a person much bigger then you down like that. Sorry doesn't work that way in a real world type of senerio maybe to people that are your size but not someone much bigger then you.

  10. it depends if that guy is blocking your other arm from punching you in that area you aren't going to even get that far, let alone throw him down.

  11. wtf do u have any idea how retarded ur comment is, taking big people down like that is easy i would know im rly small and ive fucking done it

  12. you realize how ignorent that comment was? Go try this on a trianed big guy or even a big guy and not fat guy that eats burgers all day long and we will see how well this move works for you.

  13. thats the thing about martial art U CANT TEACH EVERYTHING THAT MIGHT hapenns "what happens if u poke hes eyes :Ð HUHUH" its just teqhnuies to HELP you in battleu dont hafto do EXACLY as that butt u can do it as u wanto and maby use somet other tricks tahts why some trick are so called "useless" because THEY might! come in exacly that position that ucan use them its just what happens and what u can use at this moment so they teach you what to do from every position

  14. What I would do is try to obtain the side mount and knee my opponents ribs, or something, to escape the headlock. If you have some jujitsu experience then you'll know what I mean.

  15. alright… honestly this is okay. no offense or what ever. get a strong guy to get the headlock tight and you try to do the "hug" maneuver it wont really work because they will make their grip tighter and vwala, your head against ground.

  16. thats dumb dude there not gonna let go there gonna hold on still but there gonna wrap there legs around ur waist and go into a guillotine choke so doing that just sets u up in a bad way

  17. Good stuff. Very simple and common sense. Give a guy 2 or three good punches to the balls, they will let go. Just be careful that he dosent start kneeing you, or DDT your head into the concrete….

  18. punch a girl in the box and she will feel it.
    and doesnt matter if they are a fatty or not, you arent lifting them, your pulling their fat legs out from under them. the bigger they are the harder they fall. plus if you had taken their arms down like your supposed to your head will slip right out

  19. sad thing is i didnt get the name from the movie. just a weird coincidence. never seen the movie either even though im told its great. (plus angelina jolie is hot)

  20. @SongBirdJesusFreak hahahahahahahaha lol so funny…..but its searius if u pop 1 of his balls he wouldnt get babys poor kid lol

  21. @josephafif1 which is why he said, if you don't feel balanced enough to do it, then just keep punching him in the groin – when all else fails: nutshot

  22. And that's assuming they don't stretch out there legs when they feel you trying to grab there legs to throw them down.

  23. lol what if u cant lift up the guy? if i was in that situation i would just keep on punchin until his balls are dog meat and then when he falls on the ground u give him a couple of kicks to¨the head

  24. @josephafif1
    it's easier when you get taken down to the ground to escape the move 🙂 a basic bjj escape will get you out when they pull guard 🙂

  25. i think the only way to get out of head lock is to just simply bite and claw the shit out of the person's arm

  26. That's all good. But, if you lift and pull up their legs to drop them. If they don't let go of your neck. You can be driven down to the ground crushing the Top Of your Head. And most likely Crush your skull. Hmmmmmmmm

  27. thats stupid….i learned how to counter that in hapkido were i can put the other person in the headlock instead of me

  28. @josephafif1 This is sorta old comment but, you could break their hand lock so they don't have you in a lock but both hands are loose then throw them.

  29. @SongBirdJesusFreak punch him in the solarplexus (right under where the floating ribs meet), it will get the same reaction

  30. KF front head lock??? What a crock of shit. This is a guillotine; it has nothing to do with bunk fu. This is gay-ass shit. Go take up BJJ to learn what to do if someone tries this on you. This "counter" wouldn't work because the guy can simply tighten the hold as soon as you let go to go for his leg and if he knows what he's doing he'll pull you into his guard and you're fucked. Then again, if you're as dumb as this dipshit here they'll probably be able to finish the choke standing on you.

  31. This is pretty bad, first of all, the GJJ aproach is better for a front HEAD LOCK and not a guillotine (different technique and escape same position basically) you grab the hops and fall back throwing him over you. Doing a double as this guy says is fine, but he ways don't fall forward HARD TO DO if the guy is still holding you. It could turn into a guillotine.

  32. Grab their arm with your right. Turn chin into their body. Reach up with left arm over their head. Stick your left foot next to their right foot. Slam them to the ground. You now have them in a scarf hold and can transition into an arm lock,,,,,, Snap.

  33. word of advice: don't try that against a grappler or even a very determined mindless brawler, or you will find out that he doesn't let got of your head like in this demo, instead he just drags u down and you'll end up in a closed guard or even half guard guillotine that u might find pretty damn hard to get out of !

  34. alot of these headlock escapes seem to rely on a punch to the groin, yes that is an excellent tactic but in a school enviroment you don't punch people in the groin, that is a no go

  35. @josephafif1 even if he drags you down you are in a advantageous position and you can attack eyes and groin. STREET FIGHT = GROIN PUNCH… dont try to be Anderson Silva

  36. Not going to be a jerk or anything but I'm not saying it wouldn't work… but I do Brazilian jiu jitsu and there's a better way to escape…

  37. Well if you pull one leg won't they automatically distribute their weight to the other other leg? I can easily see this turning into a "hopping" motion with the other leg pulling back, and not working, even if you explode.

  38. Getting punched in the nuts while you hold some in a headlock or front headlock (in the videos thats a guillotine) often makes the lock harder, because people thighten up when you try this.

    Also: If you are suddenly attacked with a (front)headlock or guillotine your natural reaction is to pull back and not to punch. So you can´t really punch within the first second and thats when the choke becomes effective.

  39. this is very true, but this move most likely has to be done quickly, hit groin, grab back, lift up and throw

  40. bro i guarntee ur nuts are going out of ur sack and into ur stomach… good luck trying to continue fighting after that….

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