Basic Self Defense Moves : How to Escape From a Kung Fu Cross Wrist Grab

Hi my name is Dan Schmidt from the Chinese
Martial Arts Center and for In this clip we are going to be showing you
self defense against the cross wrist grab. Here it goes like this. Someone ever grabs
your wrist across all you have to do is take your opposite hand. Place it firmly on top
of there hand it has to be firm. You can’t have it loose otherwise it won’t work. So
grab firmly okay use your body twist this hand so that the side off your palm is right
here in between the wrist bone and there hand this way. Okay now from here keep your elbows
in close, you press straight down as you step in. this causes a break in the wrist and the
forearm. So once again in a faster pace it looks like this. So he grabs, come in, straight
down. Now what is very important to do is don’t raise there hand high otherwise it doesn’t
work. So now I’m opening for more attack punch, kick, anything. So keep it low. Pick up no
higher then your own chest. Okay wrap just like this make sure that this hand is tight
and very forcedly use your body weight bend the hips, use your chest, bend in, and down.
See how the forearm twist this causes a break very easily. So one more time he grabs firmly,
twist, step in, and down. That is self defense against the cross wrist grab.

16 thoughts on “Basic Self Defense Moves : How to Escape From a Kung Fu Cross Wrist Grab

  1. Nice technique…could you not just rotate your wrist to the outside of his forearm..?? more sense…easier as well as both hands free for punches strikes..or to block them

  2. I study Aikido and we use the same technique sometimes. I woudl suggest trying to use less force and instead of pushing the wrist down and away, roll it from the top like you were pushing down but keep going and curl your fingers into your body. It puts an excruciating amount of pain on their wrist and the conflict of over or he/she is ready to be pinned without struggle.

  3. All very well and good, but who is actually going to grab someone by the hand like that?

    I have never seen a fight instigated by someone taking another person by the hand. Not saying it doesn't happen, but I can't really see it.

    If they don't immediately hit you because they need to psyche themselves up, they're far more likely to grab you two-handed by the collar (and slam you into something or try to headbutt you) or try to take you by the throat, or just push you first.

  4. I practised hapkido and we did learn some "grab-escaping-moves", but this one sure did look weird.

    We learn what to do if someone punshes you, kicks you, attacks with his head, grabs your hear, wrestles with you,…
    We actually learnt how to defend ourself at the streets, where are no rules like in a ring.

    But this, this is not something you can use to defend yourself as no one is going to grab your hand like that. =S

  5. people say it's for woman, but I know some self defense(about 4 years of karate) and it's common sense that if you're smaller then the attacker you should just use a weak point of his body to defend yourself, like aiming in the eye or the nose or even genitals, there's no point on teaching woman how to do a crazy twist if the attacker will soon get up and be real pissed, have to take the attacker down for real. Dont believe in those self defense moves that will only make things worse.

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