Basic Self Defense Moves : How to Escape From a Kung Fu Cross Shoulder Grab

Hi my name is Dan Schmidt from the Chinese
Martial Arts Center and for In this clip we are going to be showing you
self defense against a cross shoulder grab. So if you were standing and somebody grabs
you cross wise okay the easies think is there elbow is very close to you which is good because
it breaks very easily. But, you could just use it as smack this way. See his arm just
naturally goes across. Even if he grabs on tight and he doesn’t let go. For instance
if he really grabs my shirt the material like this you could still go like this it would
still hurt and force him this way. So from here you would step back behind him. So you
go here slap. Okay and right from here you could hit straight to the groan with a open
palm just slap this way. From there just move the palm up, grab around the waist, go hip
to hip, and just pull him straight over. Let me show it to you again so he grabs, so step
out, slap the arm, smack the groan, and then as he moves grab behind him you want hip to
hip, pick up, straight down. Okay. Now when you do with the hip toss. Here lets do it
from this angle so we are here stand this way you have to make sure that if you sink
lower then them. Grab around my body is twisted now what you do you lift up as you bend. You
hold them straight it doesn’t matter how heavy they are it is all leverage. So once again
as you grab across step out, smack the arm, hit the groan, slide up, step, straight down
and that is self defense against the cross shoulder grab.

24 thoughts on “Basic Self Defense Moves : How to Escape From a Kung Fu Cross Shoulder Grab

  1. useful in real life? absolutely as evidence in the clip, you see him perform it right. useful in a real attack/defense situation….uh…well to put it lightly…it's debatable.

  2. not sure this is useful considering in most fights the first attack is a right hook or haymaker style punch. how many people are actually gonna start a fight by grabbing your shoulder??

  3. yea very usefull many stupid street fighters try to intimidate you by grabing your wrists or shoulder , this technique can give them a lesson

  4. dude? aaa, can i use your dummmy? mines is in the hospital. a jump kick to the head is way more deadlier when running from a 10 ft distance!

  5. so basicaly u slap his elbow then u smack the attackers wiener and trip him. Ya i totally use this against some one :-()

  6. 1st option pop his arm up, lower your level, take his back and sink in the rear naked ball touching required…plus he is knocked out which gives you time to brush off your outfit and leave

  7. this isnt karate. read the title it says how to escape from a kung fu shoulder grasp. it IT IS NOT SUPPOSSED TO BE A MARTIAL art. it is just self defence against someone using kung fu on you.

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