Hey guys! It’s Samery! Thanks for coming over to my channel! Today, Jared and I are gonna be doing a video on basic spin kicks. So I previously did
a video for basic jump kicks and Taekwondo and now we’re gonna do the
same thing but with spin kicks. Before we get started with the video make sure
that you hit the subscribe button to get notifications for other videos and leave
me a comment with what video you would like to see next on this channel. Alright
let’s get started! Okay so the first kick that we’re gonna go over is a basic spin
hook and Jared will be doing this one here’s a basic spin hook kick you’re
gonna break it down to four steps okay step one body making sure you’re looking
away from your opponent step two bring your leg up swinging
motion and make sure you don’t turn your body all the way around that’s going for
every rotation on step one turns Pete is that three you go here you’re going to
bring your leg up and create a window with your leg
so your window should be a little bit off from the right side of their head a
little bit off to the left sides I had bring it up flip out and step for land
right back to where you starting here I’m going to you’re gonna jump and kick
with your other leg like this and then roundhouse kick so one more time step
one stood in a fighting stance step to turn so you can see the friend step 3
pick up your back foot step 4 jump and kick and that is your tornado kick. Next up
is spinning back kick. one more time on the other side so the news thing backing careful not to
be confused with turning sidekick a So here’s what a turning sidekick looks like. Okay let’s talk about it here we go spinning back in step one turn back in step 3 just like a horse I kick
straight back you’re gonna bring your leg up to the ground it looks like this
straight back and land in front this like this so step one your body is your
spinning back-kick okay next I’m going to show you the basic spin Crescent kick
this is what it looks like okay so this is almost like the spin hook kick except
your foot’s going to be positioned a little differently. First thing you’re gonna do
is start in your fighting stance, you’re gonna turn all the way just like your spin hook kick. And you’re gonna look over your shoulder. From here all you’re gonna do
is lift up that back leg and do an inside outside Crescent kick closest
okay one more time so you define can’t turn
look over your shoulder and you big difference with spin hook kick, you foot is sideways like this, as for a spin Crescent kick your foot is vertical like this. And that is the basic spin crescent kick. Okay guys I really hope that
video is helpful to you if we have any questions leave them down in the
comments below so that me or Jared can answer them and a big thank you to Jared
for helping me make this video. No problem
Make sure you guys practice this practice does not make perfect but it
sure gets you very close. Okay guys see you next time bye!

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