Basic Kung Fu Moves : The Cross Stance in Kung Fu

This is Master Yun Yang Wang from Wang’s
Martial Art and on behalf of the Expert Village and this is one of our black belts, Ms. Esmeralda
Sanchez. On this clip, we’re going to demonstrate cross stance. The cross stance is a low stance
to build up stability and the leg strength and the punching hand gives a longer reach
to the opponents. And notice the bodies are straight up. Notice the leg part and the back
leg and this is a great way to build up leg strength. And the actual reach by adding shoulder
and arm length. In the meantime, this is a low strike, which is very effective in the
Kung Fu technique. Notice the position of the foot and the actual reach of the length
and the low position will help spring action for the technique. Thank you.

16 thoughts on “Basic Kung Fu Moves : The Cross Stance in Kung Fu


    Who in their right MIND is going to fight like that??? One punch done that way, even if it DID manage to get through somehow, is unlikely to completely debilitate your opponent, who will still be coming at you while you're in that god awful clown-stance!

  2. I'm rushing at you. My body weight is Y, my speed is X, so my kinetic force is Z. You're throwing a punching using ONLY your delts to power the movement.

    You cannot reverse my momentum with a single punch. I may be hit, but you're still going to get run over, especially since you cant possibly maneuver with you legs in that position.

  3. Thats why 99.999999999999999% of the successful wins in the UFC are by the fighters who dive in with a head long rush and pin their opponents to the ground and smash their faces in with a barrage of punches, right? And why I've yet to see even 1 circumstance where this was stopped by a punch.

  4. Cuz it looks pretty and goes well with Kung Fu movies?

    Besides if a move is NOT used in combat, then training with it is probably not going to have any carry over effect. Law of SAID.

  5. this punch is a step in, its very powerful because at the end of it when you lower your body its you whole weight going into it! and the stances are for trainning to keep your legs and arms stressed …

  6. She is definately more interesting than the subject matter presented. This is the best video in this series by the way. Te kicking video is probably 2nd best.

  7. crossing the leg is a big no-no for a martial artist. I don't know why Kung fu has it. When you cross your legs you compromise movement and balance. there is also not allot of power in the punch. Watch any mma or boxer and you never see anyone cross their legs. If you study boxing or muay thai if you cross your leg you make a big mistake.

  8. you know what else compromises balance? kicking. Putting all your weight on one leg puts you in conditional stability. Basically every move has it's pros and cons, it's a matter of how you use them in order to maximize the pros while minimizing the risk of the cons. I agree that you probably won't punch like that often, but a cross stance (we know it as the lady horse stance) makes it easy to pivot/change direction. If you watch a lot of staff forms, that stance is a common transition.

  9. I have to agree.
    Stances such as this crosslegged stance are not meant for stagnant fighting; this one especially looks to be for transitioning into another strike, or motion; alot of circular technique can be applied to this. Timing would be a huge factor though I feel; would not want to get caught with a cross kick to the knee.

  10. @nameless527 That makes good sense, hadn't really thought of it like that when I commented on it. Much thanks for giving a better explanation, I'll have to look unto wu bu quan now though :p.

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