Basic Kung Fu Moves : The Cat Stance in Kung Fu

This is Master Yun Yang Wang from Wang’s
Martial Art and on behalf of the Expert Village and Ms. Esmeralda Sanchez and we’re demonstrating
this clip for the Cat Stance.
And notice the cat stance, the body weight is on the back leg and the front legs are
ready for counterattack at any moment and the hands is in grabbing position. And notice
the body needs to be straight and the weight is on the back leg. The eyesight will be looking
in the direction of the opponent. Now we’re demonstrating the Cat Stance, how the application
will be. For the application of the cat stance, one person will be stepping punch, then the
block and grab in the cat stance, then can counterattack with a kicking low kick, mid
section kick and high kick. Thank you.

39 thoughts on “Basic Kung Fu Moves : The Cat Stance in Kung Fu

  1. 1) Why do you have to use a cat stance for that? Wouldn't just about ANY stance do?


    2) This type of thing might look cool in kung fu movies, but I've never seen it applied in a street fight, or in -=ANY=- martial arts competition fight. There might be a reason for that.

  2. Well kung fu is tuaght for self defence not for show. there must be billions of forms cause mines is a little different from this one. That stance is good becauser of the balance of weight in the body.

  3. 1) Sure, thats possible. Happens all the time in martial arts classes. Your teacher pairs everyone up with a partner, and your partner steps forward and punches in a slow, segmented, robotic fashion, allows you to grab his wrist, step forward, and perform some fancy technique. Works great if you're fighting a dooms day robot from a 1950s Flash Gorden film.

  4. ive fight the cat stance my self and ive also fight with battojutsu and some other martial arts, but cat stance are used against fast opponents, and that stuff you dont see on the street, street fighting is mostly slow but powerful witch means you can use another type of stance.. in order to have to use the cat stance the fighter you meet must be very fast and skilled unless you can use another form to take the fighter down, Cat stance works and have done so for thousands of years

  5. cat stance looks a lot like the false leg stance. i know their are different forms of kung fu, but i've never heard of this referred to as anything other than false leg.

  6. stop saying she looks good and concentrate and by the way I could swear if she was ugly you were going to say men she really ruins the vid.

  7. Ohhhhhhh, how i do dislike this crap. His punch lands a foot short of her face and she's just gonna…ya know…catch it.

    All stances like this one are horrible. In Bruce Lee's Fighting Method he clearly explains why all those ridiculous Kung Fu stances are….well, plain ridiculous.

    But, it really doesn't take a Bruce Lee mind to realize that a Cat Stance will get you obliterated in a combat situation.

    Come on, friends. To hell with theoretical martial arts.

  8. MATRIAL ARTS does actualy "Hard Work" or "Aquired through effort" so maybe do your homework before you make big assumptions like that.

  9. Important notice! At 0:53 one notice that her foot is in a 90 degree position on her supporting leg, her hip is turned slightly outward. This causes inappropriate stress to her knee. On a long term basis it can/will damage the knee. In a fighting situation, (if she is to receive a sudden push) it can cause injury. (I have seen this happen in a Tai Chi match, which if i'm not mistaking actually have on videotape somewhere).
    The correct angle of her supporting leg would be in a 45 degree position.

  10. I would put my heart and soul into learning Kung fu, but… theres no were for me to learn, these videos arnt really what im looking for. But thanks greatly otherwise.

  11. i think this style of cat stance is bad, in the video it demonstrates her back foot is horizontal. if some one was to kick the knee it would break or be very painful. if your back foot is facing forward the same direction as your front foot. because 90% of your wait is dropped down on that leg with your knee bent. if someone tried to kick it then, you'll find its very stable

  12. @limited4life What your sifu should have told you was, watch the teacher and see his level of skill. WHo cares if they use a belt system or not. What matters is the skill of the teacher. Sounds like your Sifu might need some more training, that or you need to pay better attention to what he was saying 🙂

  13. @xrikimarux its called Kung Fu because that is the type of martial arts nimrod. same with Karate and Tae Kwon Do. it is not racist. but i see where you are coming from, people tend to call every martial art kung fu. but this IS kung fu so just saying. 🙂

  14. that's funny..try to grab a boxer's jab in a no-controlled sparring situation…than tell me..
    in kung fu you know what attack your "opponent" is going to use..and when you do a "free" fight it's always super light contact and super slow..they prefer to train forms..and you know why?not beacause forms are necessary..that's a bullshit!they train forms because to get punches in the face is an HARD work..especially inside of you..some people are not mentally strong enough..

  15. I find the cat stance the hardest, its so hard to keep the body straight after the back leg is bent to about 100 degrees

  16. ( Т ) Увижу еще раз девочку на Зонус бакар( Обзорный экран, рекламирующей йогу) Сожру живьем сначало ее ,потом ее родителей,Потом их Струну,сломав цветок ее пути…!

  17. Don't believe anyone who isn't battle tested. If you don't have legitimate combat or tournament experience with the technique it is Suspect to be false.
    The lower thai leg kick has been called the invisible kick because it is followed by a upper hand boxing type jab to th face to disguise and set UP the real strike lower thai thigh kick. If you are in the the cat stance as you intercept the jab you will be swept to the floor by the thai kick to your back leg. You are not a very good dancer. You should've use the cat stance in the motion of changing angles in motion to "charge in sort of speak" or attack and get into his center of gravity. The problem here with this demonstration is that it is reactionary in nature and you will always loose in timing from that concept. I Love kung fu but not the way many teach it. You should always be looking for a way in to attack and take his movement for whatever it lends you. Never react, but anticipate with a forward defensive attack
    Meaning: be at position that doesn't give him anything but either makes him move back or angle away. Better yet choke his retreat and attack. I know this is a old video but there is someone some where sticking to this old script . I believe all stances were never meant to stand in, but were the results of the real movement of the hidden kung fu. The stances are probably a end result, and the motions that led to the end results are the real kung fu. The end stance let you know that the proper move was made. Having a proper stance without knowing the move that led to it is putting the cart before the horse with know horse. In this case you are supposed to loose any competition. Another example so that this hits home what i am saying is: WHAT GOOD IS A BOXING JAB STANCE WITHOUT THE MOTIONs THAT PUT THE JAB OUT THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE . The set up to the deployment of the motion should result in the proper stance. If you are teaching the end item without showing them when and how to get to it for it to be right you are ripping people off . Ok enough said if you keep getting beat up by mma dudes its because your kung fu isn't taught right. And if your kung fu looks like boxing at the end of a technique you might as well become a boxer if you can't spot the technique in your delivery. Your iron palm should be able to hit any part of the body even his blocking tools and cause him to be injured. Even his knuckles on his fist or hand , or forearms, or elbows, or collar bones should be broken or hurting after incontering the iron palm strikes anywhere. That's what i think but anyone can loose on any given day. I THINK REAL KUNG FU WAS HIDDEN AND SUPRESSED to the point that only the winning coaches and teams know how to develop it back to its former glory. But if you want to where cool uniforms and display nice moves to each his own. I wouldn't want to look like a swimmer and climb a diving board and get to the top and say hay man I never swim before somebody showed me out of the water how to do this.
    I mean even if a technique is legit if you've never done it in a combat training why should it work if you remember what you should've would've could've done.

  18. sparing and actually being in combat rly help you decide what your gonna want to use in a real fight "when referring to what ever Martial arts your training in you need to test it in application if you plan on ever using it out side of working out. combo of some kind see what leaves you to open see what is totally decimating an opponent and so on"

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