Basic Kung Fu Moves : Kung Fu Warm Up Exercises & Stretches

This is Yun Yang Wang from Wang’s Martial
Art and on behalf of the Expert Village and Ms. Esmeralda Sanchez, this is one of our
black belts, and we will be demonstrating the stretching. Warm-up and stretching is a very important
part of the martial art training by doing so it can prevent a lot of muscle injury,
avoiding unnecessary ache and pain and so in turn it’s very important for every martial
art to properly warm-up and stretch properly and this will help improve the level of the
kicking, the flexibilities and the speed. And in turn, those warm-up and stretch need
to be done properly and regularly and each time before the trainings and the warm-up
stretch is considered one of the most important parts of training. And often time when the
student does not warm-up properly, they can get injuries. This is a stretch up kick to
help to stretch tendons.
And next will be a stretch up kick across the body. And next will be the inside, outside crescent
kick to help the stretching. And the better the stretch, the higher level of the kicking
and in height wise and in strength.

47 thoughts on “Basic Kung Fu Moves : Kung Fu Warm Up Exercises & Stretches

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  2. "Kung Fu is a widespread Chinese martial art"
    Kung fu TRANSLATES to martial arts. It's not a type of martial art. ;]

    That's like saying "Martial arts is a widespread chinese martial art"

  3. Kung Fu is not the only martial art so it is used as a name. In China it requires more description because there are many subcategories of martial arts there.

  4. all martial use genaraly the same for warm up i'm a mix martial artist know 4 different martail arts and 7 styles within them and the warm ups are not that diff thay share the basics this is kung fu i know i did triditional kung fu

  5. Ok guys, we get it, the girl in these videos is good looking! More importantly however is the fact that she has excellent technique. Keep up the good work!!

  6. I think you all should get a better knownledge of the argoument before can find kung fu school with belts and without too there isn't a ruletaht must be respected by all the schools…

  7. @nolife45
    kung fu's a pretty general term, there are various fighting styles, some have become sports + keep fits. these have belts.

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  10. she is cute because she is healthy ^^ also it gets my attention more than some ugly guy. my eyes her follow body memorizing. Good work.:P

  11. after watching this video I immediately wondered how long and how often you are supposed to do those exercises, but the only comments I see are about Miss Sanchez here… anyone serious who knows?

  12. @cicciobau Well best case would be every day each week with one day for rest to regain your strength.Otherwise Whenever possible.Especially stretches if you spent too much time without doing them you might end up reducing your flexibility.Also those are best used before exercising or doing Forms.

  13. @cicciobau Depends how fast you warm up and how fast you can reach your top flexibility.I myself spent at least half an hour if i want to be at max flexibility plus this is work out on its own.

  14. I have know problem with a female showing the stretches but its not fail women are naturally more flexible so it looks natural

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