Basic Kung Fu Moves : Kung Fu Crescent Kick & Roundhouse Kick

This is Master Yun Yang Wang from Wang’s
Martial Art and on behalf of the Expert Village and this is Ms. Esmeralda Sanchez, one of
our black belts. In this clip we’re going to demonstrate inside crescent kick, outside
crescent kick and round house kick as combination. Notice the position of the stance will be
the mountain climbing stance, inside crescent kick, outside crescent kick and round house
And notice the level of the round house kick can be pretty high. Now we’ll demonstrate
the inside crescent kick, outside crescent kick and round house kick to the target. One
more time.

100 thoughts on “Basic Kung Fu Moves : Kung Fu Crescent Kick & Roundhouse Kick

  1. @401poop i know what you mean modern arts are always better, modern arts are the improvements of old styles, but you have to remember that these arts have roots to old martial arts like shaolin and these days modern art involves self defense mainly but in the olden days they were used to kill, because this often they had very little time to learn these techniques so every technique matters so i think the crescent kick move shown by the girl might been used to disarm the opponent.

  2. she's got a nice balance. but in shotokan karate u would never get a black belt with a roundhouse kick (mawashi geri) like this…

  3. counter it…head tilt jumping sidelowkick*snap*..btw we already know girls can get thier legs in the air..pelvic shape makes it easy..can she do a funnel kick? if not that uniform is just a copy and not the real thing

  4. by the time when she just picks her feet and starts kicking, i would jump in and hug her with one of her leg on my shoulder and i would pick her up carry her across the dojo and put her down and eat her alive.

  5. @jasluvtian yeah, that… and I'd finish off by counting her pubes, with her right knee still draped over my left shoulder…

    …one thousand one, one thousand TWO…

  6. 1:01 – 1:09 Crunch-n-Munch, Fiddle Faddle, slap my weenie with a paddle

    get nekkid, sit on my face, I'll count yer pubes, we'll call it a day

  7. @DancingSpiderman since you are doing the counting, count how many hair does her crescent body part has. If she does not any because of a recent brasilian bikini, write a report. I will take a look at it Monday. Keep up a good work Spider Man.

  8. Hey, i'm a brown belt in Jujitsu and was just wondering how you lot can kick so high? I've heard stretching helps?

  9. Fights like a girl.
    Also her first stance is wrong – feet need to be one shoulder width apart or she will
    be unstable.

  10. @indiansrus2 The stance depends on the situation. When I took kung fu the stance we did those kicks from required our heels to line up under us, with the front foot pointing forward and the back foot making a 90 degree angle with the front one for stability. Doing the kicks from a shoulder width stance makes it more difficult to manipulate your weight to throw it into the kick. (I tried, lol)

  11. @danshaw1967 It's not chinese boxing, it's kung fu. I was always told in kung fu to kick as high as you are comfortable with, because in a self-defense situation kicking the knees will be just as useful as kicking the head. Hit wherever is easiest for you to throw your full body weight into. And it is true, a round-house kick can go a lot higher than other kicks, even for someone who isn't very flexible.

  12. @kevinwongdude a whip does a lot, you can do this quite soon if you start training, but many of them are able just slowly lift up their legs so high and let it there for a while, which usually needs training regulary 🙂

  13. wwwwwaaaaaaaiiiiiiiit a second what if they grab your leg and through you off balance? check out Vladimir Vasliev (i think i spelt it right) hes a former russian spetnaz and he teaches Systema which is a fighting system and he shows how to easily block high kicks and knock your opponent off balance

  14. the only problem with her kicks is that she hits the pad with her foot in the round house kick is supost to hit with the shin.

  15. @blondyelowflash A Muay thai roundhouse hits with the shin, other martial arts like Karate and Kung Fu, hit with the foot, gives the kick more range, and speed, but loses a bit of power

  16. @CalebTheObjective The UFC and Pride have some of the most highly trained professional fighters on the planet, and even they get hit by a roundhouse kick quite a bit. A fight, and a training exercise of knowing when and where someone will kick are two completely different things.

  17. kung fu doesnt suck, its you that sucks, nothing sucks it depends on you if you are good at it or not, if you are willing to learn
    also learning it for 2 years isnt enought for you to be good at it, it takes about 10 years to learn really well.

  18. There's different fight situations. In close, surprise attack, lower kicks are great. Once in control these type of kicks to finish off.. in my experience.

  19. These can hardly be called stances. It's like " Yaaaay let's stand real straight and make really predictable, ridiculously high useless kicks ".

  20. Yup, I practice Nam Pai Chuan Kung Fu, and while we have a strong traditional side, we also learn from other styles, try to apply sequences of attacks in a realistic fashion ( we're not just about fancy forms and muscular training ), and ( the most important part ), we laugh a lot.

  21. Waht absolute BS just like the 2010-'The Legend is Born-Ip Man',another one of those TKD wannabes of the other fighting styles.Other than the considerably credible Shaolin with their high-flying kicks,others are only just "Shameless Adaptation" of Koreans-TKD mastery into their own syllabus.Owning-up to Koreans' reputable honor in kicks alone,what we didnt perfect or that we originally-actually didnt at all have (most notably that of the southern Chinese martial medium).No other martial styles,

  22. to this day even,have yet to understand & appropriately execute kicks,not even Karate (except for Kyokushin,whose 2 foremost Grand Masters wer/are Korean by descent).Adaptation is quite fine by any measure,but Why,Why,Why must we Chinese continually still so liked owning-up to the glories of certain other peoples.Are we so ravenous for glories & fame to such pathetic-shameless extent that we've become as the Chinese saying has it as "Having some others' behinds to put-on as our Face".

  23. Yes Kung fu does have ranked systems. Though not trditional kung fu has incorporated it into its system since thats what most use to keep account of progress

  24. Black belts? May the belts are only good to hold your pants. I've been practicing Snake Boxing and Tiger Boxing since 2063, and never heard of belts from my two Chinese Sifus. Belts in Chinese traditional Wushu are unheard of. That's only a westernized concept, to say the least, to make money.

  25. You've been practising since the future? That's interesting.
    Belts were used to denote skill level, but are now used primarily to "speed rank" people to keep them interested for money.

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