Basic Judo Techniques : Learn Variations on the Judo Choking Techniques

Welcome back to Expert Village. This is Cesar
and again with Sorai here. What I’m going to show you is a choke. Actually two of them
which are related. First one. I’m going to go across her neck like this. It’s not actually
a straight choke. Not like this because that would be a strangle. I do not want to strangle
her, that’s just too mean. Now, I want to make a nice little “V”, where this part of
my arm is covering this artery right here and my bicep right here is covering this one
right here. Okay? So, nice little “V”. Ideally her chin should match with my elbow. Okay?
I’m going to grab my own bicep right here and I’m going to go ahead and show off my
nice little muscle there and then my hand over here is going to cup the back of her
head. Just like this. Now what I want to do is I want to go ahead and go to sleep like
this. I’m going to flex. While I’m flexing, I’m going to breathe in, so I need air in
my lungs to do this correctly. If done correctly it should make someone pass out within ten
seconds. Now if that were to not work for some reason, and you want something a little
bit different to throw off your opponent, go ahead and slide your hand down. Show the
present to your imaginary friend here, okay. And then go ahead and give yourself a nice
little clap. And go to this one. Now you go back and forth either way. From this one,
to this one, of course across, the same thing. Again, this is Expert Village, and this is
Cesar and we’re going to move on to the side mount.

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  1. it's like taking biology lesson and you just laugh like a little kid …. so childish …. you have the chance of watching this demonstration of art and you just say all this pervert stuff …. why are you watching it then?

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