GRADUADO ADVOGADO: My name is Advogado on
behalf of Expert Village, we’re going to talk about a basic straight forward kick in capoeira,
it’s a side kick, it’s called pisao. Pisao just means the big step, okay. And what you
want to do is you want to start in a dodge position similar to quebrada. If you look
in Expert Village, we’ve got a video on teaching on how to do quebrada so I’m not going to
go over the logistics of that dodge at this time but that’s how you would start this kick
out. You want to make sure you have a nice, good base. You’re nice and low to the floor
as you start, okay, so dodge quebrada. From here we’re going to kick the right foot. So
here my left foot is back, my right foot is forward, I’m going to go ahead and step my
left foot behind my right foot, my right knee is going to come up off the floor, and I’m
going to push out with the bottom of my right foot and kick, okay. From the kick I want
to go ahead and twist and I want to land my right foot all the way to the back in the
ginga position. And make sure when you do this that your right arm comes up to protect
your face since your right foot is in the back. Again, slowly, left foot back, dodge
quebrada, your left foot steps forward, right knee up, push that right foot out, once you’ve
kicked, the push and kick, once you’ve kicked you’re going to push the person back off of
you and then your going to land your foot to the back, right foot back it means that
your right arm is up protecting your face.

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