GRADUADO ADVOGADO: Hi, my name is Advogado
on behalf of expert village. We’re going to talk today about one of the basic dodges in
capoeira today. It’s called the esquira dodge. And in Portuguese, the word esquira just means
dodge. I guess that’s an easy way to remember that word. And we’re going to go and do esquira
on the right-hand side. What you want to do is start with your right foot back in the
ginga position, heel up, right arm up protecting your face. From here, you’re going to move
through the base, the base position. You’re going to go back. Your left leg as it moves
back into the ginga position – think of it like you’re taking a deeper step – you’re
taking a bigger step back with your left foot so that your feet are further apart. Doing
this, you’ll notice makes your head go lower to the floor. You’re just keep going with
that movement until your left foot is back far as it will go. You’re going to bend your
right knee and you’re going to go ahead and put your right hand on the floor next to your
right foot. Your left arm comes up to protect your face, turn your head to the right so
that your right ear is next to your right shoulder. Okay? So that your head is sideways
to the floor. It makes it lower and protects you a little bit better from getting kicked
in the head. Okay? From this position, what you want to make sure–think of it like you’ll
see runners when they start sprints or something like that. They go into kind of a lunge position
to explode out of there and accelerate as quickly as possible. It’s the same basic idea
as that. Okay? Your left leg in this position is straight back. Your hips are forward. They’re
tilted forward. You’re going to–what you want to be able to do is take your right hand
off the floor and hold that balance. Okay? If you can take your hand off the floor and
hold that position without that hand on the floor that means that you’re solid on the
floor. You’re in a good position. Your technique is correct. If you take your hand off the
floor and you know your falling over that means you’re leaning too far to one side or
the other and that you need to adjust your legs and that will fix that.

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