Basic Capoeira Moves: Brazilian Martial Arts : How to Bengao in Brazilian Capoeira Martial Arts

Hi my name is Nate Sparrow on behalf of Expert
Village and we’re going to talk today about a basic attack, attacking kick in capoeira
called the bin sung. A little bit of a play on words, the bine sau is a little bit of
a play on words. In Portuguese bine sau means blessing, and historically, we still see this
in Brazil a lot. Today when a little kid wants to go out and play down the street with his
friends, or to play soccer or go to the beach or whatever, a lot of times they’ll go ask
their mom, or their dad, or their grandmother, or someone in the house. They’ll ask them
for their blessing to go outside and do that. And then usually the grandma will make the
sign of a cross, give them a blessing, and send them on their way. The slaves a lot of
times, not in every case, but a lot of times the slaves would do the same thing with their
overseers before they would go out and work in the field. They’d have to line up and they’d
go out and the overseer would bless them as they went out into the fields to work all
day. Bine sau is kind of a play on words. It’s a, you know they had to ask for this
blessing before they’d go work the slaves all day, and this kick was called the bine
sau because it’s a very violent, straight forward kick designed to push the person back
and injure them. To keep them off of you and this kick was named bine sau kind of as a
play on words. For the hand that was blessing the slaves this morning might be beating them
tonight, it’s probably the butt of irony. It’s a basic straight forward kick. You want
to step your left foot. I’ll start with my left foot to the back, left arm up. Both hands
come up to protect my face. My arms protecting my chest as I step up. Okay your left foot
steps up to the front, I’m going to raise my right knee, I’m going to push forward with
my heel, and I want you to pretend like there is someone in front of you and you would be
pushing them back with your right heel. The harder you push the further back they should
go. So you’re want to use this kick, it’s a kick designed to push the person back and
keep them off of you so you can keep a little distance between yourself and them.

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  1. man you guys gotta get shit right first "esturpado" lmfao and now "bengao" if youre going to put up this stuff get the names right

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