GRADUADO ADVOGADO: Hi, my name is Advogado
on behalf of Expert Village. We’re going to talk a little–talk to you a little bit today
about how to do a capoeira au. Okay? An au is a–it’s a cartwheel in English. Okay, so
there are a couple of differences if you’ve trained maybe some gymnastics in the back–in
your background or something like that. There are just really a couple of differences between
a capoeira cartwheel or an au and, say, a gymnastics cartwheel. The first major difference
and the first thing that you want to learn how to do is you want to always look forward
towards the person that you would be playing when you’re training capoeira. Okay? You want
to get in good habits of doing that. So instead of looking at your hands when you do a cartwheel,
you want to look forward. The next step that you want to think of is you want to keep you
elbows slightly bent. You don’t want them straight. You don’t want them taking a lot
of impact on the floor, okay? So keep them slightly bent. You want your head relatively
close to the floor so your arms have to be bent anyway. Okay? It makes you a smaller
target on the floor. Instead of extending your whole body, you’re bunched up a little
bit. Now there are several different ways you can do the au in capoeira, the cartwheel
in capoeira, personally, I like to–I don’t like to put my legs way over the top of my
head like a gymnastics cartwheel because that leaves your face and chest exposed and a person
can kick you while you’re down–upside down. They’re not supposed to–just because they’re
not supposed to doesn’t mean somebody won’t, so I’m big on protecting myself when I do
movements like au. So you want to go ahead and just–your feet just barely leave the
floor and they hop around from one side of your body to the other side once your hands
are flat on the floor. Doing this, you’re putting your legs in between yourself, your
face and your chest, and your opponent which makes it more difficult for them to at least
kick you in the face, so you’re kind of trying to protect yourself as best that you can.
Okay, so we’re going to go ahead and start with the left leg back. We’re going to cartwheel
to the left. You’re going to step to the base. Hands are going to go flat on the floor. Look
at yourself forwards. Look at yourself in the mirror if you’re training with a mirror,
if not, look forwards. And then your right foot is going to come off first. Your left
leg is going to follow. You’re going to go ahead and land with your left leg all the
way to the back. Once you land, left arm up to protect your face. You’re right back in
the ginga position. From here, you would step back up to the base and go right back to ginga.

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