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Hi, I’m Patrick Fulop, this is Effective Martial
Arts. In this lesson, the back fist, and spinning backfist. Alright, so the backfist and spinning backfist are two powerful strikes that can definitely produce
a knockout. A little bit more advanced than some of the basic punches though, so make
sure you’re fresh on your basic punches before tackling this one. You can check out the video
in the cards above. And also you’re gonna want to revise your fighting stance
as well, because you need to have a strong base to deliver this strike.
So here’s how you do it. Basic fighting stance, basic back fist first, with the lead hand.
My lead hand is gonna go straight down and I’m gonna transition to my back fighting twist,
twisting my hips inside, bringing weight to my back leg. From here I’m gonna push off
my back leg, transition weight to my front leg, twist my hips into the movement, shoulders
into the movement, and at the same time my lead arm is gonna go in a half circle around
into the target, past the target, and then recover my fighting stance. Again, down, back
fighting twist, push forward, transition, around and come back. Again, down, and around.
Little bit faster, down, and around, breathing out, staying relaxed, reaching nice and far.
That’s the basic back fist. Now, spinning backfist, very similar, but
I’m gonna be using my back hand instead. So I’m gonna start off the same way, in my basic
fighting stance, and I’m gonna step across with my lead leg, right here, turn my body
at the same time, then I look over my shoulder, see the target, extend my arm into it, pass
the target, and then recover right away, slide my foot back to its original position. Once
again, step, turn, look, strike, come back, slide the foot. Once more, a bit faster…
breathing out, staying relaxed… there we go.
Now, let’s look at what it looks like applied. On my friend Bob here. Basic back fist first,
basic fighting stance, down, back fighting twist, push off the ground, transition, boom.
Hit here, on the side of the jaw, ear, or temple. Again, I’m not pushing my arm into
the movement, it’s really my body that’s making the effort, the arm is simply following…
Spinning backfist, from the other side so you can see, same idea, I’m gonna step across,
turn, look at the target, strike, exact same spot, come back. Again… faster…
And that’s how you throw a back fist and spinning backfist. Next step, you’re gonna want to
combine that strike with steps, for more mobility. And also, you’re gonna want to set up that
strike with other strikes, so for ideas on how to set it up, check out our combos video
in the cards above. If you have any ideas on how to set up your back fist and spinning
backfist, tell us how you do it in the comments below. Click like if you enjoyed this lesson,
and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for more Effective Martial Arts video tutorials.
Till next time, I’m Patrick Fulop, remember, practice well, safety first, and use these
techniques only for self-defense.

16 thoughts on “Back Fist & Spinning Backfist Tutorial | Effective Martial Arts

  1. Nice video… Thank you so much… But, what if your opponent is taller than you… Considering spinning back fist

  2. Why do you wear the scarf round your waist. I almost ignored your video as it seemed pretentious until I saw your amazing vid about double leg take down. I don’t mean offence

  3. Don't drop you hand to throw a back fist you'll get punched in the face… And the spinning backfist idk where to begin with that.. The key to centripetal force is you don't stop your momentum so if you are throwing a spinning backfist don't turn halfway around and swat at your opponent… Spin all the way through and hulk smash there face off.

  4. actually had to use this MOVE I LEARNED HERE on some idiot at a grocery store. VERY EFFECTIVE, but it got me sued. I won in court so I guess I beat him twice???? lol

  5. I was taught to use my arm and wrist almost like a whip, letting the back of the front two knuckles make contact with a tight fist. Almost like knocking on a door, and aim at the temple

  6. I did it against some body swinging at my head wildly and crouched down a lil using it to the body. Instead of playing his game and it worked. I didn't put much thought into it, I was just trying to be like water lol.

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