BABYMETAL – Karate at Glastonbury 2019 + BONUS |Reaction| [Eng Sub]

Hi guys! Welcome to my channel Today too, let’s check out another BM Glastonbury live! Which song? You already know from the title of my reaction It’s KARATE. And in some way it’s a special song for me^^ Because KARATE was my very first song I heard from BABYMETAL And I’m really really clearly remember it, like it was yesterday! I love this song very much That’s why let’s check out this live ! Exciting! This melody is right? Cool Dance are still the same, but the girls who is dancing it, not kids anymore Really nice song Like the melody and lyrics Choreography as well I’m very much like this moment in MV and in live Yup, I’m definitely want to go to their live too I hope the crowd was singing properly, because don’t really can hear it from video Everybody!^^ Run! I enjoy it so much! Want to hear this song on real live very much! Love this song!~ And as always wait for your comments and new requests! I’m found new video for BONUS!^^ Don’t know how about you, but I enjoy it, so hope you too So let’s see it! Her habit from long time ago Really cute one She is really look not only at the face, but hair too All of them? 🙂 True, true I mean, I’ve never been in America or Japan, but know this fact So happy^^ Pretty good hobby This last face expression is priceless Good, isn’t it? Sometimes watch this kind of videos If you enjoyed it too, I’m happy! Once more time, thanks for watching today with me See you in next reactions, bye-bye!

20 thoughts on “BABYMETAL – Karate at Glastonbury 2019 + BONUS |Reaction| [Eng Sub]

  1. アリーナちゃんリアクションかわいい!





  2. アリーナちゃん今回もベビメタありがとう、karateノリッノリやね、Moa最高!!あなたも最高!!

  3. METAL GALAXY WORLD TOUR(2020年・ヨーロッパ)が2月からありますよ。遠くですが、行けると良いですね!

  4. Alina san, konichi wa! Notice that Takayoshi Ohmura plays the guitar of his sensei and friend, Mikio san, the Ko gami. 🙏🏻😪💪🏻🤘🏻

  5. ほんとに、メタルフェスじゃないのにモッシュピット出来てるの凄いww



  6. グランストンベリーはメタルフェスではなく、しかもBABYMETALの出演が決まる前にsoldoutしたのでBABYMETALのファンはほとんどいませんでした。それでもあれだけ多くの人が立ち去らずに最後には拍手で見送ってくれたのが凄く嬉しいです😆🌏🦊

    サポートダンサーのRIHO SAYASHIがアクターズスクールヒロシマでSU-METALと歌って踊っている動画を紹介します。観たことがあったらごめんなさい🤭

  7. Karate has always been a favourite of mine too. SU-METAL'S singing is just outstanding. She's one of my all time favourite singers 🤘🦊🤘

  8. アリーナちゃんの特別な曲かぁ〜😊本当にカッコイイしノリノリになっちゃう曲ですね〜😆

  9. 💕 ⚡ 👋 ! / 👻 👻 👻
    This one is truly a BABYMETAL classic.
    Su's freestyling gets better and better.
    As far as Moa and food is concerned, in a recent interview, Su and Moa both talked about how they remember the different venues they've performed at.
    Su remembers the audience. Moa remembers the catering.

  10. ケーキ出てきて一人に一個で喜ぶの初めて見た!それ以外は見た事あるけど。そうそう、初めてと言えば・・オイラ11月のBEBYMETALのライブのチケットに初めて応募しました!(*´▽`*)当たるようにアリーナも一緒に祈って(笑)当たるといいな♪

  11. #LOL at the very begining, 2:07 Moa's mic is way too low, she raise her voice so high to compensate, she's tears in her eyes 2:17, Su noticed and smile at her 2:21, then it was Su that jumped too much 5:30 and her voice cracked 5:39, but she recovered quickly, shot the first one 5:44, relaxed and then gave us her smirk 5:54, you know something good is coming and indeed it happened! Amazing as always!

  12. 今年のメディアからのインタビューで、色んな国でライブして覚えていることは?との質問に Suは『お客さんの雰囲気!』 Moaは『食事サービス!』と答えていました。 今でもMoaの食いしん坊は健在です!

  13. Sorry, I don't know Japanese.
    Извините, я не знаю Японский.
    Вы очень такая вся Kawaii когда смотрите BabyMetal. 🙂
    You are so very Kawaii when singing and dancing to BabyMetal. 🙂
    I love BabyMetal too.
    Я тоже очень люблю BabyMetal.

    Always more BabyMetal forever!

  14. Well, they do play Karate regularly at live performances.
    In 2020 they will be in Europe and Russia.
    And obviously they will be in Japan this year and next year too.

  15. Dearアリーナさん
    「克己」:kokki 意味は己(おのれ=自分自身)に克つ(かつ:打ち勝つ)


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