Babban Sher – Chhota Bheem in English

Manu bro going Home Will have good food, potato, cabbage, Pasta Yum Yum yaaaaaaa…………….. roar he…he……help….. run run my friends, baban sher is here, run Ramu was lucky yesterday Is it true that Ramu uncle was chased by the Babban Sher yesterday? yes yes. Ramu uncle is really lucky had a narrow escape but babban sher is very dangerous. In other village it attacked your people, killed 4 and ate them up Yes I know that and it is very difficult to tackle Babban sher Bheem this seems to be very scary. If Babban Sher attacks you what are you going to do? Oh Chutki, don’t you worry! I can tackle him alone laugh sure, sure we will see You will see. That’s for sure my friend. Bholu what are they talking about I think they are talking about Babban Sher Babban Sher! He is very dangerous and ferocious tiger they say Hmmmm! Yes he’s dangerous. But you know he can be a lot of fun too What do you mean? oh! I think this is a tiger’s paw. Maybe its Babban Sher. Oh your afraid. How will you face your enemies, you are a coward Raju what raju, got afraid looking at a fake Tiger and what happens if you see it in real!! how dare you fool me, I will fight Babban sher and prove myself sure sure see your face first in the mirror, coward coward so be it, I will hear no more. Now I will not return without killing Babban Sher No Raju don’t react in a hurry! Come let’s think about it. You can sit and think. I’m going to kill it Listen now I will not rest until I kill this Babban Sher. I have to prove myself to Dholu and Bholu or else I will not be at peace thats such a cute butterfly, let me catch it yeahh…im gonna catch it now hey! Where am I? Where is my gun? What if Babban Sher comes now. Hey, what happened to Raju? He has not returned yet? Bheem, Bheem, raju is not to be seen since a long time I heard from his neighbour that he took a gun and went into the forest Oh no! Surely he went to the jungle to kill Babban Sher, let’s go hurry he could be in danger. Okay, okay, let’s go……. Oh NO! where am I stuck now I should have listened to Bheem and taken his advice. How will I return home now? help help help………….. Bheem Bheem Bheem

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