Azad’s Martial Arts Brand Video – Blue Fox Media

Hi I’m Grandmaster Azad! Welcome to our martial arts school! So, we decided to bring Chance to Azad’s because it was highly recommended so that we could try to work on getting him some self confidence and some focus And he’s done all that while at Azad’s. What I love about Azad’s is their role in the community When they’re opening up their doors For people during the Or working at donating food and gifts for Christmas and Thanksgiving. They’re very active in the community, along with their teaching method they have here. The instructors are all very educational, however they make it very fun and entertaining for the children! My name is Dustin Reese, I’m the assistant director for human resources at Butte College My daughter, Payan, is a student here at Azad’s martial arts. We brought her here because we wanted to increase her self confidence and let her know that she’s capable of doing anything. So we brought her here she’s done a great job! She was student the month last month here at Azad’s Martial Arts! Her confidence’s grown and she’s demonstrating that in believing yourself that she can do anything that she wants to do! So we’re really happy to have her here as a student. We are new to the Chico area and we were looking to get him into martial arts. He has a background in judo and wanted to expand on that martial arts background and Azad’s has a great -reputation Particularly in working with youth, and that’s really important to my family and we figured we’d give it a shot! We’ve been very happy!

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