Awesome FREE Karate, Taekwondo, Martial Arts Belt Display

I want to show everybody today a really
cool and free way to display your children’s belts. Kathy posted in our
members only group this really cool thing she did. She had, like, a shelf with a
curtain rod, and the belts tied hanging down from it. It was really cool looking,
so it kind of inspired me to put this together for everybody. Hopefully Kathy
will share more on how she did that, because it’s really neat looking. One of
the coolest things we can do is display our children’s belts, display their
accomplishments. It keeps them motivated, it keeps them reminded of their goals, and
it makes them really proud, when they come home, they walk in their room, and they’re
reminded of their accomplishments. I think that’s a really cool thing. So, we’re
going to start off with just your basic belt, and we’re going to put our feet
apart. How far apart you’ll have to play with. You’ll probably wind up doing this a
couple times. We’re just going to wrap the belt around our legs, just as if we’re
tying it like we normally would. If you’re unsure how to do that, I’m going to leave
a link to the how-to section of our webpage. Hopefully you’ve all figured out
how to do that by now, but if not, there’s a video there that’s going to teach you
how. We’re going to tie this just like we normally would. Give it a good tug, make
sure the knot is nice. We’re going to slip our feet out, maybe mold it a little bit.
Now, this is much easier with a belt that the kids have worn for a while, a used
belt, because it’s already soft, it’s pliable, it hangs much more naturally. But
once we do that, we have this cool shape, just like the belt was tied around their
waist. And now they can hang these around the room. You can put the certificate
above them, and it’s just really, really cool. It’s a really powerful display. Once
you get three or four or five of them, by the time they reach red belt, black belt,
they’ve got them all the way around the room and it looks really, really cool.
It’s really motivating, it’s just a really fun thing to do. So if you guys have any
other ideas about how to display the belts, or martial arts themes rooms, or
anything cool like that, please share it. We’d all love to see it, and I hope you
enjoy this idea.

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