Australian Shirtless Men Answer Boxers or Briefs at Mardi Gras Australia | 2017 Mens Fashion

Hey guys this is Kaine Blake for The Underwear
Expert. I’m here in Sydney to check out Mardi Gras’
fun and festivities, and we’re going to ask a few festive attendees our favorite question:
Boxers or Briefs? So here we are the official day of Mardi Gras
and I’m here with… Brent. And where are you from Brent? Talking, Victoria. So I’m here at Sydney’s biggest underwear
party and I’m here with… Bruno. Bruno where are you from? I’m from Brazil. I’m at Sydney Mardi Gras’ closing party, which
is Day Wash and I’m here with… Aaron. And where are you from Aaron? A small country town called Higam. And what’s your favorite thing about Mardi
Gras? Meeting new people. It’s fun. Definitely the vibe. I love just coming here. It’s just so carefree and fun and you just
have a ball. It’s so good. We have a favorite question we like to ask
everyone: Boxers or Briefs? I’m definitely a briefs man. Boxers or Briefs? I actually prefer the look of boxers, but
I prefer wearing briefs. Do you prefer boxers or briefs? Briefs. And why is that? More support. Holds everything in, nice and tight. I think briefs give you more sort of comfort
and support. And that’s what I’m all about. What’s your favorite brand? Marco Marco, Diesel as well. Sort of different ones. Calvin Klein. And what’s your favorite brand? Marco Marco. Why Marco Marco. What makes him so different than everyone
else? They make my ass look great. Well you can’t complain with that, really. And a certain color that you like? Black. You know in a chilled out mood sort of like
blues or if I wanna have a bit of fun a bit of red. My favorite color is blue. Actually your eyes are. There you go they’re blue. Greenish blue. I think it’s really… Aqua… green and blue… so I wouldn’t mind
that. So who are you wearing today? Marco Marco. What are you wearing today? Funny enough I’m wearing my swimwear as we
speak. Do you mind if we get a little peak? Not at all. Why did you choose that pair today? Well Mardi Gras is all about being fun so
I wanted something bright and happy and fun. Swimwear? Swimwear, well, you know when you go to a
dance party you have a bit of fun. You have a dance. Then you might get a little bit hot and sweaty
so the best way to keep drier is to wear swimwear underneath. That’s my tip, actually, people. What made you choose that pair today? Marco’s my mate. Yeah? Yeah, he makes me look good. Just supporting him? Yeah. Supporting your friends? Yeah. Yeah, that’s the Aussie way, anyway. The Aussie way. Now we have a stump question we like to ask
everyone. Ok. What do you think your underwear says about
you? I think it tells a lot about my personality. I’m an angel. I don’t look like an angel but I am. I’m very like settled. Yeah. What do you think your underwear says about
you? I think it’s fun and playful. That’s probably the easy way to put it. Stylish, holds everything together. It’s fun. Fun. Yeah. Yeah. That’s it for another episode of Boxers or
Briefs. What about you? What underwear do you like to wear when you’re
partying down under? Let us know in the comments below. And if you enjoyed this video make sure to
give a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel for more great content like this. In case you’re wondering I’m wearing the new
animal print by Teamm8 which I got from Underwear Expert’s subscription service, which you can
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your first month’s order when you sign up for the club. I’m Kaine Blake for The Underwear Expert.

25 thoughts on “Australian Shirtless Men Answer Boxers or Briefs at Mardi Gras Australia | 2017 Mens Fashion

  1. Strangely enough, I'm also from that same country town called Ingham. Terrible, closed-minded place, good job escaping Aaron.

  2. Sorry, but Daniels twinkle, fun & and suggestive bodylanguage does it for me …. bring back Daniel full time…. just my 2 pence  (UK)

  3. "And we only choose guys that sell our products." Such a disappointment. There's not diversity really here at all, just a marketing scheme.

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