24 thoughts on “Attorneys spar over computer simulation

  1. You're an imbecile, George Zimmerman is NOT white he is of Latin descent, Cuban, did you even see how dark his uncle is?!


  3. Very intellectual comment coming from someone of your caliber, when making a condescending remark towards someone at least make an attempt to conjure a coherent sentence that people can comprehend, your paragraph you wrote is abhorrent, perhaps go back to kindergarten to learn semantics.

  4. Zimmerman is just a trigger happy lunatic. Wanting to take the law into his own hands.
    He stalked Trayvon for no fucking reason..

  5. Killed a child? Trayvon Martin was a 17 year old, 5'11 African American male that depicted himself as a gangster and had pictures with gold grills in his teeth and marijuana in his system. John Good testified that Martin was on top of Zimmerman, punching and smashing his head into the ground. Zimmerman's friend John Donnelly, a former Vietnam War combat veteran with experience in recognizing the screams of people testified it was Zimmerman screaming on the 911 call. The only idiot here is you.

  6. The controversial 'Stand your Ground' law in Florida is in place to allow citizens to defend themselves if their life in threatened. Having your nose broken and your head smashed on the ground while your attacker is 100% unharmed (minus the fatal gunshot wound that ended the attack) during the fight is certainly life threatening. Trayvon Martin could of easily killed Zimmerman had he not pulled out the gun.

  7. He wasn't trigger happy. He was being attacked mercilessly on the ground having had his nose broken and head slammed into the ground. It isn't illegal to be suspicious of someone in your neighborhood, especially when they're covering their face and standing in people's yards. It also isn't illegal to ask someone what they're doing in your neighborhood and what their intent is, and certainly doesn't provoke a physical assault

  8. The defense's pathologist had really bashed the autopsy. He completely threw everything in the report into question when he said that there were many things that should/shouldn't have been done. The credibility of the entire autopsy report went into question because of procedural questions. He also slipped in a comment about the ME changing his mind about this & that showing lack of credibility. That casts doubt in the jurors' minds about a man they certainly must find wacky anyway.

  9. Love the fact the simulation never showed what happened after Martin punched Zimmerman and before he got mounted by Martin.

    Zimmerman said he fell after he was punched. That would mean he got back up because he then said he was pushing Martin off him. That would explain how they got 30 feet south of the T.

    Punkass Zim was seeking revenge and he seemed to have got it.


  10. commands? so this is slavery times now? smh. i don't think u should obey anyone's ''commands'' if they are not the police or family.anyone else is a stranger. one must not assume that everyone has good intentions especially strangers.lol didn't your mom teach u never talk to strangers? idc if zimmermans intentions were good. the problem is neither of these guys new each other and both were suspicious of each other.

  11. Physical and forensic evidence says you are wrong. the gun shot was within inches of Trayvon chest which blows your theory away.

  12. What the fuck are you on about?

    Zimmerman HIMSELF said he FELL IMMEDIATELY after that first punch. Said that to detective Singleton in the police interview and Serino in the scene re-enactment.

    Zimmerman next said he was "pushing him off me". That statement was immediately after "I fell."

    That must mean he got back up, you fucking twat.

  13. i would self defense against any stranger that snuck up on me and gave me a hard time on a dark area, unless it was a "real cop", cause thats the ones we are "supposed" to trust at all times.

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