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Hello and welcome to Ki-Karate Dojo Shugyo my name is Tanja Mayer and I am the teacher today I want to talk about attention and how attention, ki and the movement in Karate are related I we put our attention on a particular point in our body lets say e.g. the wrist even grab it then our whole energy, our ki is floating into this point or area Blood circulation increases more processes are activated there and that’s what our attention is doing there for us if we focus on one point We can do it for a movement as well but for the mind its not possible to pay attention to everything It can only follow a certain part closely e.g. doing a Mae Geri I can only put my attention on a single part of the movement others automatically follow In the ki-exercises of Ki-Karate Methode through their slow and detailed execution I can follow each part of a movement individually and attentively e.g. in this first ki-exercise my attention went from the bottom to the top, like a scanner I begin at the soles and watch carefully what happened there I put my whole attention on this part then upwards to the knee right left with the whole attention furhter to the hips, right, left and so on like a scanner through my whole body When I do that, something great happens if I put my attention every time on a particular point The fact that the blood circulation is strengthened at the focused areas and that other processes take place can relieve tension and blockages there This is a big advantage in the ki exercises, where I can take my time. The advantage for my karate technique in a row is that I can train my body parts very attentively and carefully prepare for a Karate technique which will be fast, dynamic and strong through this preparation of my joints muscles, tendons and everything that is included I can save my body from injuries, in a awesome way If I then practice the techniques in karate training I can practice them in sections for this method there are different opinions However, if I have practiced my ki exercises in advance, a lot of preliminary work has been done so I can perform a whole technique e.g. Mae Geri or a Zuki when I did this preparation I add this movement upon, like stretching the arm and everything is already being prepared That’s why the ki exercises in Karate here especially in the Ki-Karate Methode a preparation for the karate technique and everything that follows When I’m practicing karate techniques the attention becomes different in a way Where does it goes I should not focus my attention on a single point e.g. Heian shodan by putting my attention on the fist then everything went there my mind is bind there and everything else I become unaware This is detrimental for fighting and every karate technique. What should I do with my attention? where to put on? A question that occupies many karateka if you look for it you go into the realm of the spiritual e.g. they say in Zen that to empty the mind means to let the thoughts pass by like in a movie. Thoughts are there anyway but if I turn my attention to those thoughts my mind catches in there and I’m blocked for the rest of the process. So, for a karate technique, I should not focus my attention on one thing. How do I do that? I try to put my attention on my inner body. If I do that what needs practice too, e.g. with meditation practice, I manage to have that kind of attention that simply spreads and to perceive myself as a whole Not as a fist, a feet, the head but as a whole. A great experience a good one, when you got it Karate will change Meditation directed inwards e.g. Zen meditation or other ones every kind that goes within are good mediation good exercises to practice to perceive the inner body it helps us in Karate and every other martial art. In Ki-Karate we practice it we have our mediation method and the important part is that this methods leading to the inner body not something on the outside like e.g. music or an external object. Thank you for watching and listening I hope I could make you, the attention, clearer Till next time Thank you for watching!

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