Associatie Wing-Chun Kung-Fu Holland

On the 7th of September 1974 Robert Vogel sr. founded an association that is dedicated to teaching Wing Chun Kung Fu. A Chinese martial art that besides fighting also teaches concentration, discipline, confidence and willpower. The legacy of Wing Chun Kung Fu was
conceived almost three centuries ago on the mainland of China. Brought to Hong Kong in the 50s by legendary master of the art Ip Man and later to the Western
world by his followers Wong Shun Leung, Wang Kiu and Barry Lee. Ip Man described the
art as maintaining one’s flexibility and softness while having the strength to
fight back, comparing it to the flexible nature of bamboo. 45 years later the Association’s heritage is passed on to students, young and old, by Robert Vogel jr. Schooled in the ways of Wang Kiu from the age of six and later taught by Wong Shun Leung’s most prodigious student Barry Lee. Robert jr. started teaching back in ’84 and has since then, together with his fellow teachers, helped the Association thrive and grow into the widespread organisation that it is today.

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