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Jue dai shuang jiao
According to legend, the 2 Sovereigns
reappear every 18 years.
A strong and valorous person
is selected to perpetuate
the line of the emblem
of justice
and its legendary techniques.He becomes
the Sovereign of Justice then
for one period in 18 years.The supreme techniquesare the technique of Frozen Jade
and the Sword of the Couple.
We are the Seven Pirates
of the Yellow River. we want food and wine! Give us your belongings! Get your women on their knees.!
And every man get the hell out! Help us, landlord! Where did they go?
Give up! My brothers… Run! – I am starving.
– I can’t wait! I can’t wait to taste their
warm flesh. I haven’t had a fresh human
heart in ages. They’re just robbers. They smell awful and they’re so filthy. I’ll brush my teeth afterwards. If you eat them,
everyone will know that you are Lee the Cannibal,
of the Ten Criminals. And they’ll also find out you’re
Qiu-qiu, my accomplice. So restrain yourself.
Don’t frighten them. – You scared him to death.
– I didn’t mean too. What happened to him?
Please stay alive.
Don’t die on me. Right.
This means fresh flesh for me. I am the Insane Lion of the Ten Criminals. You’re so mean!
You started without me. You promised you’d leave me the nose. It’s dirty
and it’s hard to chew. Looks like an ear. I’ll clean it off.
Eat these in the meantime… Is he hungry? He’s drooling… Not anymore. He really thought this was an arm! What a bunch of idiots!
That was too easy. The Palace of Hua? 21 million attended the funeral
of the victims of the flood. You were entrusted to eighty
voluntary escorts. You were responsible for
for the safety of the convoy. But in the Valley of the Tiger,
you massacred 276 soldiers, and 164 members of the convoy
to steal their gold. And the 470 thousand victims
of the flood died of hunger. Do you deserve to live? I am innocent.
The Two Devils are the culprits. Are they part of the
of the Ten Criminals? Then they deserve death.
Of course. They are accomplices. This valley is a sacred area.
How is it possible you entered here? Thanks to this. The emblem of justice? Exactly. Three days ago,
the Two Sovereigns entrusted it to me. I am the new Sovereign Warrior. You condemning us without evidence!
With your own way! In any case,
you are at my mercy. – Yin.
– Darling. Wait a minute.
– Master.
– Princess. I am not just a simple warrior,
and you, a noble princess. It’s been five years
that we’ve been married. People said we weren’t meant for each other. These five last years
however filled me. When I could choose my reincarnation, I’d rather choose to be married
with you for eternity instead.. I brought our son. I beg you not to kill
my friends in this valley. Lee is your friend. But he proved his guilt by fleeing. He is my friend,
and I know him well. I also know that he’s innocent.
Yin! But I didn’t come for him…
but for you. You’re making a mistake.
This valley has a rule, set by his Holiness
170 years ago. Even if they are the worst criminals
in the world, as soon as they take refuge here,
it’s necessary to grant them a chance. You have to be lenient. It’s time that we change this old rule. Then I’ll have to stop you. I’m sorry you don’t understand. It’s over between us. We are no longer… husband and wife. The technique of Frozen Jade? Right, you won.
I’ll leave. In eighteen years, my student
will come with this emblem, and will destroy this cursed place. Yin, are you okay? He’s been seriously injured.
All his nerves are affected. – Let me try something.
– You can save him? He will live,
but he will be a vegetable. Never!
Cure him or I’ll kill to you! I’m sorry, it’s the best I can do! One of us has to take care of his son, and teach him our kung fu. That harpy treated us like garbage,
it’s her son too. Qiu-qiu, if we raise him, we sh… I know what you’re thinking! We’ll turn him into a monster. He’ll drive his mother insane with rage. All is well. His body is so flexible: excellent to learn kung fu.Only one among 10.000 babies is
like that. He needs a name.
Which name shall I choose? We are in the Palace of Hua.
His name will be Hua. He reminds me of a beautiful flower.
Therefore I will call him Wu Que.The Valley of the Criminals
Hua Wu Que! Where is the Valley of the Criminals? Right up there,
it’s not too far. What?
Not too far? What the hell is wrong with you?,
just tell me! Who wants to go there? Speak up. Idiot, what are you looking at?
Why aren’t you talking? Why do you want to go there? I am a criminal. What crime did you commit? I killed, raped, stole…
anything you can name, I’ve done it. Aren’t you exaggerating a bit? Me? I’m a wanted bandit.
Why would I exaggerate? – Aren’t you lying to yourself?
– Would a good looking guy like me lie? – Have you jerked off today?
– Of course, all the men do it. – Have you slaughtered a village?
– Is this a joke? Not that, my arm.
Take it. Hold my wrist. Why’d you hit me? How could I?
You’re holding my only arm. I’ve had enough!
I’m leaving this place. You’re too late. I’ve poisoned you. – What kind of effect will it have?
– Your genitals will rot off. Don’t yell, or the same thing
will happen to your ass. What do I gotta do? Calm down.
I have the antidote. Open your mouth. It tastes great. That’s cause it’s poison. – Will you quit joking pal.
– Who’s your pal? Did I say something wrong? He is the only disciple of the Ten Criminals. He is the
most malicious man in this valley. Tell him that they call me Small Fry. He doesn’t know your nickname. If he doesn’t know it,
I’ll cut him in pieces. – Forgive me.
– Never mind. Small Fry! Lee and Qiu-qiu
are looking everywhere for you. If they are, then why are you here? Follow me. What? I must attend the tournament
of martial arts? You must also find
two men. We weren’t always
the Ten Criminals. Who are they?
Once we were called
the 10 Protectors of justice of the Cheung River. – I am Cheung one.
– I am Cheung two. – Me, number three.
– I am the number four. – I am number five.
– Fool, I am number five. – Then, I am the sixth.
– Enough. 20 years ago, the state entrusted us
the safety of the convoy with an amount of money intended
for the victims of the flood. Cheung seven and eight,
called the Two Devils stole the money.
And they destroyed our lives. Why didn’t you stop them? They drugged us. Why didn’t they kill you? They didn’t on purpose,
so that we would be accused. We decided to send you to do research. Wait! I don’t have anything to do
with this story. – But of course.
– I am not a Protector of justice. You are a disciple
of the Ten Protectors of justice of Cheung. My boy,
this is the occasion to thank us. C’mon, eventually people will forget
what happened and you’ll be fine. If you refuse, you will have to at least
recover the emblem of justice. If the others use this emblem,
everything will go down. That’s the truth. This is a capital affair,
concerning all of us. What do you wanna say? You will go with brother Lee… …and sister Qiu-qiu. We must all go together. No, you three must go! Why just us
and not the others? – Daddy Lee, come with me.
– Everyone agrees. She’s right. With my deformed mouth, people
will recognize us easily. If you like, I can fix your mouth
and her eye. – Seriously?
– Of course. It’s as easy as looking after a cold. Are you for real? Why didn’t you do that
eighteen years ago? These defects are what make
you so charming. Fuck you! – Then you can fix it.
– I’m sorry… Well, this is your last chance. – My last chance?
– Do you want me to help you or not? Of course, but I… We accept, thank you very much. Uncle. I must go away for a while. There will be less maliciousness
in this valley. But someone will
take care of you. I always had the feeling
that we belonged to the same family. Every time I’m talking to you, you don’t answer me. But I feel that
you have so much to tell me. I hope that one day, you will address me. When I’m far away, take care of yourself. I’m finally starting to speak
correctly. Goodbye.
Everything looks so much clearer. We need to get the invitation for
the tournament for you. How? You can deal with all that.
Let me have a little fun. – No way.
– It’s too dangerous. – It’s too risky for you.
– That’s true. I have the badge
of the Valley of the Criminals. – You scared me.
– Trust me no one will mess with me. I’ll see you. We’ll meet in three days
in front of the entry of the tournament. – See you later.
– Take care of yourself. What a horrible mouth
I had before! What about me, I looked hideous. No, you were pretty with your eye. You’re still beautiful to me. – You really mean that?
– Yes, my love. You’re making fun of me,
my Apollo. – Let’s go, my love.
– My Apollo. Mistress, we captured one
more man for you. He is at your disposal. How will I know
if I like him or not? Awake him. He’s a rather fine young man.
I am awake. This is my palace, and they
are my concubines. Young man, satisfy me
and you will live. With me, you wont need anymore
of these guys around here. Are you saying my men are good
for nothing? Get up! Pardon me. The water is cold.
I will change it immediately. Beat it! Bathe him.
I’ve had enough! You didn’t even take off your clothes.
I’m finished.
Already? I don’t like someone watching me
while I’m taking a bath. Sorry, but that’s just the way Iam. I don’t want someone to see me naked. I must acknowledge that you… I’ve had my share of women.
I’m experienced. Acknowledge what?
– What’s that?
– Don’t touch it. It’s embarrassing. We will see.
Just give me a minute.
Your hand! No, it’s here. – What’s the meaning of this?
– That’s a long story. When I got captured, these women
searched me and said that you would capture me your own way.
They then gave me this false hand. They told me to give it to you. You’re from the Palace of Hua! Listen well. The young Master of the Palace of Hua
came out to capture you. Show yourself immediately
or all of you will be executed. – What’s going on?
– Withdraw. What’s happening here? This is strange. I can’t hold it in, I must’ve
eaten something bad. Please. Move aside. It’s you. You’re really fast. I think that you can help me get out of here. Mr. Hero, you had the intelligence
to take refuge in this reluctant place. I admire your courage. I would like to be your bloodbrother. I will call you brother then. Don’t play with me. You’re quite sharp. Here are the orders of the sovereign:
Got you.
On position. You and your clan
have broken the rules. The young Master of the Palace of Hua
has come out to eliminate you. Young master, don’t put on this dress.
The princess will punish us. You will be punished, only if
she finds out. Silence. As you order. Am I beautiful? You look magnificent. Stay here.
I’ll take a look.She’s beautiful!AccountingHelp! I will kill whoever tries to help him! Damn! Calm down! I want his invitation
to the tournament. It doesn’t matter who claims to
Go to hell!
Damn you! be a master of martial arts. But only the elected officials
have an invitation. With this invitation…
This is too prestigious. … you can attend the tournament. If you win… … you will be elected sovereign. … and you will reign the world. As long as I live…
Go to hell! you wont get this invitation. You can’t kill everyone… Who else has an invitation?
Go to hell! Cowards!
They all left! I think I should’ve seduced them.
What? – Who would have done it?
– Me. – You told me that I was pretty.
– Collect the invitations. You?
– Were you lying to me?
– Of course not! Collect them. – Swear it.
– Swear to yourself. A guest. – May Buddha bless you!
– Welcome. Please take a seat. Will someone recognize you? That would be difficult. Besides, we’ve been out of the
public eye for eighteen years. Excuse me, Do I know you… lmpossible! I’ve never met
you before in my whole life. What’s your problem?
You are surely… Exactly. We are Mister Brute,
Madame Brute and Brute Junior. Welcome. Welcome. Get away from us! Or I’ll teach you a lesson you’ll
never forget. Beat it, let us be on our way. Calm down. I think I know someone over there. You were fantastic!She looks cute.Welcome famous inspector Madame Yi.
Your presence honors us. Thank you for coming from so far away. I must thank you.
You recommended me to become the arbiter at this great tournament. I am very flattered. After you. There are too many candidates.
After you. If they all fight,
that will take an insane amount of time. It’s not so simple. These are the rules of the tournament. Nobody is authorized
to enter without an invitation. There are three types of invitations:
gold, silver and bronze. Each victory makes it possible to pass
to the higher category. Those of the gold category will have
to pass the personality test. And they all will be candidates
for the sovereign title. Who set up these
shitty rules? That man’s been watching me
since we got here. – Where is he?
– Over there. – That woman’s staring at me.
– Where is she? They look like the Two Devils. – Are you sure?
– Let’s see. She winked at me. They didn’t notice. Follow me. She only has one eye. – Do you remember me?
– No. Really?
– So?
– He doesn’t recognize me. Welcome. Dear friends,
my name is Kong Pik-hok. In the name of the organization committee
of the tournament, let me welcome you all here. It is time for dinner. I hope you all enjoy it. Who is the man
with that stupid hairstyle? Don’t you know?
He’s the commissioner of the tournament. In the last ten years,
he’s received many gifts. This is how the expenses of the
tournament are defrayed. And the person beside him? He’s a dream come true. But he’s bald! – Bravo.
– Thanks. Please forgive me
if the reception is not appropriate for you. Welcome all. – Mister Lee, this is my son Jade.
– How are you? Your son is exceptional. He could be the
next winner of the tournament. – The guy from the toilet.
– Let’s forget the past. Brother!
I’ve got your invitation.
Please, take a seat. – Jade.
– Father. This is the man that saved me 2 days ago,
I was falling… This is my father. – What’s your name?
– Kao. His name is Kao. My pleasure.
I’m so glad to be here. The inspector has arrived.
I have to say hello to her. Mind your language, please. You have a gold invitation.
Follow me. Thanks. Cheers. Cheers?! The dishes are cold.
How rude of him to make us wait so long. Patience.
I know it’s rude, but the rules require
that we wait. You want to teach me a lesson?
Fool! It’s almost time, please wait. Look, here he is.I don’t think she noticed me.I’ve got a request… Mr. Hua ! Mr. Kong. Better late than never.
Go on, eat! Excuse me… I am used to…Oh no, he’s recognized me…having royal feasts. So I came to tell you that I’m not having dinner with you.
Cheers!That’s the girl from the other night.
Good bye.Why is she disguised
as a man?
Enough speeches, let us eat! This world is full of
strange people. You mean like yourself? Let’s eat. I am the Black Monk.
May I know your name?He want’s to interrogate me, Okay!I am the chief of the clan
of Mount Tian Dao of Chun Fa. I didn’t say my name did I? You surely know the name
of my master. His name is Lee the Flying Blade. – He is well known.
– Yes that’s right. You know him? Let us drink. I am sure he was talking about
Lee the Cannibal and To Qiu-qiu. The young man is no other than the son
of Yin and the Hua princess. Eighteen years ago
this couple fought and Yin disappeared with the child. He was seriously wounded. He was the benefactor
of the Ten Criminals. They had to take care of his son. I believe that it’s him. Perfect. We will reveal his identity. We will eliminate him as soon as we can. Let’s be serious.
You will wound Hua Wu Que. Why? You are the only one
who can handle him. If you wound him,
you will tarnish his reputation, and he won’t be elected
as the new sovereign. You will do it in my place. – Me? I’ll be busy.
– With what? I must whistle to inform Qiu-qiu. She will accompany the others. And if he is indeed
a girl? Then, there is more need to whistle.
I’m going to take care of her myself. Look at yourself in the mirror. I’ll use an aphrodisiac.
She’s right. They are available in form of
wine and powder. But if you take them
without having a number it’s your death. Pay more attention. – What do you see?
– Something important. Let’s get down. Keep guard.
Shit! Oh shit! Miss, your breasts look so nice.
May I touch them? Will I get a kiss? Did I do anything weird? You wanted to leave. How? What I’m trying
to tell you? I raised you
for eighteen years. Daddy Lee. Now,
you can fly with your own wings. Do you want me to leave? It’s the first time
in a long time That I’ve felt something so strongly. But you are being selfish. Perfect. I’ll leave you for Hua. Me leave?
You should be ashamed of yourself. What an unworthy son! Daddy Lee… Why are you crying? I hid my true feelings…
My eyes betrayed me… – Look at my eyes.
– I’m looking. I respect you. I know… – I admire you, I love you…
– I know… I’ll always regarded you
as my benefactor… a relative and an honest man,
how can you… transform into the person whom I love. What do you think of that? – I am terrible…
– You’re a monster. Yes. – Leave.
– I’m going. That’s good. If he is a man,
I’ll call you. What an idiot! Come out. What is it? I’m staying here
to watch out for you. Why do you want to stay? If you do not know what you’re doing,
I’ll be able to assist you. Your presence will disturb me. The last time,
there were people around me… Go, hide somewhere else. I can’t understand you.
You’re dismissed.
What are you saying?How am I going to get out of this?
Let’s follow her. – What are you doing in my room?
– Your room? – What a beautiful glove.
– Speak up. – Why did you come here?
– I’ll explain it to you… What’s going on? I am in charge here. Withdraw your hand or I’ll tear it off. I see. You still want me. – Don’t touch me.
– I didn’t do it. That wasn’t my hand, mine’s right here. Everybody came for one and
the same reason. And this reason… …is him. Lately… Your breasts look so nice.
Can I touch them? There’s been a rapist running around
hiding under tables. He only rapes men.
He beats them, violates and kills them. I followed this future victim in here..
Then I hid to confront the culprit and stop him. – Quit trying to touch me.
– Sorry. Miss, Let me touch your nice big breasts! He is under the influence
of an aphrodisiac. This rapist is interested
only in men. Hands off.
He’s creepy. He was lucky until now. I came with Mrs. Yi
to stop him. Why does this man only rape men? What a moron! Stop talking.
Give him the antidote. A banal antidote won’t return him
to his normal state. Let’s try… this! – Did you find something?
– Yes. I found a pill. It’s so huge. Drink it down with some wine. Can you move away your fake arm?!
No! It’s hard to tell which ones real
and which ones fake. You are lucky! Oh my god, he’s overdosed on the pill.
There’s nothing we can do. Young woman, you have such nice breasts.
Can I touch them? I got a better idea, I’ll get
him out of here. Stay where you are.
Let’s get to the bottom of this story. You are right.
We need to clarify this. According to the testimony
of the victim, the rapist has a beauty mark
on his chest. There’s only 2 men here, I’ll
show you I’m innocent. And you? Show us your chest.
Come on! You are disgusting! Take it off! We showed you our chests
like we said we would. Mr. Hua.
You can show us yours or we can just run along like
this never happened. As you wish. You are very understanding. Farewell. You see, you were poisoned.
Let’s go. But I don’t have the antidote. If you don’t make love, you will die. We’ll leave him in here with the horse.
And run. On the count of 3,
One, two and three, Will this horse do the trick? I think so. She’s very tame and quick. Two hours should be enough. I appreciate what you did. Thanks. I want to take a bath. That was fast? That was too fast. But it’s only an animal. Why would I have taken my time? I did it to remove the poison. We wanted you to… Don’t touch him, he smells. We gave you that horse so that
you could take it to the brothel. So I could be with a girl? Why you didn’t tell me?
I fucked a horse… How are you? It’s them again.
I don’t understand. Why are they acting so nice? Not right now.
We have no proof. I’ll go question them.
I’ll find out by this evening. Please excuse my delay.We begin with the
It is fine.collection of birds.The tournament has begun. The first
participants are Fei and Yua. What a shame!
Eliminated in the first round. I need to sit down. What a loser! Beat it! That wasn’t very nice. After these preliminary combat rounds, six participants
have reached the finals. Chan An-chong
of the Dim Chong School. Jade Kong,
of the city of Martial Arts. Small Fry,
a new participant. Kong, our General Commissioner. Hua Wu Que of the Palace of Hua. Mou of the Tian Shan School. Mou!
How can you dare to come here? How do you justify the rape
that you committed? What rape?
Are you insane? And how would you know of this? Mount Tian is very isolated,
the population is very small. There are sixteen villages:
120 men and 49 women. On the evening of the 15th of last month,
you were drunk. You wounded the Chan brothers
and raped their sister. Who are you?
How do you know this? I have informants
across the whole country. My pigeons bring me more
than 3000 letters a day. I nourish them
without looking at the expenses. Thus, I know everything that happens. Buddha may bless you. – You are Chan Year-chong?
– I’m withdrawing… Congratulations.
You are our four finalists. Master, between Small Fry and Hua,
who do you think will win? It doesn’t matter. Small Fry will help us to eliminate Hua. Master,
my career depends on you. Among the four finalists
of the tournament, you will be the one to win for sure. Father doesn’t even have
confidence… “Who will love this poor girl?” “While talking about the world,
he watches me put on my make-up.” “I hate what I do for a living” “by making wedding dresses for others.” By reciting this poem…
You’re in love? do you know that you broke our rules? I never did understand their meaning.
I was only just repeating them. Really? Are you two talking about Small Fry?
He’s despicable. Exactly. Especially his eyes,
they are magical! When he looks at you,
your heart gets carried away. He is so adorable that
I forget all of my problems. Rendezvous at the ruins. The Two Sovereigns?
Hua Wu Que. Sorry to call on you so late. What’s happening? You are gifted in martial arts, worthy and brave. But your enemies are envious. You are in great danger. Be vigilant! No need to shout.
Everything is fine. Attention!
How do you do? My face is pretty banged up from
the fall. Isn’t it? Don’t leave me! I’m here. our last meeting, I realized that…
Thank you, Miss.
Since it’s you whom I want. I came into the world for you.
Only you.Awesome, she touched me,
I got her where I want her.
I want to tell you how beautiful you are. Since your departure, I kept my eyes closed. I was afraid if I opened them,
I wouldn’t remember your face, and it would be lost forever. I would like to… How are you? I’m OK. I assure you.
Really? Maybe I said a little to much… You’re bleeding! My love for you is so deep…
Bleeding… When I saw you the second time, and you saved me
in that room… There I knew that I was important to you. I think that if have to die, I’d like it to be next to you. My wish is granted. But I do regret that my dream
will never be fully realized…I’m so winning her over.I would like to take
the love of my life… What dream?
in my arms. I would like to put a kiss on these lips. I’m saying too much. But it’s not important. We all take along a dream
or two to the beyond. Only for this kiss… If I get out of here alive,Goddamn I’m good
I will marry you.I won.
It’s time to retreat.
My dream has become a reality, I don’t want to die anymore. I remembered!
I have the antidote. Help me take it. Lower. Lower. Higher, that’s not it. Good, higher!
That’s good. Thank you. Can you chew it and put it in
my mouth? Never mind, I think I can do it. Unbelievable! Nothing.
It just hurts going down. What’s happening?
When I go out at night,
I always take a candle with me. It’s so, I don’t get lost. Will you help me light it. I’m going to look around. It’s wet.
Surely there is an exit. I didn’t make a mistake.
Did I. Don’t forget what we talked about.
Farewell. You must wait for me. We’ve been walking all night long. What do you want to show us? We’re almost there, it’s right in front of us. Come in.
A hut? A pretty woman.
A woman? Yes she is, but
We’re not interested. Big is a little too much.
Mr. Big Pimp…
Just Pimp. I think Big suits you. I thank you for your kindness. What? Are you refusing to pay? Then, come!
No… She’s very skilled…
Qiu-qiu !
It’s her? We’re not interested in women. Let’s play a game to see who goes first. That’s really not necessary. How come? You courted her
in the past. She was your lover
in the past… What?
I am going to throw up. I know who you two really are! What? – The Two Devils!
– Take a good look. The attractive To Qiu-qiu. The handsome Lee the Cannibal. What are you they talking about? Don’t you at least remember the theft? Where did you hide the donated money? Now I understand!
You belong to the Ten Criminals. You were also part of it. What’s happening? Who’re all these people!
Is there a party? I welcome you to our city. He’s talking to you guys, answer him! It’s all over. They know who you are. It’s him, Lee the Cannibal. Let’s go or it will be too late.
Get them.They are the Two Sovereigns.Stop. I am in charge of this. If it pleases you. It’s up to me to kill the Ten Criminals. My family went to Beijing in search of a better life. While they crossed the valley
of the Criminals, they were all killed. Stand back, let me punish them. That’s a smoke bomb? Why did you let them get away? Why no toxic gas? That’s what I planned to use,
they must’ve meddled with my supplies. l’ll go show them. Nobody is authorized to leave
this place. Move away!
Let me.
What’re you doing?
Sovereigns. Why should I listen to you?
We are here
to defend the position of the new
sovereign. Truth, falsehood
and revenge will be decided in the ring. This is our law. If you don’t respect the rules, there is nothing here to achieve. Nobody will question
the orders of the Two Sovereigns. Thank you for coming here.
Wu Que.
After you. Your presence honors us. My student isn’t bad. But he lacks experience. I came here to watch over him. I don’t want him to fall into a trap. But somebody has already
set up a trap for him. His name is Small Fry.
Who dared to do that? He is getting along well with your student.
Small Fry? Mr. Hua will do everything
he can to kill him tomorrow. I have trained him for eighteen years. I want to make a grand master out of him. If he betrays me,
I will make him pay for it. Calm down.
Young people need our patience. I’m not so sure of that. This pill will make him as obedient as a dog. And if he does not obey,
I won’t give him the antidote and he’ll die within twelve hours. He will defeat Small Fry. My student will surely
be elected as the new sovereign. Even if it’s necessary to assist
him in this task. He is very strong.
Victory is almost ours. But we’re afraid
that Small Fry will take it. I am going to see Wu Que immediately.
Farewell. Thank you, Princess. That bitch drank the wine of madness. But nothing happened to her. The poison is colorless and scentless. lt will only work when
she draws upon her energy. It will diminish her mind little by little
without her ever being able to recover. If activated, she will slowly
plunge into madness. You really are experienced with poisons. You are also an expert in disguises. We were disguised,
but nobody noticed anything. You are both extraordinary. Enough flatteries. We gotta prepare
the secret weapon against Hua. What are you doing here?
At your command. I want you to fight with all your strength tomorrow. I will tell you the truth.
What do you want exactly? I mastered the technique
of the Blue Devil. During the fight, one of us must die. It’s going to be me. You can’t let it bother you,
and go through with it. In the scrolls of kung fu,
in the blue chapter, there is the Blue Sword, the Fist of the Blue School
and the Blue Hand of Jade. Your technique isn’t in there. Don’t listen to rumors. The scroll was published
six years ago. There’s at least two hundred techniques
that aren’t in there. My master assured me
that it was complete. lmpossible.
Your face… What are you trying to do?
I know that
this technique doesn’t exist.
You lied to me. You want to die at my hands. It’s true.
Why? I lied to you. Because… Since I’ve met you… Since our kiss… – my life belongs to you.
– Be quiet! lmpossible ! Before dying… – I must confess to you.
– Stop! I am happy to die by your hands. I fear that if you don’t fight
with all your might, your master will be furious. Since you are going to die… Why do you still care about me? No matter what, I’ll never kill you. Don’t cry. If you keep it up,
I’ll start crying.She’s so sincere.
How can I lie to her?
I have to tell her the truth.What did I teach you during these 18 years?
Never trust a man. You call yourself a woman? You can never have feelings for a man. Preserve your
precious virginity. When you have the emblem of justice, train and
attain perfection. Honor your school and fulfill my wish. You cry for a man! A man who comes from the Valley
of the Criminals. You disappoint me. Forgive me, master. You are not worthy
to be my student. I will do my best tomorrow. Swallow this.
Perfect. It’s a lethal poison.
You have to win. Otherwise, you won’t get the antidote and you’ll die. I am grateful to you. – I’ll take it.
– No! We’ll meet at the finals. Why? There are only four finalists left. They will be divided into two groups.
Hua Wu Que versus Small Fry. Master Kong versus Jade Kong. has begun.
The match… Wu Que !
Let’s do it.
Hua Wu Que! The rules forbid any
interruption of a fight. Let go of her!
You attacked him from behind. That’s unacceptable. Even if we forgive you,
Mr. Yin will not tolerate this. Your former husband.
Who left you. What?
It’s over between us… You left your own child and adopted an orphan in its place. “A couple separates
and reunites” Hua Wu Que.
“Flowers bloom, flowers die.”
Hua Wu Que! Do you have any regrets? I have regrets.
But I made no mistake. No mistake?
Why did you attack him? Didn’t you know
that he’s your son? My son? My son? It’s definitely him. No, he’s not my son! He is your son. – No.
– Yes. He’s not my son! No, he’s not my son…
It’s the truth.
No. You’re an unworthy mother. You almost killed him.
Aren’t you ashamed? How can you dare look him in his face. My son can’t live
in the Valley of the Criminals. lmpossible…
I am a monster! Forgive me, my son! Mother… She’s weak.
Finish her off. Witch,
how dare you disturb the order? I beg your pardon, my son! I destroyed my sons life! Master!
Mother! This is the famous antidote. Hold on.
Get them. Let’s get out of here! Where are they? We killed her
in the spirit of justice. If you want to punish me, I will accept my fate. You’ve done well. Small Fry and Hua Wu Que left. Master Kong and his son are going to compete in the finals. One moment, Master, Father. How can a son compete
against his father? Right. I declare therefore that the victor is Master Kong Pic-Hok. Your Excellencies.
Wait. Dear Sirs, the competition indicates Master Kong as the winner.
However, we will not entrust
the emblem of justice to him. Somebody has informed us
about his crimes. In this book I have hard evidence. A young hero risked his life
by stealing it from some thieves. On March 21st, Kong ordered us
to plunder a convoy. We received 800.000.
Two million taels. On July 14th, The abduction of the girl of Chin. Three million. Received a million.
We killed the girl. On November 7th, Kong tells us about the flood
donation. It was stolen. Hundreds of millions.
Only half comes back to us. We received fifty million. You’re in alliance with bandits. You deserve death. I am innocent! No way.
It’s your own son who entrusted us this book. I can’t stand this anymore. You went too far. I am your son. But I cannot
tolerate your acts. I will kill you!
You… Go ahead! Strike me! If you have remorse,
my death will have served a reason. Father, pull yourself together. – Father?
– Bastard. You betrayed your father? We were almost there.
If I hadn’t done it, I’d have waited ten years
or more for this title. He is dead…
Rest in peace.
Father! You killed my father… Don’t be upset.
You’ve done the right thing. You have our support. Dear Sirs,
the emblem of justice returns to Jade Kong.
He has become the new sovereign. I’m not very skilled in kung-fu.
I do not deserve this position. No, you are very worthy of it. Are you a virgin? Perfect. Your body is pure. We will help you
to enrich your internal energy. We will teach you
the supreme technique. You will be invincible. Congratulations. We will teach you
the technique of Frozen Jade. The supreme technique. I did it!
I attained the ultimate state. Fist of Ice and Fire. We are exhausted. You are vulnerable. Rest a little. We are not only exhausted. You will have
to protect to us for three months. Got it. You always need to get rid of
your enemies when they are weak. With this blow,
I damaged three of your nerves. You will never be able to use kung fu again. Why did you do that? It’s demanding for you to
transmit your knowledge every eighteen years. So I will be sovereign for life.
No more tournaments. You are sly! Sly?
If that were the case… you would have died.
Here is a million. now leave! We better leave. At least,
we have some money. You…
Jade. Let us go.
How dare you call me Jade? Forgive me. Your Honor. Why not eliminate them? Are you crazy? Use your brain. From now on I am sovereign.
If I kill them, I will be under suspicion. Spread the news.
They’re transporting a million and and can’t defend themselves. There are more than enough people
who will want to kill them. When they get killed, I shall avenge them. And everybody will recognize
me as a hero. What a good idea! You are my uncle and my master. Be faithful to me and
I could be very generous. Do you remember that I promised to marry you? It wasn’t a joke? It was a promise. Life and death are hanging by a thread… Even after we’ve gone through
some terrible times, I’ll still continue to love you, for the rest of our lives. I would like to be your husband for the rest of my life. Let’s go make this official. Congratulations to the groom. Congratulations to the bride. Let us begin the ceremony. Small Fry, I am cold… Drink this wine,
it’ll warm you up. Yin. I entrust this couple to you. Bow to the heavens. Bow to the father. Bow to each other. Why are you crying?
It’s such a special day. That’s enough! We must be cheerful! You know that I won’t live through
the night. Why marry me then? I want to marry.
You are the only one To be your husband for a day, will fill me with happiness. Darling. Darling. – Who’s making so much noise?
– I am going to see. I am cold, everything is black! Enemies?
Don’t be afraid. Look after her. How dare you come here?
I’ll accompany you.
Stay where you are. Beat it! They are
the Two Sovereigns. We must kill them. You are the Two Sovereigns? Yes. The representatives of justice. Why are you afraid of them? Jade set a trap for us.
Our powers are lost forever. Give us the million
or we kill you. A million? Jade gave us this money.
Since then, they’ve been following us. Give it to me
and I’ll take care of this. Give it to him. – Quickly.
– They’ll leave. You promised to help us. I only promised to take your money,
not protect you. Wait. If you fight
against the two of us, are you sure you’ll win? Our chances are equal.
What’s the point in killing each other? If you want to leave… I’d like to keep this money… Here’s the money.
You could share it. What do you think of that? It’s a deal. Accepted. Why is he marrying her? She’s going to die soon. Don’t you have anything better to say? Say something nice! Fine.
I think she’ll make it till dawn. We are responsible.
We have to save her at all costs. Jade destroyed the only antidote. That’s not true. Two people
can use their energy There is no hope.
He’s right.
to cancel the effect of the poison. You don’t have enough power left. He is a grand master of martial arts. Ridiculous. He’s a vegetable.
He can’t help us. He is like a chest
without a key. If we find the key,
his power will be released. I will teach you how to
stimulate the right nerves Really? to transfer his energy to your body.
So, you can save your wife. Father, this is a desperate case.
He’s right. If you want to help us, give me a sign. What are you waiting for?
Thank you, father.What did you say?Your wife is beautiful.He’s giving you a compliment.This is unbelievable. Do you want to try? Looks like it’s working.Darling, thank your father
on my part. I feel much better.
I am happy to hear that.He already knows.
You can stop now…
He’s dead.
Father.He joined his wife
as he wished. Yin! He transmitted all his energy
so that his son can take revenge. To take revenge? But Jade mastered
the supreme technique. There is a much more powerful
technique than his. It’s called the Sword of the Couple. Only a couple deeply
in love can carry it out. The Sword of the Couple?
You then become
ten times as powerful. You are the ideal couple
for this technique. Do you think that this
technique is unstoppable? I don’t have the slightest idea.
We’ve never tried it. We have to try it or Jade will be after us forever. You’re right. Don’t forget: the power of the sword
increases with your love. This sounds amusing.
Let us try too. I envy them. Are you lovers? Don’t we look like it? Then you are going to
learn another one. Will do. Let us greet our sovereign. Long life to the sovereign! I will do my best to deserve this honor. It’s been fifteen days since, your sovereign discovered
the true identity of the Two Devils. He also captured six Criminals. We will execute them,
then annihilate their home. l promise this to you. Bravo! These men are volunteers to participate in the demonstration of
the supreme technique. Light becomes darkness
and darkness becomes light. How dare you come back? I didn’t die yet. You killed your own father. You’re not worthy of being here! Don’t be upset with them.
Bring some wine. It’s a misunderstanding between us.
Let’s take a glass. I am going to explain everything to you. Everything will be fine.
Speak up. The sovereign admires you a lot. Cheers! You used this wine to kill my
mother. Now it’s your turn. How could you move so quickly? We trained hard,
contrary to you. What did you think? He would’ve killed you
after he got rid of us. That’s not true, is it? You helped him kill his father,
as well as my master. He will kill you one day. He also wants to kill the Two Sovereigns.
You know too much about it.
No, he’ll never do it! I’m your master.
Tell them that you won’t kill me! I’ll find you.
Let’s go. Why did we come here?
Follow me. I don’t want to hurt the innocent. He will follow us. Where is he? So much progress in so little time!
He is very close. Your technique is not invincible.
I’ll prove it to you. Really?
I’d like to believe you. He’s very powerful. Relax.
You need some encouragement. That wasn’t enough?
Here is a little more. What are you still capable of?
Show me. It’s my turn.
It’s our turn! More encouragement.
This is our chance. I need more than that. These emblems spoiled the life
of many people. Throw them away. We need to keep them.
If our children misbehave, we can spank them with these. Let’s go. They’re such a nice couple. I envy them. We can be the exact same way if we… – No way.
– Why? You slept with a horse… Go screw an ox,
and we’ll call it even.

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