ARRI Interview: Giovanni Macedonio about “The Loony Boxer”

We prep the short movie
a lot before shooting because we shot in two and a half days. On set new knew exactly what we had to do. The camera helped me for such
a low-budget project like this to save and economise in many other areas I wanted to work differently from
the approach I’d been taught in school I mean “using the rules and guidelines” but trying to make them my own by learning,
understanding, reinterpreting them There are some scene that are quite.
I’d say international such as the “bar scene” a scene couldn’t be able to say
whether this short movie has been shot in Rome, Naples, Australia, Us, Uzbekistan. “Ok it’s alright” I didn’t use Fresnel Spotlights all the lightning is with
practical lights in the shot all the lamps could be framed this is something this
camera allows you to do I decided to invest the small budget I had on this camera in order to be able to use my own lamps, commercial lamps. Behind the singer there are a
couple of bars full of lightbulbs that I personally built because I wanted to shot in all angles. There wasn’t any spot we couldn’t frame. “Renati what are you doin’ here?” “Don’t, it’s not the right time” “Hey, what’s wrong? –
Don’t touch me Pino, Don’t touch me ”. Starting to work on this job, consciously
dealing with low budget projects, is not smart to demand special features
for lightnings or huge power groups. KW are not useful at this point, I believe I shot with Zeiss Super Speed lenses but I never shot in full aperture and again, the Alexa allows
you to work that way I never went up on ISO, I
shooted at t.2 more or less. The color correction in the
lab lasted for three hours. The colorist was really good. There was no need to intervene to repair I sat down with him, we talked 10 minutes and we started to work, in
three hour it was done. If I had to thank someone,
that would be the first dop with whom I worked as a
trainee eight years ago. Alessandro Pesci. He’s very demanding, still now but he actually taught me everything I know everything I can now implement
and put into practice.

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