Anthony Joshua on Boxing’s Biggest KO’s

CheekySport Dave here in London With the one and only Unified heavyweight champion And William Hill ambassador Anthony Joshua How you doing Cheeky? I’m doing good my bro Eh listen I’m doing real good Obviously this year we’ve seen Loads of KOs this year A lot of knockouts So we’re gonna run through about five About five knockouts from this year Up first Bellew vs Haye The second one Good head movement there from Bellew David Haye’s a quick handed heavyweight He came up from cruiserweight as well actually So they keep their speed But Bellew It’s interesting Because I feel like he was so People underestimated him a lot Especially David Haye and he went in there And he done this That was an unbelievable left hook I think he’s known for his left hooks as well If you ask around boxing, people will tell you about his left hooks Man was doing the skanky leg I don’t wanna talk about that It’s tough, it’s tough But Bellew is very, very underestimated in my opinion Absolutely. I agree Alright, cool Up next, we’ve got Khan vs Lo Greco You seen this one? You know what it is It’s the follow-up shot The one-two You think that’s it and he’s so quick He throws another one-two It’s the follow up shot that he didn’t think of And that’s the inches and margins in boxing Alright, cool That’s that one How would you rate that one anyway? Khan’s win? Not so high Because he’s not a top level opponent, that guy I hear that No we’ve got Whyte vs Browne You know what I mean This fight If you watch a fighter I can’t remember who Samuel Peter knocked out But it’s a replica of that knockout How he threw the overhand right Then came back with the left hook And that’s what I say It’s like history repeats itself There’s certain things That we’re doing today If you look back it’s quite similar To what the old fighters were doing years ago That knockout is so similar to a knockout I watched Samuel Peter He was a Nigerian heavyweight They called him the Nigerian Nightmare If you’re into boxing and you know what I’m talking about Let us know so I can go back and find that fight And Dillian done well I said it would be round 6 I was right again I knew it would be round 6 The oracle Yeah I got that one right I remember What else is it with that fight? It kind of announces Dillian again That he’s a knockout artist He’s chasing the Wilder fight So it was a good win He needed that type of win He shouldn’t be going 10, 12 rounds With someone like Browne He should be getting in there and knocking him out And it was a good time to knock out Browne Absolutely, absolutely Up next It’s you You have to be in there You see what I’m saying You vs Povetkin Yeah What were your thoughts coming into that bad boy I was just mash up Just mash up I was ill It was just a really hard camp But we got the W And that’s what matters Do you know what I mean What I noticed with Povetkin Is that not many fighters have hit him With the one-two So that’s why I wasn’t really throwing that one-two as much He’s very good Remember A tall fighter Will always probably fight fighters the same height But a short fighter is only fighting tall guys So they know, they’ve adapted and accustomed To fighting tall guys So he was very good at avoiding a tall guy’s style Jab, one-two, one-two, hook So I had to adapt And I figured him out Coming over the top there you can see Through the middle Trying to land shots from any angle So I had to adapt And I started jabbing him to the body Which I knew would take a lot of his energy out And when the time is right You just bring the shot over the top it’s like what they call in basketball the smokescreen Shoot down to the bottom And then bring it over the top And then obviously Usyk Bellew Yeah Obviously Bellew’s a… Yeah, no no… It’s a good performance from Bellew And a good performance from Usyk He had Bellew at the right time of his career Fighting isn’t about how good you are It’s about taking fights at the right time So it’s great management by his team But Bellew, a good fighter, a big name in the UK On his way out For that fight alone I give them both 50/50 It was a good fight for both of them Listen, AJ, always a pleasure The most amount of love

68 thoughts on “Anthony Joshua on Boxing’s Biggest KO’s

  1. Shame Joshua needs the ref to stop all his fights for him, he doesn't have a single legitimate KO to his name.

  2. So when haye got knocked out by bellew it was because bellew was underestimated but when usyk knocked out bellew it was because he caught him at the wrong time & on the way out? 🙄

  3. Honestly, not exaggerating, when Dillian KO'd Brown like that, my initial thoughts for about 2-3 seconds were "shit! I hope he isn't dead! Please get up! Or just move"! That was a brutal knockout! And it came shortly after 2 British boxers lost their lives in the ring, so i was thinking the worse!

  4. It’s cool that AJ is flying the flag for Samuel Peter but if you have a look at Peter’s record; the only opponent names you’ll recognise are guys that he lost to.


  6. come on AJ are you serious? Usyk would have destroyed Bellew at any point in his career, there is no catching Toney at the right time….

  7. Young prime povetkin would not have been koed , AJ koed old povetkin Why because AJ couldnt ko young prime Joseph parker won by UD so young prime Wladmir or povetkin could have beaten AJ , AJ is not a Lennox Lewis yet , And when you look at USA heavy weight only wilder And this baby miller others cant beat AJ impossible in my opinion heavyweight is not as in 1970-2003 l dont believe.

  8. I really do think that when AJ does hang up his gloves,he ought to go into commentry….again,I would love to shake hands with AJ… massive respect to him…he's got my respect…

  9. So is he ever going to fight Fury or Wilder? Preferably Fury since we all know there is some corrupt shit going on in the US matches against Wilder.

  10. No disrespect to AJ , but William Hill ambassador? Bookies continually exploit the poor just like the lottery. Look at the ratio of betting shops to other premises in areas of deprivation. Don't feed the vampires.

  11. Feel bad for Khan. Everyone said he couldn’t come back strong and he annihilated Greco and still gets criticism. Smh

  12. The Sam Peter KO was against Jeremy ‘Half Man, Half Amazing’ Williams. Great and scary KO.

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