Anthony Joshua – Heavyweight Legacy?

This is Rummy’s Corner. I don’t know shit about boxing. These are exciting times to be a fan of heavyweight
boxing. Last Saturday night in a heavyweight championship
contest that was televised in the US by the relatively new powerhouse streaming app service
known as DAZN – unified IBF/WBA/WBO heavyweight world champion Andy Ruiz Jr defended his belts
against the man he beat to become the unified champion – Anthony Joshua! Back in June, Andy Ruiz Jr scored a sensational
upset victory when he stopped Joshua by 7th round stoppage. Joshua had gotten off to a good start, and
he dropped Ruiz with a crisp combination in round 3. But Ruiz persevered and battled back, and
he dropped Joshua twice in that very same round. Ruiz knocked Joshua down twice more in round
7 before referee Michael Griffin had ultimately seen enough. How did Ruiz beat Joshua? For starters, Ruiz was patient, poised, and
had an excellent strategy. The main thing Ruiz was able to do that made
him successful, was that he was mostly looking to stand his ground and counter whenever AJ
attacked and got into mid-range. The strategy worked, and Ruiz Jr made history. What was different in the rematch, and how
did Joshua get his revenge? Joshua similarly exhibited great patience
in the rematch, and he also had an excellent strategy where he made the proper adjustments
to his fight plan. Joshua was able to keep things at long range,
and he was able to smother Ruiz whenever he got inside. Joshua also exhibited tremendous discipline
in not making himself vulnerable by overextending with unnecessary combinations, and when he
did throw punches in combinations, he was typically only doing so when the angles and
distance were favorable to him. In short, the main thing AJ was able to do
this time around, was making Ruiz come to him, where Joshua was able to pick and choose
his spots. AJ wisely rarely ventured into mid-range,
and this forced Ruiz to attack rather than hold his ground looking for countering opportunities. The result was a lopsided unanimous decision
in favor of Joshua. What Joshua lacked in adaptability inside
the ring during their first encounter, he more than made up for with the adaptability
he showed in his stellar preparations for the rematch. I had my doubts that Joshua would be able
to pull this off. I thought he’d need to make too many little
changes to his style, and didn’t believe he’d be able to make all of these changes in just
six months. I was clearly wrong! Not only was Joshua able to make all of these
changes, but the execution of his strategy was nothing short of brilliant as reflected
by his dominant victory. So AJ made history by becoming a two-time
heavyweight champion. That puts him in a fairly exclusive group,
and he accomplished this by defeating the man he lost his championship against to achieve
this. A fairly recent historical example of this
is the situation involving Lennox Lewis and Hasim Rahman, when Rahman scored a shocking
upset knockout against Lewis, and Lennox avenged that loss with a devastating highlight reel
knockout of his own. Joshua may not have scored a sensational knockout
to avenge his loss and regain his titles the way Lennox did, but even so, I think what
AJ accomplished was equally definitive. Beyond that, I believe what Joshua did was
actually more impressive, because when Rahman stopped Lewis, it was a single well timed
punch that did him in. With Joshua, he wasn’t dropped and stopped
by a single punch – indeed, Joshua was being thoroughly outboxed and outfoxed by Ruiz in
most facets of their first contest. But this time, Joshua put on a boxing masterclass
as he showcased an entirely new dimension to his game. Make no mistake, Ruiz’s victory back in June
was no fluke. It was no �lucky punch�, and to claim
so does a great disservice to both Ruiz and Joshua. Ruiz earned his victory in June, every bit
as much as AJ earned his in the rematch. With the victory, Joshua has re-established
himself as one of the top three heavyweight champions in boxing today, along with WBC
champion Deontay Wilder and lineal heavyweight champion Tyson Fury. Considering the fact that Joshua is the biggest
draw among this trio of heavyweight champions, that largely puts Joshua in the driver’s seat
– and as such, Joshua has the opportunity to choose his own path. Will Joshua look to build himself a timeless
legacy by actively seeking out the fights that can potentially make him a heavyweight
legend? I think he could, and I sure hope he tries! If Joshua can become the lineal heavyweight
champion, this would solidify his claim beyond reproach as the �real� champion. And if Joshua can add the WBC title to his
existing collection of three major world championship belts, he can stake a claim as undisputed
heavyweight champion if he is in possession of all four major world titles. And if he can do both – if he can earn a valid
claim to the lineage, and if he can win the WBC while keeping hold of the three titles
he now has – that would make AJ the baddest man on the planet! And we haven’t seen a heavyweight champion
who held every major world title of his day along with a valid claim to the lineage since
the great Lennox Lewis himself accomplished this feat back in 1999. Fortunately for AJ – if the rematch between
Wilder and Fury goes ahead as rumored in February, he would be just one victory away from making
heavyweight history in the modern era. So with Anthony Joshua being the biggest draw
among the three heavyweight champions, he is in the best position of the three to make
this happen – IF, that is, he truly cares about carving out a meaningful heavyweight
legacy that can solidify him beyond any shadow of a doubt as the best heavyweight in this
era. So assuming a Wilder-Fury rematch carries
forward as expected sometime early next year, the would-be winner of that rematch will likewise
have a potential legacy-defining moment with a unification bout for all the heavyweight
marbles against AJ. This is what the heavyweight division needs,
and this is what boxing fans deserve! It’s back to the point where any match-up
involving Joshua, Wilder, and Fury that isn’t against one of the other three is an inherently
inferior match-up. That’s not to say that someone else can’t
score a shocking upset the way Ruiz did back in June. But the opportunity exists RIGHT NOW for all
three of these heavyweight champions to settle matters once and for all. And with AJ being the huge draw right now,
if he really wants it, all he has to do is demand the winner. I know that there are some contractual considerations
that may complicate things in an undesirable fashion. But back in the day, if HBO and Showtime were
able to come together to bring us megabouts between Lennox Lewis and Mike Tyson, and more
recently between Floyd Mayweather Jr and Manny Pacquiao – I sincerely believe the money is
there that similar compromises can be reached regarding broadcasting rights. And this again all boils down to the fact
that Anthony Joshua is the big draw right now. If he truly wants it, I’m betting he can make
it happen if he shows a willingness to compromise and a desire to dare and be great.Same goes
for Fury and WIlder, compromise is the key. I for one, hope Joshua does whatever it takes
to make a fight against the winner of the Wilder-Fury rematch, because based on Joshua’s
stellar performance this past weekend – he has proven to be an absolute ace when it comes
to pre-fight preparation and sublime execution. And in an ironic way, losing to Ruiz might
well prove to be the greatest thing AJ could have hoped for in terms of carving a legacy
for himself. Is Anthony Joshua now in the midst of building
a long lasting heavyweight legacy? Time will tell. But I for one, hope he does. AJ has already made his mark in the long rich
history of heavyweight boxing. But if he wants to create a long lasting legacy
among heavyweight legends, he needs a valid claim to the lineage, and he needs that WBC
strap. Thanks for watching everyone, hope you enjoyed,
and have a wonderful night. This is Rummy’s Corner.

100 thoughts on “Anthony Joshua – Heavyweight Legacy?

  1. I need more evidence of Joshua's greatness–or even POTENTIAL for greatness–than his beating a fat jelly roll of a club fighter who handed him his lunch the first time out. Moreover, because of the way boxing has always worked, I'd be surprised if he doesn't take on a series of uninspiring challengers as a way of fattening his bank account first while continuing to stay as clear of the United States as possible. The signature win over the 40+ year-old Klitschko 3 years ago remains the closest thing to a particularly impressive moment that comes to mind in a career I'm still waiting to be blown away by. When he squares off against either Wilder or Fury (and NOT 15 years from now, please) I will take interest for sure, but until then I want more than his beating guys he's SUPPOSED TO beat before I will get excited about him.

  2. Joshua isnt the top heavyweight. Wilder is. The only way to become lineal champion is to beat wilder and thay nigates Furys fake title as lineal champion. And wilder is the biggest draw. So many things in this video a Blatant lie. N contradictions. Because they wouldnt have highlighted Lenox as the Last lineal champion. To be lineal champ you hadda have all 4 belts. So how is Fury Lineal champ? He isnt and Lewis was the last champion. Joshua is running from Wilder and Fury and knows he cant beat either. Amazing how this channel a so called expert knows nothing. The best heavyweight is in fact wilder. Champion since 2005 before and after AJ. Old media is over. I hope the pay checks made were worth your name.

  3. AJ will never be known as a real unified Champion until he stops running from Wilder and Fury. Mike Tyson ran from no one, he took on anyone who put their hand up. AJ , if he really was a worthy World Champion, he would have destroyed the little fat out of shape Ruiz in two rounds. Even the so called fake Lennox Lewis spent his early years running and hiding from Mike Tyson. Trust me , AJ is not that great in the ring, in two years time, he’ll be just another has been, and in Five years he’ll be just like Lewis is now, talking shit on You Tube that no takes any notice of, and people won’t even remember him.

  4. @Rummy's Corner Love the content Rummy and love the channel, keep up the great work! a few things i would question though playing devils advocate…remember just playing devils advocate,

    1. Joshua after becoming a champion with his defeat of Charles martin actively chased unification against all belt holders taking on Vlad and Parker and trying to get wilder to agree terms. in an even longer time frame Wilder has not chased any kind of unification with more than tweets. he had the chance to fight vlad for all the marbles before fury got his shot and turned it down as proved with correspondence from shelley finkle himself. he turned down 100m+ for a 3 fight deal with DAZN guaranteeing him a fight with AJ and a unification he turned it down, he never chased parker or any other champion in the post vlad era unless they were tied to a mandatory already (expect him to be calling AJ now that he has IBF and WBO mandatory V Pulev and Usyk to deal with) so what i'm saying is surely the ball is in wilder's court now? he keeps asking for one face one name one champion but never actually makes a move for belts.

    2. Fury V vlad and the lineage, does getting stripped of your titles for drug use and taking two years out not invalidate his claim somewhat ? just curious as there are no set rules for determining lineage other than the man who beat the man, but that leads to the second point of this paragraph. the fury v vlad fight was possibly the worst ive seen vlad fight in over a decade prior, some think he threw the fight on purpose for for becoming 3x champ and securing a huge payday in his last fight. i dont think an olympian and sportsman of Vladimir's intelligence and integrity would do that but the fact remains that the Vlad who fought AJ was far stronger far lighter on his feet and far more dangerous. this can of course be caveat-ed by Fury's movement and feinting disrupting Vlad combined with maybe an under estimation of fury by the klitschko camp.

    3. Deontay Wilder and Legacy. this is where i think we diverge the most in our opinion, i think that without a shadow of doubt Wilder's record and title defences are a forgery. no less than 10 of his 42 bouts are against boxers registered as cruiserweights atleast one of whom fought as light as super middleweight and is 5'9. Many of his defences are against fighters who were either not in the top ten at all, banned from the rankings entirely, coming off 3 year layoffs or simply of a level that a champion should be well above. despite fury's claim to the lineage he was in his own words not ready for the fight and in awful shape. the only credible defence in terms of ranking aside from breazeale who was gifted his mandatory status due to pbc and wbc avoiding giving Dillian White his due's is Luis Ortiz, at the time of their first fight he was highly regarded and held up as a boogeyman, but his record is much like wilders no credible top ten fighters on it at all aside from wilder not to mention he is much older than advertised and clearly not the dangerous fighter his record and publicity suggests. you can context all of this with aj's record he has consistently fought reigning and former world champions and has consistently fought fighters in the top ten of the rankings since his first world title bout with charles martin. i do not believe Wilder would have anything like his current record had he fought the same calibre of opponent as AJ. he is a powerful puncher without doubt but he needs to be tested by top ten competition or his only legacy will be to go down as the most protected and padded champion in history. the only time he has been tested to a sufficient level is by a 3 years on the couch Fury who embarrassed him for large portions of the fight and in most people's opinion won the decision.

    again only playing devils advocate 🙂 love your content and keep it going i loved your chronology of the 90's video as thats my favourite Era of boxing 🙂

  5. The guy from this channel talking like AJ is the best boxer in modern history xD lol he's a good boxer but they've inflated him just because of his looks. He seems amateur at times

  6. The champ is still active and in his prime. Don’t you think that it’s too early to talk about his legacy at this point of time ?
    We can talk about his accomplishment up to now.
    Legacy, … Seriously.

  7. Legacy? He beat the milkman for the title, got knocked out HARD by the Pillsbury Dough Boy, then won the title back by being terrified of an overweight fat ass… Legacy! Lol.

  8. AJ ran like a chicken without a head. Had Ruiz been in shape he beats AJ everytime. AJ is a paper champ. Fought Ruiz scared to death.

  9. Fury will likely try to do to Wilder what Joshua did to Ruiz. Outbox, outjab, and win a 12 round, rather boring victory like his snoozefest against Klitscko. I think he’s the more likely winner, though I find myself hoping Wilder catches him with a knockout early.

    Before this Ruiz rematch I would have had either Fury or Wilder beating Joshua, but the skills he learned for this fight will help him immensely against both of them, so this gets even more interesting.

    Ruiz let success go to his head and to his waist. Here’s hoping some discipline gets him back in shape. I personally would like to see Joshua or Ruiz take on Ortiz. Both would be interesting fights.

    Then there is young Dubois, gaining even more weight and experience as he looks to maul everyone on his way to the top. Usyk is another who could stir things up.

    The more Joshua looks like Ali in body frame and less like Hercules the better, and he seems to know that now.

    Let’s get this done. We need a true monster battle for all the glory!

  10. I disagree Rummy! Wilder is the top dog! He fought and beat a fighter that everyone is afraid to fight, Luis Ortiz! He beat him twice so he's in the driver's seat and Fury is second! Joshua is like third or fourth! He has a loss! Great video overall!

  11. He is not taking that big ass punch from wilder i refuse to believe that. Im sorry i love aj but the knock power of wilder (paused to think for a second) no hell no

  12. Lineal champion does not mean nothing. And Fury quit, he ducked the rematch he would have lost against Klitschko, like Ruiz : overweight, money & fame for the first time, etc. So Klitschko is the lineal champion cuz till you won the rematch, you ain't the real champ. We seen it with Ruiz, it's the same thing for Fury.

  13. AJ losing all that muscle weight also resulted in him having greater stamina and speed which greatly contributed to his rematch victory.

  14. What do you mean by "I don't know shit about boxing "? You gotta be kidding. I've subscribed to your channel because you sure are an expert in boxing.

  15. losing to ruiz doesnt add to your legacy somebody explain this like ya two time champ but hes not the same guy the real aj knocks out ruiz no problem he lost then ran around thats good but it wont work against fury or wilder so the real aj before ruiz is gonna have to come back if he wants to unify that is if eddie hearn will ever let wilder near him

  16. The pressure is getting to him. He knows that its looking pretty ugly for him now. In spite of all the propaganda comming from his team, The People are seeing thru that bs and they are talking! #hypejob #paperchamp #canonlybeone #oneface #bombzquad

  17. Both fighters earned their victories here. I didn’t believe Joshua would change enough to win the rematch but he did. I own that. I still believe Fury will end up on top of them all as long as corrupted boxing doesn’t screw that up again.

  18. DEONTAY WILDER👑 OWNS the WBC HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION BELT …… COME GET IT !!!!!!!! BOMB ZQUAD…. TILL DIS DAY !!!!!!!!!👑💪💣🥊 AJ GETS KNOCKED DA FCK OUT!!!!! ……. and in the REMATCH …AJ gets KNOCK DA FCK OUT ……. AGAIN !!!!! …2× FASTER ……💪💣🥊…… 🗣BOMB ZQUADDDDDD …( personally, I like/respect AJ, "out the ring" )🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  19. …a big 'Well Done' to AJ…he's always liked to get involved but this time he jabbed and moved…stuck to it too…would've been easy to get in to a tear up but he kept to the game plan…he's nearly 30 so it shows that you never stop learning…will stand him in good stead if he ever fights Fury or Wilder…

  20. Anyone who' knows aj. Knows. Ruiz got lucky. Aj lost that first fight raver than Ruiz won it. I new the Rematch Would be different. And I know without Ruiz landing that 1 lucky punch in the 3rd. The first fight Would of been different. Ruiz didn't outbox AJ. He outboxed. A concused Joshua. Who didn't look himself from Before the fight even started Take nouthing away from Ruiz he won. Fair and square

  21. And. AJ is a gold medal Olympian. 2x world champion 3 times Unified. Collected 4 of 5 belts beat more champs than wilder. An fury put together. AJs the only 1 who's dared to be great out the lot. AJ could box. Like that. before this fight. Nouthings changed anyone who noes AJ noes he was messed up. In that first fight . AJs. The only 1. Who's stepped up AJs more great than them all on resume and champions beat and belts alone he . Could litrily have time to become a 3 time world champion whilst the Outhers struggle to beat bums. And claim there the best. Lol AJs proformance the outher night was great. And people won't Apresheate it untill the future it was more the pressure he was under than actuly Beating Ruiz. Coz anyone with a brain. New aj was guna box him. Ruiz got lucky the first time

  22. I'm so glad your on here to make Great detailed videos . I watched alot of your videos & clearly see your very knowledgeable of your boxing & unbiased unlike a whole bunch of these other channels that dont know shit about boxing their just fanboys they only keep up with this generations boxing & don't do alot of homework on the history of this sport

  23. AJ reminds me of Lennox Lewis. A guy who knows what his strengths are. Has a killer jab to establish distance. The more he boxes the better he gets. I can't wait to see what this young man has in stock for his bright future.

  24. Did anyone even notice that in the 1st fight the only reason he was able to stun AJ was a hit behind the Head n tried it In the 2nd

  25. An excellent video once again! Thank for giving AJ his just props. There are so many idiots out there saying it was a "lame fight" and that AJ "ran the whole night". He did what he had to do to maximize his chances for victory.

    Would a KO been sweeter to completely avenge his prior humiliation? Absolutely, I wanted him to KO Ruiz. He didn't but he did outbox him the whole night and that's pretty freaking sweet by itself. I really want AJ to fight the winner of the Feb. fight to get a chance for all the marbles. As you said, the money is huge if the companies finally stop bickering and agree to a deal that's beneficial for all.

  26. Interesting fact, before Joshua, only 3 people have lost the heavyweight title(s) and then won them back in an immediate rematch: Mohammad Ali, Floyd Patterson and Lennox Lewis. Joshua is the 4th.

    On a side note I think it’s going to be a while before we see Joshua vs Wilder/Fury because mandatories are backing up on those belts and they need to be done soon. I think the last mandatory done was over at year ago at least.

  27. wilder and his team has the biggest ego in history of boxing.they want more money than they deserve.why would this fight be 50-50 when wilder is not making half of what AJ makes per fight.Also team wilder was hesitant to fight in UK.The thing is its hard for team wilder to digest they are B side.Who was deontay fighting in his 24 th fight??

  28. AJ was always good but he get better now he learn how to move and box he is a deadly man right now

  29. He got exposed and frankly embarrassed by Ruiz in the first fight and needed 6 months to come back and make "adjustments" against an overweight boxer that he should never have needed to.
    AJ is no "legacy" no matter how delusional he is.

  30. In all honesty I think we have seen compromise on AJs side from the difference in the offers that were made to Fury and Wilder. Its maybe Fury and Wilder that need to learn the art of compromise as their 50/50 demands are holding up the fight

  31. Joshua is the best champion in the HW Division Beating Charles Martin for his first belt Wilder doesn’t even have a Carlos Takum in his resume AJ stopped Dominic breazeale in just 7rds Dillian Whyte this resume is better than Muhammad ALi

  32. Let's face it Joshua got a lot of help from Andy Ruiz coming into that fight grossly overweight, not letting his hands go and so on

  33. Much respect to AJ. I don't see him beating Wilder or Fury but he certainly has the tools to beat anyone so will be super fun to watch and find out

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