-Hey! Hey, Chocolate Ball! Hey! Chocolate Ball… -[growls] -Hey Chocolate Ball, why are you wearing a scrunchy? -Hahaha, most annoying one, not all is what it seems. -Whoa, just like Grandpa Lemon. -Looks like I’m not the only one who lost his pants. -[laughs] -Hahaha, my name is Coconut, master of Kung Fruit and soon this very kitchen. -Oh, well, what do we have here? -[yells] -Uh-oh. [all yelling] -Ouch! -Hey, what’s going on in here? [Coconut yells, Pear groans] -[continues yelling] -Ow!!! -Yay! I made a new friend! -[yells] -Uh-oh. -[yells] -[screams, groans] Ow! -[evil laugh] My opponents lie vanquished. Their kingdom, mine to rule with an iron fist. -Sorry I’m late. Traffic was killer. -Whoa! What happened? Who was that coconut? -Did somebody just say “coconut”? -Hey, who said that? -I see you have a question. Maybe you should ask a ninja… fruit. -Umm… okay. Where am I? -In my shadowy dojo. -You mean under the stove? -Uh, maybe. This coconut you spoke of, does he practice–? -Kung Fruit? -Ah, and so returns my mortal enemy to wreak havoc upon the kitchen. -I don’t know about havoc, but he wrecked everything else. [laughs] -There’s no time for laughter. -Huh? -I will teach you the ancient ways of the ninja fruit so that you may return to the counter and destroy all that… needs… destroying. Mostly the coconut. -Uh,… wouldn’t it just be faster if you beat him up? -Yeah, I’m not gonna do that. -[groans] [electronic music playing] Thanks for everything, Ninja Fruit… especially the PJs. -Yes, your training’s almost complete. There’s actually one more thing that I can probably even teach you: machine wash cold and then tumble dry. -Umm… is that like wax on wax off? -Now, I made that myself. You let me know if it’s too sweet, okay? -Sellout. -Yeah, well check out your little buddy. -Twinkle, twinkle, little star How I wonder what you are -I love you, Marshmallow. -Silence! I… I sense a presence. Familiar… yet deadly. -Hey! Hey, shell-head. -Show yourself, foolish dog. -What’s crackin’? [laughs] -Whoa! -Hey, is that–? -Orange! -Aww. The annoying one is trained in the ways of my enemy. I will break you with the power of Kung Fruit! -Hey, hey Coconut. -Yes? -Eat my husk. [laughs] -Hahaha, prepare for doom. -Uh-oh. -Oh no! -Wait for it. -Waaahh…. -Wait for it… Hey, hey Coconut! Knife. -Whoa! -Ugh, that looks like a royal pain. [laughs] -Dude, that was so ninja. [all cheer] -Well done, my pulpy pupil. You defeated my mortal enemy and returned honor to the ninja fruits. -Yay! Thanks, sensei. -And I’m still gonna need the suit back. -Aww. -Come on, I told you it was a loaner. Captioned by SpongeSebastian

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