Announcement: Two Free Kendo Courses

Hi Hiro Imafuji here from Kendo-Guide.Com. Thank you for watching. I have an announcement. And you might have already noticed that I have two new courses going. one is called “Kendo Guide for Complete Beginners” and the other one is called “Kendo Guide for the Intermediate”. Now the first, Complete Beginners. This is for those who just started Kendo or who’s thinking to start kendo. And I’m using “Kendo Guide for Beginners” as a textbook and also I use old one, this book and my other videos are combined together. So I use those videos to introduce I mean to deepen your understanding and I added new videos as well so I am getting everything together. And so you can deepen your understandings of kendo at the beginning of your Kendo life. And the “Kendo Guide for the Intermediate” is if you are going for shodan exam and ni-dan exam san-dan exam, this is for you. So if you are 2-kyu or 1-kyu and shodan, ni-dan, you can take this course. Now it is said to pass shodan, ni-dan and san-dan exams, but I think this is reverse engineer. If you do kendo to pass those dans you should be improving your Kendo. Right? So instead of just doing kendo without knowing your goals I am going to, I’m explaining this is what you need. So do this do that. So you can improve your kendo towards that grade. So san-dan after san-dan, you have yon-dan exam, right? So you should be developing your kendo skills accordingly. Right? So you can go step by step, step by step. Not knowing where to go is awful. You know? You have to wander around and then you just don’t know where to go. So to avoid that I made this course. And then these courses have exact same contents as the members at Patreon get. But to be fair, because they are paid members, to be fair you get restricted access to those videos and written instructions. You get written instructions too in PDF files. So again to be fair with them you have only limited access. All right? So if you are willing to become a member, five dollars per month, you can get those written instructions and videos and you have access prior priority access to me so we can start having a conversation and then develop your Kendo more. But anyway you have two courses for free so feel free to join it. And if you like my videos and you want to support me anyway, Please consider to become a member at Thank you for watching and I’ll see you in more contents, kendo contents in the future. Thank you. I would like to send special thanks to patrons for their constant support through

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