Animation Kungfu Boy Episode 03 / Tekken Chinmi 03 English Subtitle

Translated by: @Sendlup Although the action but your eyes are innocent When near me you’re embarrassed and runs off Though ridiculed people you keep chasing your dream you are sured reached into a formidable tough man When you’re smiling I felt a bright hope Kung Fu boy … You are dancing in the air Can. .. stab into my heart Passion Boy … you’re very handsome hug me please my hero Once in a hundred years will be born a swordsman Chinmi is believed to be that of the Condor, was found by the monks of Rho and brought to the Dairin Temple Chinmi managed splitting of the Moon, the duties of the head of a Buddhist monk So the Dairin Temple College are accepted in But Chinmi must face the test of the next … OPEN THE EYES OF THE HEART TEST BECOMES THE FOREMOST CHOICE Dairin Temple, there are annual traditions learned on Mt. But to follow that practice, students must pass the test of wrote a very heavy However, this exam is the beginning of a workout weight Dairin Temple The test was called the exam opens eyes of the heart morning already… Today the exam opens the eyes of my heart, I will seek the strongest possible Haha … useless reply only beginning to exercise now What is..!! Hmm.. Laochu apparently you practice kungfu until morning huh? It looks like I who will be training at the mountain you know. .. Hahaha … You look tired, how can you fight me … haha if it turns to strength exams, how? You’re not sleep … How can you win against me … Heughh … You’re as construction laborers What!!! Gratuitous talk!! UH.. what sound is this? Look nearly.. Chinmi , almost test even still sleeping this way.. How stupid of him.. Chinmi wake up!!! Ah.. you’re already up o.. Hooray … meat bakpao breakfast … happy eating …. Woiy Chinmi. … Ouch it hurts!!! don’t you want to eat? then it will be for me. .. You’re okay eat that much? Why? if we didn’ t pass the exams this time, everything will useless Then are you worried not? I confused when starved Ahh … I was worried … hopefully not a written exam hopefully not strength exam Hi Goku … Learn now useless O.. Please … I was being chased by the villain Hey, you see young children through here? He fled in the direction of there Brash … They are the villains once? see you Laichi.. Although only a chicken, for Dairin Temple that very valuable hurry give it back!! I can’t see any chicken here the head monk … Yes. .. Yes. .. I’m not a chicken thief excuse me. .. Hehe … Basic varmint … Who she is? Her name is Laichi, she likes annoying peoples of Dairin Temple But.. how the head monk could know she hides the chicken? Look Chinmi To be able to see the actual Don’t just rely on the sense of sight In addition to the use of the eyes, and then what? With ankles? Hehe … the key is the concentration and open your heart eyes Eyes of the heart? Thanks for your help This is the cake for you Exercise on the mountain this time can only be followed By those who selected only Strenuous exercise to know yourself Heart … power … ability … All will participate tested here You must pass the three exams to be able to follow the exercise on the mountain Your master won’t pass Goku What if we bet If failed, I got the chicken If succeed, then you will get the cake gotcha … The first test was to climb a tree how important that free climbing until to the top where that tree that must be climbed? that one … the branches are already cut exfoliated bark but it also smeared with oil If we can’t climb the trees do not expect to exercise in the mountains hihi … they all failed try it Chinmi slick once ouch … well, it used to be fingers warming now.. start… is he a monkey ..? Chinmi pass. .. damn … I’m not strong enough.. I can’t continue Kintan, listen to me tie the rope with your body loins fighting.. Kintan pass. .. the second exam was to across the river Here’s how important is free way across until the other side of river if we float, died It seems a bit will pass this exam This time he definitely fails come on.. who wanna start first? I … come on.. fighting … watch out!! It shows my capacity Kintan Kintan fight … Kintan continues … stay a little longer Excellent … He did it, he was a Bull Dairin Temple indeed egh.. that child Kintan pass. .. Kintan succeed.. Chinmi thrilled .. can I pass this test? … the current is very strong wuooiiyy be careful not to drift thank you .. Chinmi departs I should be able, to be until it across deciding time Chinmi, from here the current is start to swift accelerate your moves .. Struggle. Chinmii … Translated by @Sendlup it seems must use ballast I can’t keep going.. Laochu .. hegh ..much heavier Chinmi .. it can be ..? The stone was brought Laochu to the edge eh .. where i am? .. come on Laochu .. What happened? the stone was brought you to the edge Chinmi.. Horray.. Chinmi and Laochu passed the last exams is made by the head monk open the eyes of the heart you all must be imprisoned until tomorrow And the head monk who will directly test you tomorrow final exam .. stay a little longer.. I will try I’m ready.. how about you .. You look tired already Laochu now, do not fight we’ll try and pass it together I will try yes .. if your master passed, you would be able to got the cake how is this .. I run out the money I went for a while.. you wait here spell book preparations have been completed the mighty Yellow dragon’s.. show your anger at the mountain top vibrated and create an earthquake there .. ah.. it didn’t worked why even earthquake here .. mountain vibrate .. hey .. help me goku eh .. what? so some calamity caused by the earthquake last Chinmi .. did you give up? some accident we could not go before our task is completed you want to give up and run .. hihi Goku show the way Chinmi .. wait.. you go ahead did you are waiting a year for this occasion .. carry on.. Chinmi .. but almost finished already .. so stupid Goku hurry .. Is this where the place? uh .. you are you okay? let’s get out of here ouch .. she fainted again useless .. can not be destroyed .. egh .. rainy.. Chinmi so long.. if you’re worried then come join him.. you .. one person has failed .. that so .. get out looking for help Goku I will also need to work .. if not .. but I’m going to do .. what should i do .. to see the truth, do not just rely on your senses of sight Concentrate yourself and open the eyes of your heart I could see the water droplets exposed stone .. I know .. I know .. here I managed .. we can get out akh brothers.. quick come out before collapsing again Goku thanks Kintan , Laochu .. ordeal? it seems we have to come again next year well so .. we just participate again next year haha Laichi .. do not worry, she just fainted we will take it to the Dairin Temple
hurry What you get last night? it seems like I saw something last night yes .. light in the darkness it was definitely a ray of truth yeah right .. we also see it Oh really.. yes, it’s better than someone who escaped while imprisoned sorry the head monk, looks like we have to come next year Hmm .. that her name was called simply forward Lao Yu, Gen Fu Sen, Lao Sai .. that the names was called .. ready .. exam again next year .. whose name was not called… you who pass the test but they have run down the mountain as an ascetic .. This is not just exam imprisoned but essentially open the eyes of the heart and Chinmi managed to do so .. there is a weak parts on a mountain rock, and part of it is broken Chinmi which concentrate can find the weakness with the eyes of his heart he could see the weak on the rocks, and managed to destroy it Kintan and Lao Chu killed the exam to help Chinmi spirit of kungfu is sacrificed themselves to help others I give you special permission to join the exercise on the mountain wuahh .. we will exercise in the mountains we should try.. I don’t want to lose .. Chinmi strive. Perched on a branch, both of you, the sky was raining stars Then we fantasize to see the sky above [I like you …] It’s hard to say I like you when you’re there around me … Silver Star fall with beautiful, miraculous Then I tell him close your eyes and make your wish When you open your eyes You will find your hands it is held tightly, me @Sendlup

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  1. lol this really doesn't follow the manga too much, still enjoyed it though. Interesting approach to have Jintan and that other dude pass. Please can u upload 1 and 2. It's kinda weird starting on episode 3 especially cause the girl is filler as well and she seems important to the anime.

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