Andrew J. Foy is a doctor and boxing promoter

My name is Andrew Foy, I’m an
academic cardiologist at Penn State Hershey Medical Center
that’s my full-time job but I’m a huge boxing fan I love the sport I’m the
owner of Titans boxing promotions and we’re going to be promoting our first
event on June 17th at the Pennsylvania Farm Show it’s going to feature five to
six local bouts all local fighters who were early in their career most of them
making their professional debuts I think the fitness level to be a boxer is
really it’s totally different than most other sports which either involve like a
tremendous amount of power or maybe a tremendous amount of speed or hand-eye
coordination or some sports require tremendous endurance boxing really
combines all those things into one and the best boxers are really just
incredible at all those things you speed power and dorrance I mean they’re really
the best of the best boxers are just the ultimate athletes in my opinion rock you
know I don’t think there’s anything quite like seeing boxing live and in
person and just the speed of it and kind of I guess the brutality to some extent
but it’s not really brutality just the athleticism you just can’t appreciate it
watching it on TV and seeing it in person and being up close to the action
it’s really a unique experience you know I saw my first show with a club
in Wilmington growing up and I just always loved the club scene and I
thought that you know to me club shows were really like the epitome of boxing
being live at you know a smaller kind of intimate venue that’s just jam-packed
with people so that’s what I’m trying to bring out at this event itself I think
you know I the venue the scale the setting all that was really important to
me and I think we picked the perfect arena for this and it should just be a
perfect setting to come and watch professional boxing guys making their
professional debuts and you know I hope that people enjoy it and
come back you

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