Ancient Indian – Chinese Connection Revealed at Mahabalipuram!

Hey guys, many of you have messaged me about
why the Indian Prime Minister Modi has chosen Mahabalipuram to meet the Chinese President
Xi Jinping. This meeting is happening today. Mahabalipuram is a very ancient site, and
these 2 big powers meeting in this area has sparked a great interest. Why are they meeting here? Because of the history between India and China
which spans for more than 2000 years. This area around Mahabalipuram was ruled by
a dynasty called the Pallava, and let us take a look at this ancient temple built by Pallavas
called Tiruparameswara Vinnagaram. And here, the walls are adorned with thousands
of Hindu Gods and human beings, but here you can find something very strange. A chinese figure. He must be a very important figure, because
this is a big size carving and it is flanked by plenty of helpers. He is in a seated position and his moustache
is pointing down along with a slim, narrow beard – these are classic features showing
that he is chinese. Who is he? And why is he carved in this ancient temple? This is a Chinese traveler by the name of
Faxian also known as Fa-Hien in India. He visited India around 400 A.D, yes that
is 1600 years ago. And we are looking at this historical carving
in this same area – Mahabalipuram, and this temple belongs to same Pallava dynasty . The
place where the Indian leader and Chinese leader are meeting now is less than 40 miles
from this temple. And Faxian did not come alone, because we
can see more carvings of Chinese people carved in the same temple. Here is a thinner chinese figure. You can see that he has a long beard and a
pointy moustache. You can see his sharp nose, and he carries
a typical chinese umbrella. This is a clear trademark of Chinese travelers. He is shown pointing his finger to a Giant
Hindu God. Of course that is a mystery which needs to
be solved. But, there must be a reason why both leaders
are specifically meeting in Mahabalipuram. The reason is this. Mahabalipuram area is considered the birthplace
of Bodhidharma, which even has a carving of him. Bodhidharma was Pallava prince who renounced
his Royal life, and went to China, also around 400 or 500 A.D, about the same time as Faxian. He is considered the founder of Shaolin Kung
Fu, and respected as a great philosopher who is widely worshiped in China. So, who traveled first? Did Indians go to China first? Or did Chinese come to India before them? It appears that Indians went to China first,
specifically for spreading Buddhism. Remember, Buddhism was born in India and then
gradually spread to a lot of a Asian countries. In fact Buddhism is now much more popular
in China than India. Buddhist missionaries from India went to China
even 2000 years ago, to spread the teachings of Lord Buddha. The very first recorded Chinese travelers
like Faxian and Xuanzang came to India to learn about the origin of Buddhism, which
means Buddhism had already spread far and wide in China before them. But in the last 1500 years, there must have
been plenty of trade and commerce going back and forth between China and India. Ancient Hindu temples show a lot of Chinese
figures in their carvings. The Indian word ‘Cheeni’ meaning white sugar,
clearly shows that it originally came from China. Not only do temples like Brihadeeswara temples
show Chinese figures, plenty of Chinese artifacts were found even in palaces of Indian kings
from 10th century. And most of these historical and archeological
evidences are found in the southernmost state of Tamil Nadu, around the Mahabalipuram area. So now you know why Mahabalipuram was selected
for the meeting between the Indian and Chinese leaders. History just repeats itself and we can expect
more trade and commerce to flow between the 2 countries, just like the last 2000 years. China is currently India’s largest trading
partner and this will probably continue in the future, just like the past. I hope you liked this video, I am Praveen
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  2. As usual another fascinating video Praveen. I just love your stuff. Keep up the good work. I may never be able to visit India myself but I can enjoy your videos. Thanks for that.

  3. There is a very old connection between Tamil Nadu and China
    We fid these informations even in Wikipedia:

    போகர் or Bogar or Bhogar or Boganathar or Boyang was a Tamil siddhar who lived sometime between 550 and 300 BC. Described in several traditions and texts, he describes his native roots in his book "Bogar 7000". Bogar went from Tamil Nadu to China and taught about enlightenment, this is also mentioned in his book Bogar 7000. Bogar is said to be in "Nirvikalpa Samadhi" below the sanctum sanctorum of Palani Murugan hill temple. Kalangi Nathar was the guru of Bhogar (or Bhogarnathar). Kalangi Nathar was from Benaras. Kalangi Nathar and Bogar were considered to possess an ideal master and student relationship. It is said that they had a mutual care among both of them in their own spiritual progresses. Kalangi Nathar, especially took more care and strain towards the spiritual advancement of his disciple bogar. Kalangi Nathar was behind Bogar's every development and his innovations for the world.

    He is often referred to us Kanjamalai Siddhar. The word "kanjam" stands for the following meaning — gold, copper and Iron and malai means hill. It is said that Paranthaka Chozha who built Sri Nataraja temple with golden roof, took the gold from this hill. Also the water falls seen in this hill is called "Ponni Nadhi".

    He is the disciple to the great siddha Thirumoolar.He went on to China by the use of a tablet, and attained mukthi (immortal status) in Kanchipupram. His jeeva samadhi is found in Kanchipuram district of Tamil Nadu. He has a very special temple in Sivadhapauram to Ellampillai, which is called as Sithar Koil in the same area. It is situated at the grounds of Kanjamalai. This temple is associated with a Kali temple in the left and Murugan in the upstairs respectively.

    Kalangi Nathar was an Indian ascetic who had gone to China. Kalangi Nathar belongs to both Nath tradition of Northern India and also the Siddha tradition of Southern India. Kalangi Nathar is associated with Kaanja Malai in South India and later migrated and lived in China and spread the knowledge of yoga and Varma-Kalai (acupuncture) to the Chinese people. In China he is called Confucius. Kalangi Nathar decided to go into Samadhi for a very long time (for about 5000-years), and called Bogar to come to China to continue his mission. According to Chinese tradition, Laozi lived in the 6th century BC, however many historians contend that Laozi actually lived in the 4th century BC, which was the period of Hundred Schools of Thought and Warring States Period, whereas Confucius was born in 551 BCE in Lu, a small state in China and died in 479 BCE (as per Chinese sources). This shows that Confucius was elder to Laozi. Bhoganathar who is called Laozi/Lao Tzu in China, was the successor of Kalangi Nathar (Confucius).

    FINAL Remark: The whole science of china came from India, especially Southindia, Tamil Nadu.

  4. The first emperors of China lived in the mountains of Kun-Lun, in the foothills of the Himalayan system. Available chronicles suggest that nomadic tribes moved along the mountain systems. Because water runs from the mountains, and this gives life to the meadows and herds of tamed animals.

    In 630g the monk Xuanzang arrived in the city of Turfan. He crossed the Tien-Shan through the Bedal Pass, and came to the Issyk-Kul, near the town of Przhevalsk, then he moved towards Cholpon-Ata, where we told two accessible passes. But if we go further, there will be Bishkek, Tashkent (Chizhey), Dushanbe, Termez, Peshawar city, in the Kabul region – the territory of Gandhar (Empress Gandhari and her brother Shakuni were from these lands). The famous monk Xuanzang from China, known in these places as Fasyan, in his notes called the Peshavar stupa superior to "its beauty in everything that is in Jambudipe." Then Fassian enters Mathura (where Sri Krishna was born), in fact the monk described the cities he passed through, the Kuru region, he was told about the battle in these places on Kuruksetra, then he went to the place of Buddha’s enlightenment, then turned south China. In this way, he made a circular motion around the Himalayas.

    If the governments of India and China agree, then the trial route could be launched in a circle, along the Himalayas, where most of the points coincide with the path of the famous monk.

    It was possible to pass through simple passes to Issyk-Kul, from Issyk-Kul to Almaty for three days of walking or two nights. From the western coastline, the road leaves for Kochkorka, from there to Naryn, and through the pass, the road leads to Kashgar, China (9350 li from Chang'an). From Koshkar to Purushapur, the “city of Purushi” is within reach. Naryn tract leads to the mountain lake Son Kohl.

    It turns out that it turns out that I managed to visit almost all countries, and these places where the monk went are familiar to me. This suggests that it would be good to mention the enlightened Emperor Tang, as well as the remarkable monk who became a well-known conductor of good-neighborly relations. Put memorable steles on passes from China to the west.

  5. Some of the students of Sage Agasthiyar like bhogar are considered to be Chinese as well. I mean some of the 18 siddhars were Chinese

  6. Awesome Anna! while discussing history you are turning out to be a significant person in world's history. Keep the great work going. I wish to meet you someday and do some exploration.

  7. சேர சோழ பான்டிய பல்லவ மாமன்னர்களின் வாரிசுவழி வாரிசு தமிழர்கள் அனைவரின் சார்பாக நன்றியும் வாழ்த்துக்களும்  திரு.மோடிஜி அவர்களே  🙏🙏🙏💐💐💐

  8. Very good video something
    About study. Directed in right
    Direct ion. Yevan shong.
    It was 6th standard study.
    Old one with new menig.
    But good try. Still behind.

  9. Sir….Some Peoples are fighting for pallava king, He is tamil or telugu king!? Please explain 🙏✨(புண்ணியம்மாபே௱கும்)

  10. The historical record backs up your statements about the spread of Buddhism to China. According to Ancient History Encylopedia: "Buddhism entered China during the Han dynasty (206 BCE-220 CE): The first Buddhist missionaries accompanied merchant caravans that travelled using the Silk Road, probably during the 1st century BCE. The majority of these missionaries belonged to the Mahayana school." According to another site, there were more than 2000 Buddhist monasteries in southern China in the 4th century CE.

  11. Great bro. Continue your good work. Let the world knows how ancient our great wisdom have strong ties with China.
    Mamalipuram is unique and a birth place of Bodhidraman .India will emerge again with new vision of India. ஓம் நமசிவாய

  12. Here small correction…Cheenaa baram..Pattu vastram… of sugar ie cheen.. is an accidental appreciation to Chinna.

  13. Sir from mahabaliluram
    Hinduism only spreads
    Not Buddhism
    May be from other parts of India Buddhism spreads
    We in southern parts never take any other God as our God
    Pillar murugan
    Shiva Perumal shakthi lakshmi and other Hindu gods only seen in China
    I saw in another video
    Bodhi dharmar one of the pallava dynasty made them
    Come here as you said
    That I'll accept
    Not buddha

  14. Holy king is a rarity. They can be recognized by various details, one of them is visiting holy places. The holy places of India are the most ancient, and not only for this reason they have global significance. If you do not work with Islam, then Islam will work with you. India led. However, many former and today's kings: deceivers, thieves, prisoners of lust. Some of them find no peace, are dependent on the rustling of a mosquito. It is impossible to cope with dark energy in the new cyber conditions without connecting the holy places and their source. India inherited a difficult legacy, even to such kings as Narendra Modi, in two terms, I think, can not cope. The road will be overpowered by a walker.

  15. Buddy india and China was doing business since indias history began on earth;after mahabharata&collapse of the india&break up STANS of kingly states fell into strife making infighting;blunt before 2k years every culture on earth came to India why?india was the hub of what the modern world called education;yep!india was the international center for higher learning spiritual science;back then by the way this talk of wars ect.adharmee action&deeds of china Pakistan vessus india will be just talk of wars if…india&China will be FORCED TO disband the Pakistani army or just zero them out from that region or offer them for free to SAUDI ARABIA blk kaba region the home of their ORIGN…Om satyamevajaiyate.

  16. Firstly bodhidharma was african ..he travelled through india and china. He based some of his pre existing african martial arts on the movement of some animals he came across while he travelled..hence tiger style, eagle claw etc. The etymology of later words like BODY ARMOUR is due to his name

  17. Do you have to touch the ancient statues ??? If everybody did so , the statues would erode. quicker… Why not just POINT ? (use a pen or so, not your fingers. But I like your tutorial about the old religions etc.

  18. China is a weak country because its culture totally surrendered against the western wave,its tradition,religion,foundation,knowledge everythings were lost ,even they are now unknown from their marriage customs,while india turks,irani,arabs,muslim sultanate ,mughals,and British so many attacks on our culture but still 1.5 billion peoples engaged with indian(hindu) culture .

  19. Lord Shiva ,7500 years ago ,went to China to teach the cina cara style of tantra.This became taotra,and later tao.HE was regarded as Lao Tzu ,an old man on a buffalo( Shiva on the yak called Nandi)

  20. At a meeting with the heads of China, the USA, and Japan, Narendra Modi presented them with a book by Bhagavad Gita; To the President Kazakhstan presented “Ramayana”.

    The Bhagavad Gita is part of the Mahabharata.

    After the total extermination of the army outlined in the Mahabharata, peace ensues. On the throne of the Pandava empire, first Pariksit, then Janamejaya.

    Five Pandavas take penance.

     Meeting of Chinese President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Narendra Modi

    occurred near the monument “Repentance of Arjuna. What else could be more symbolic than such events. . ". The bas-relief dates from the 7th century. ad. It is one of the largest open bas-reliefs, reaching 31 meters in length and 9 meters in height.

  21. This video is not visible in my liked playlist. YouTube has been
    shadow-banning some videos. I have witnessed this kind of censorship on
    YouTube since before the 2016 election and it has gotten progressively
    worse. Its a mess they censor across the spectrum.. I see them
    shadow-banning videos every day. Its their stupid algorithm i suspect.
    That is why I am policing them.

  22. Modiji as a leader doing the right thing. He is trying to project the vast diversity of Indian culture and Heritage. Earlier, if any Leader of a country visits india, then TAJ MAHAL, Red FOrt etc would have been the Main attraction. But now it is changing. He is trying to show the world that there is more to see and Feel in India than the Taj Mahals and the Red forts. Great…

  23. Chinese leader not like India he like Tamilnadu why Tamil kings went to China that's only reason China leader now visited India ok

  24. Not a great video for the American audience!!! Let's leave politics out of our ancient mystery quest as much as possible Praveen…love ur work!!!!

  25. It is understood when America is for Americans, it is not clear when Eurasia is for Eurasians.

    Heavenly tears.

    The tears of Avalokiteshvara arose out of compassion.

    Seeing the suffering of people, Avalokiteshvara sheds tears, a lake formed from them,

    they say that this is Lake Manasarovar, 82 m deep,

    in which the lotus grew, Tara appeared in it.

    Rivers in India have female names. And this one is called by the masculine name – Brahmaputra, the son of Brahma. One of the great shed tears here.


    “Lord Vishnu [Garbhodakasayi Vishnu] is known as Sahasra-shirsha Purusha. From the lake in His navel there was a lotus flower on which Lord Brahma appeared. The son of Lord Brahma, Atri, was matched by his father.

    From the tears of joy shed by Atri, the moon god Soma was born, radiating peace. At the insistence of Lord Brahma, he became the master of brahmanas, medicinal herbs and suns. "(Srimad Bhagavatam p. 9, chap. 14, v. 3-4).

  26. Based on the modern behavior of Communist China today you should not be so eager to well come them back. Buddhist, Christians and Muslims are all hated and persecuted equally by the Communist Chinese. I pray for the safety of all the Religious people of China. I don't care which God or Gods you pray to. No government should be allowed to kill people for their spiritual beliefs.

  27. I am searching for the tamilian"s comment , who assertively tell…" *"

    Bodhidharman was a tamilan…rather than to tell..he was an Indian.. Proud to be tamian Lol…

  28. I feel pity and now bizzare about this sculptor who inscribed these engravings…… Because he was such a pig minded that he could have inscribed the name of this Chinese visitor , and period of visit….and could have made easy way to historians.

  29. In 2015 Turkmenistan has begun the construction of a gas pipeline to India.

    Kazakhstan may have a short way to India. Almaty – Zharkent (Kazakhstan) – Lhasa – Moto (China) – border. post r. Brahmapudra – Delhi (India) – border point Fazilka – Pakistan-India border – Multan – Quetta (Pakistan) – Kandahar – Herat (Afghanistan) – Mary (Turkmenistan) – Dushanbe (Tajikistan) – Tashkent (Uzbekistan) – Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan) – Almaty .

    In defense of peace, solidarity, harmony, non-violence, in honor of the 150th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, we propose to hold a Peace March along the Himalayas.

    2020 project plan Transport 3 buses.

  30. The thiruparameswara vinnagaram or the vaikunda perumal temple is situated in Kanchipuram belonging to the pallava dynasty 😍

  31. It’s not Vedic bharath and China.. it’s all about the sangam Tamils and Chinese ! If you’re saying it Indian then kindly do some videos about Keezhadi excavations without any prejudice identity politics! We are happy if our fellow Indians are willing to accept the fact that Tamils had the pre Vedic civilisation in this land

  32. very informative video. videos like these have created a desire in me to travel and visit these temples, instead of spending lavish amounts of money on foreign destinations.

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    If you people really want to do right path spiritual work then follow what the real Siddhartha and sos children's village's are doing.

    Joy Maa kali…

    Ramakrishana /Ritwik


  34. Ok praveen sir , you have given alot of information about past chinese and indian relationship and it reveled the ancient culture tradirion and practices… Thankyou sir….

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  36. Praveen, why always indian carvings in your videos are not older than 2000 yrs? I believe many of those carvings were older than BC.

  37. Chini is pure tamil word it mean sugar may be tamil peoples called them chini peoples becomes china peoples…

  38. Resp.Pravin , I am regularly watching your videos , my request is that in my area at Tahsil Jintoor ,near Nanded ..there are so many Jain Tirthnkars statue under ground to see it will have to go underground narrow way …inside we can see so much finished statue of many tonnes …some of them are in air without support … without magnet …. once you visit this place no. Is 9822725907

  39. If China has to Rise, they've to Abandon the Foreign Destructive Marxist Ideology and adopt the more Natural and Rooted Ancient Chinese Culture which has been buried due to past Century's Collosal Mistakes by their Leadership, both Communist and Non Communist.

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